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  1. dang rip roxxas i hope that you're doing good in the heavens above, and @calidubstep be strong for her,thats what she needs you to be right now,i fought roxxas alot of times on pvp and i can tell that she's a really good competitive player and a really good person everytime we encounter each other on pvp she always says "GLHF" anyways I'll participate in this event to show my respect on her
  2. i can give you one for free :) IGN:OtsusukiIndra
  3. can you give me the link for the latest version?
  4. link fail i suggest you upload it on mediafire or on MEGAsync
  5. me and aaereon are kinda busy right now IRL but maybe we will we already had a alolan exeggutor before but the sprite was so big so we had to remove it,trying to find a way to fix it xD thanks for loving this <3 we'll try to put it for ya
  6. kinda busy with school IRL me and @Aaereon will try to make a update maybe this week or next week thanks <3
  7. Hyped for my shiny minun
  8. i think the plans for legends are dungeons when players have to battle it out to get them
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