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About Me

I am a female gamer who loves Pokemon. I often find it difficult to cope with long and tedious tasks.

My favorite kind of Pokemon are ones that are cute, adorable, and pretty. I am one of few Team

Magma admins. I don't react well to little sleep, getting either dozy or loopy. I am one of few who

has been granted permission to feel the claw of Groudon while dormant. (Don't do it, I nearly burnt

my hand off trying.) I hate Aqua's. I am a kind and generous person when not disturbed. Despite 

being a Team Magma member, the only water-type I adore is the recently implemented Milotic. I

sometimes choose to like or follow certain peers closely, and I adore english and australian accents.

Despite being a Team Magma member, my tolerance for the heat is drastically less than my tolerance

for the cold, thus loving the cold. My favorite dark-type is Absol, and would love to have one as a pet

in real life, for either a guard dog "mon"? or a personal companion. My favorite implemented fire-type

is Ninetales, while my favorite overall is Braixen.

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