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  1. Though this could also only be happening to the TVs that have custom text as Easter eggs or references.
  2. Same with the upper right house. This could be happening to all TVs in the game currently.
  3. lol my friend just posted his favorite mons from gen 5, and some of the hidden text omg... x'D

    (mind the language tho)


  4. lol my friend just posted his favorite mons from gen 5, and some of the hidden text omg... x'D


  5. Happy birthday (after two weeks, yeah, sorry).

    Psh. ;P

    1. Rozennia


      now we both got 4 followers :D


  6. OH MY GOD this new title screen is AMAZING!

    But the music seems off... it doesnt really work with the title screen lol

  7. Haha, I just thought I'd make better use of the colors. People rarely seem to use them in casual posts. But if you REALLY want to go there, yes there is a way to use color better. :3 @Moetal
  8. One thing I thought of shortly after I posted this, is what if Deoxys could be acquired from either Kanto, OR Hoenn. It makes sense since Birth Island can be accessible in both Fire Red and Emerald via event item. This in theory could make the PvP concept more intense if the two players both have the corresponding legendary from that region.
  9. Ever since the map was introduced, players questioned about why Birth Island was on the map. Some players would say it's for Deoxys, but hasn't been implemented, and others may have said it was for a secret Jumpeon easter egg. I am here today to propose a suggestion for the Deoxys event. Knowing how the PokeMMO team likes to balance in-game features as much as possible, it may seem like a long stretch to even begin to mention Deoxys. However I am here to clear some thoughts up on how Deoxys may or may not be introduced. To start things off, the player would need to meet a few requirements to gain access to Birth Island. The player must have beaten both the Kanto, and Hoenn elite four, at least twice. Including the rematch. The player must have both MewTwo, and Rayquaza registered in the Pokedex. The player must have obtained a special ticket from both Prof. Oak and Prof. Birch after registering MewTwo and Rayquaza respectively. and finally, The player must complete Both Kanto's and Hoenn's storyline. In the event that the player has met these requirements, the player can then go either to the Vermillion shipyard, or Lilycove harbor and "flash" the two tickets to the sailor man. Upon entering the boat, the player must defeat all the npc trainers on the boat to succeed on docking the ship at Birth Island. On arrival, the island will be slightly modified to suit PokeMMO's need. There will be a small cave entrance that leads to a cavern below the island. Once the player enters, the player will have to fight through very high level wild encounters. whether or not the player will be able to catch these encounters is up to the PokeMMO team. Near the end of the cavern, the player will see the usual "triangle" the player would normally move around to encounter Deoxys. Except this time, the player must solve that puzzle to unlock a secret room, that will have rare Deoxys encounters. Similar to cerulean cave with MewTwo. Whether or not the PokeMMO team decides to include all three Deoxys forms as three separate encounters, catching Deoxys will still trigger a global PvP event. I will also list some suggested movesets for each below: I do realize that suggesting this now, would be kind of crazy, but I do not intend that this would be for a near update. I intend this to be for the near future. So I hope you guys on the PokeMMO team consider this as a viable source of reference in the future. This also took a long time to make with all the picture editing, so please do not hate or judge upon me. Anyway, Thanks, and happy gaming! :3
  10. It actually referenced more towards the special pikachu named "Puka" in the first season in the anime. Notice the blue eyes, and how it is literally surfing in the episode. It is also stated in the episode that " Puka can sense big waves coming " Almost like it's a Psychic type huh? More info can be found here.
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