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  1. This post is pure positive dedication to the game, and looks like a lot of effort, you should consider just not posting sometimes
  2. Any trainer has it ?

    meowmeow imo I love that guy on my profile pic
  3. Any trainer has it ?

    Seen all the uncatchables now imo
  4. Any trainer has it ?

    Thanks Waiting for fossile update now^^
  5. Any trainer has it ?

    Yo, looking for a way to battle the unevolved fossile bird. Know any npc trainer who use it ? Also, do u know if any trainer use Gen4 mon I may not have already seen ?
  6. I currently have result for my last 1400 mystery boxes. Will share when i reach more, 5000 maybe. Little spoil : 0 Kyu hat
  7. Evo stones

    U mean inbattle pickup ? Cuz route 10 is where theres the "storyline" one
  8. Evo stones

    I've been doing pickup a lot, but I only found wings, and new pokeballs, and already existing pickup items in the spots I tried. Still looking for the dawn stone which is the only one I need to complete the dex
  9. Evo stones

    Hi As u maybe know if u tried to fill the unova pokedex, u dont get enought evo stones (the unova ones) to evolve all the poke who need one. It makes the stones very valuable (too much?) and it may make the price constantly grow up (people will want comps for each species), ending up with an huge alt run valorisation. My questions, are the stones pick-up-able ? Foundable as held item ?
  10. untradable itens bug

    making these items untradeable is just a mistake. It just make some ppl rich because having one untradeable litteraly makes u monopolyze the item. (because of the bug) and without the bug, would be pointless aswell. Not many people will be evolving many of them (more than one at least), so value should never grow much, making them tradeable shouldnt be a problem.
  11. shit still same picture, why not a kaos one?

    1. Raederz


      my mailbox is open

  12. B/W Follow sprites

    Feel free but dont be that agressive, ppl who make mods/themes/tools just give a link the same way
  13. Has it changed ? I remember to find many while hunting chansey, and now, I didnt even encountered one in 9 safari é_é inb4 i encounter one after 20 safari and it flee :/

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