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  1. LF update on bidoof's day
  2. Imma take time to answer you to tell you that you can find on the w2 post. hue.
  3. This is the point, I knew pokedex show "37-39" from the start, but got only lv39s on 30 jynx
  4. I'm so confused now. Maybe I'm lv39 cursed. gud shiny tho. Try to add a dress and some makeup and maybe it will deserve a bonus
  5. Lf a screen :/ I'm on my 30th jynx, only lv39s
  6. Imo it is^^ See, the Jynx is level 39. Try finding a level 37/38 one
  7. Not from 2 hours^^
  8. Wait Day time
  9. Btw, you'll notice Jynx is way harder to find. I let you manage how you feel better to get the best score. @Bearminator (Also, we noticed with Crimar that Jynx is supposed to be lv37 to 39, but we only found lv39 ones. Maybe that's a bug that explain why Jynx is that hard to find)
  10. I think score 200 with 2 rare poke is easier than 135 beldum tho
  11. Hey. This is kind of a catching event, but during one week. The week 3 starts now and ends sunday 23:59 GMT+1 During this week, you will have to catch the best Jynx AND Magmar (You need both to submit, btw, score 200 with one wouldnt be possible) There is no nature bonus, and score is the total sum of IVs. To submit, your total score must be more than 200. Also, they have to be caught during the week. Submit by mail on forum, including screens with IVs, OT, and catching place/date. Spreadsheet here for the entries : goo.gl/Tto86P Prize only for the best : 1.000.000 $ and Choice of the Week 4 Specie(s) Finding Shiny Jynx or Magmar is also 200.000$ bonus.
  12. Time's up ! Ponten - 154pts Bearminator - 152pts cchiovitti527 (no ign?) - 151pts DarylDixonTWD - 151pts Summrs - 148pts I dont understand, no shiny, not even one ?! During the whole week !? Thanks for all participants, and congratulations to the winner, Ponten ! I won't be mailing prizes anymore, but only will do it by trade ingame, so I can check if there's no fake screen at the same time. Also Ponten will have the choice of the next specie !
  13. To all participants : Please use the forum mails to submit. It's easier to me if I recieve all the entries in the same place.
  14. Rat without Parke as OT :o Rarer than shiny eevee