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  1. Ikr, not even enought for a shiny encounter
  2. Fell asleep -> Wake up -> Open shiny thread -> 126496532156 new shinies encountered this night wp guys tho
  3. lets say 1 leppa is 1250$, do you really think you can affort 4 of them ? Plz count for real.
  4. 100k of evtrain -> You ev trained 300 comps ? Assuming get average 1.5ev/encounter (one per one btw, cuz nobody ev train many comps at once) Sorry if it sounds aggresive, I know you're not a bad guy but I hate when people who doesnt count give random amount.
  5. 3 days left, I still got no entries for this one. Also I will be off the last day so I'll announce the winners one day later.
  6. 1758 encounter ez short hunt right after the longest
  7. I hear in my headphones those are distorted stats
  8. As I know auctions is part of the trade corner ? Maybe it got removed :x
  9. Are they perfect repel or just help to have less unwanted mons ? I will try the magnet pull and static when i find time
  10. I wasnt playing anymore, let me do it just once
  11. yep it's sulgma :)
  12. 126k encounters since last shiny only 1k in mansion tho @Parke
  13. A Repel is an item which lets the player walk a certain number of steps without encountering wild Pokemon with a lower level than the first member in the team. Repel Trick is using repel, choosing the appropriate level to only encounter the pokemon you want to hunt, or at least, a lower amount of the pokemon you don't want to encounter. Well, you will need tons of repel then. Repels can be bought in almost every pokemart. There are 3 Repels, the only difference is how long it will be effective. You also can get repels by using Pick Up, on every pokemon in the game. Once you have your repels, you need a "repel trick slave". The first thing you want to know is what level it has to be. Most of the time, taking the lowest level possible for the specie you hunt is the best choice. Then, you can pimp your slave by having a cool ability on it. Some cool abilities are : -Syncro (using the nature you want the most) -Illuminate (To encounter mons more frequently) -Arena Trap (To encounter mons more frequently) <- Maybe swarm works aswell for it ? To be confirmed -Static (If you're hunting elec-type pokemon) -Magnet pull (same but steel-type) Here I will list some repel tricks, and perfect repel tricks. Perfect repel tricks make you encounter only one specie, others just lower the non-interesting species amount. Perfect repel tricks Electabuzz (35) Jynx (37) Other repel tricks Eevee (8) Torchic (15) Mudkip (25) Treecko (25) Absol (27) Lapras (30) Electabuzz (32) Magmar (38) Snorlax (40) Mantine (40) [I will edit to add a lot more in the list, feel free to contribute]
  14. I finally do use level 30 repel to get less tentacools. Without repel it's just too much, animations are time consuming :x Encounters on 5 max repel : 15 tentacools/cruels 6 tenta hordes 1 lapras