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  1. With the rates I found regarding all the boxes I oppened, and the current gtl prices, you lose approx 6k per box oppened. Btw there are better days it is up to 8k profit per box, it all depends on gtl prices.
  2. Added some more. Anything more ?
  3. If you open like 10 a day, theres a chance for u to make a pretty little loss when no PPmax, and some profit when u get PPmax, but if you open more, it will lower prices af and make it always a loss so dont go too fast
  4. Naughty nature ! Almost got it ..
  5. Go Ch6 you'll be just like private
  6. I agree, I've always felt it bad that shiny is considered as a default in comp
  7. wow this isnt a pillow!!
  8. Pro tip : Shedinja False Swipe + Haunter Hypnosis = Fake Out get rekt
  9. No selfdestruct, no take down, sounds pretty cool
  10. bump
  11. oh true, rip u