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  1. Value Advice

    Like 2 - 1.9 - 1.8 or maybe 2 - 1.8 - 1.6
  2. Box Choice Item

    It may also be something that just set wihch box recieve catches, idk, ppl may be lazy to choose the box after every single catches ? Btw, choosing after each catch allow you more cool stuff like having a shitmon box (such as shittos ppl use for breed shiny hunting) and another for nice catches. Or just if u want some species in a particular box.
  3. Portable PC

    Just pointing that it would be pretty hard to make it : - Usefull AND - Not abuse-able Not only sweet scent, there would be many ways to use it another way than the way it's suggested. The only cool aspect I see is to fast change your team during a tournament. PvE stuff would be bad, cuz source of abuse. Maybe I can link a suggestion I did in the past that may look like how this one may be acceptable With maybe possibility to set more than 1 PvP team. Or maybe edit-able without PC only regarding a "comps" box idk
  4. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    seen on facebook. I may reupload the game. I need more salt in my life
  5. Mail many poke at once

    As title said. mail fee may vary on the mail size (number of pokemon mailed) if u think it's dangerous for the game, u know, less money sink, make some guys billionaire
  6. Can let u say that. In the Komala drawing, u know, there is more than just a piece of art, theres a story. I can feel Foer's favelas pencils, I can feel the pain, and deep in the pain, I can feel serenity. Serenity from a kid living his dream of being on the road to win an art contest. Do you want to be the one who wakes him up ?
  7. Definitely something we should already have. Many players don't care about forum, and this is currently the only place you can get the full info. Shouldn't be that way.
  8. Portable PC

    u got a point here. But making it restrictive over and over would just make the suggestion pointless.
  9. Master Repel Item

    It's only one specie tho. Btw, I like the 1000 step on / 1000 step off idea. Nah, it clearly pronouce one that is pretty ignored. Idk if many ppl buy repels. I just use the tons of repels I get from ev training and some hordes farming (I always go with pick up horde farmer). So I'm not sure it's a really issue, but I'm not talking for everybody, there must be some players who spend a lot in repels. Also, it's only one specie repel, and price may be consequent, like 500 or 1000rp I dont even know how much repel costs (as i said I pick up tons) but 500 or 1000 rp sounds fair enought as an investment imo Nice to have good opinions I will edit pro/cons I find in ur comments when I find time for it (soon)
  10. Portable PC

    Lets breed 200 smeargles and sweet scent farm ez
  11. Master Repel Item

    Hi! Another RP item ye. The Master Repel. It's kind of a repel, but not "consumable", u just activate it or not (on/off, like my last suggestion) The point is, when u buy it, u get to choose one specie, and when u activate this item, u can't encounter this specie. You can only activate one master repel at once. Specie is choosen when u buy it so you cant change it once you have it. Would be very nice for rats, tentacool, and bats, that everybody are feared to shiny-encounter while hunting another cool mon. Doesnt replace the encounters tho. If you have to encounter 1 Paras and 5 Bats on 200 steps, using a Bat master repel would make your 200 steps only 1 encounter (1 paras) Maybe it should work per evolution lines. I need opinions on this one cuz I'm pretty sure it would be refused as it is, it may need some adjustements

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