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  1. I won't be continuing this project.... I have plans on making an mmo myself, but that's going to take a long time..
  2. I found some OWs by -Smash in a custom gen 1/2 style, I'm going to revamp those a little bit and replace all characters of hoenn with them for that extra old school look :D
  3. When I'm done creating the tilesets and revamping the maps with them, I might also make a mod with Gen 2 style tiles. How would you people feel about that?
  4. Thanks a lot :D Fixed. I'm not sure about the border tiles in Dewford, though. I tried something but I do not yet know how it will turn out.. If it still doesn't work I'll have to come up with something different. Thanks for checking anyways.
  5. Fixed all issues, will upload within a few minutes. Thanks for noticing :D Started working on the first couple of routes too. Edit: Maps are uploaded.
  6. Two small maps done: Oldale and Dewford. Future changes in maps will be featured in the first post. Bug posts are still welcome :D
  7. Here you go, Victory Road! I'm very happy with the result. Had to get rid of some flowers and grass tiles in favour of the map looking good. Hope you people like it! Edit: I've seen the missing tiles under the entrance of the League, don't worry. I'll fix it. Edit again: And I've also seen all weird tiles as a result of layering issues. Fixed and uploaded.
  8. I found out that the problem with the bridge tiles in Fortree lies in the rom. I'm going to try to change it in the rom, but I'm not sure about the consequences of the pallette changing. I'll see what I can do. Edit: I changed the tiles as far as I could inside the rom. Since the changes to the palettes have effect on the entire rom, I'll release an .ips patch when I've done all the maps. Until then, the bridges in Fortree will stay the way they are now (when you step on them, they revert back to the old tiles).
  9. I'll see what I can do tomorrow, I'm going to bed now haha Some maps did have something wrong with the border tiles, others didn't. I tried to fix the layering issue at Lilycove. Put the grass on the bottom layer instead of the top layer. Rustboro didn't have border tiles, changed that. Slateport had wrong tiles too. I don't know how the border tiles got that weird scale, though... Maybe it's gone now? I edited some new screenshots into the first post. Mossdeep City is now part of the finished maps. I also fixed the ladders in Fortree. The tiles have undergone a big change, mainly the dirt/mountain tiles. I also changed the small trees like the ones in Fortree to something a little more appealing than the previous ones.
  10. There. Because of new tiles and me doing stuff wrong, all maps had a couple of wrong tiles. Fixed it though. You can test it now.
  11. Thanks a lot for testing! I completely forgot the border tiles on those maps XD. Hopefully it's fixed now. I uploaded a new version with new tiles. Can you check some time if the problems have disappeared? Again, thanks for spending your time on testing this mod :D EDIT: Don't test everything yet, I found some things I have to fix :S
  12. I've recolored the trees and bushes to make they look better with the grass. Not sure if I put it onto Dropbox yet, though. Could you people please check the cities I did on errors? It is easier to fix now than later.
  13. And Lilycove City is done too! Still got a lot to go!
  14. Changed the buildings of Rustboro City. All buildings now have the same style.
  15. There! Finished Fortree City. This city was fun because I had to be creative with how to picture the treehouses with the tiles I found. I pasted a tree top (edited with outline) on top of a trunk and a modified a cave entrance to be a door hole. Originally the houses were in a tree, but I thought that to be quite dangerous. What if the tree snapped? So I used some wooden platforms, modified the legs to be shorter and there you go! A wonderful tree city. You can also see the new Pokémon Gym sign!
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