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  1. Akunja


    Thanks guys! looking forward to finishing work and being able to play for a few hours today
  2. Akunja


    More of a reintroduction than an introduction I'd just like to say hello to all Pokemmo players new and old - I decided it was time to try the game again - last time i played was a few years back , not sure if anyone I knew from then are still hanging around. After spending roughly an hour or so yesterday I can see how this game has advanced over the years and safe to say I'm impressed, looking forward to starting the adventure again and discovering what else has changed Anyway that's enough from me, hopefully I'll see some of you around :)
  3. Hey Guys   Going to be re working this tutorial soon and eventually a Vid tutorial also, once i get my screen capture working effectively, if you have specific requests for the tutorial I'd like to here them, cheers
  4.  didn't realize it had been that long
  5. Thank you, currently looking through my old posts and I'm like Jeez what was i doing -.-
  6. Hello There!      After many long perilous adventures, epic quests and lots and lots of Women I have decided to return to these parts (but enough of that)   For those of you that don't know me, My names Adam, I'm 21 (almost) and well not much else to know other than I'm Ginger   I took leave last time i was here due to a lack of PC and Internet and have only just got said items back   So yeah, See you all around and have fun!
  7. Welcome to the forums!!!
  8. [quote name='AzizFTW' timestamp='1365812651' post='282067'] Doesn't PS require money to use? wat [/quote] I'm not condoning anything.... but You don't always have to pay for software
  9. Hey there Ryan :) Welcome to Pokemmo forums :D enjoy yourself
  10. Akunja


    Hello there :) and welcome to PokeMMO Forums :D
  11. Awesome :) and cheers buddy, it's only basic but thought it could help some people
  12. Is it the one your using in your sig, the one that you've made? look really good :)
  13. Update. I'm uploading a file with every brush i have atm, it'll be ready for download once it finishes, and i'll post it in the first post
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