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  1. Ill play you in ou sometime tomorrow if you are around
  2. low balls will be ignored, you can contact me by posting here or pming me ingame or on forums.
  3. so venusaur is something that you want to use to switch into bulky water pokemon or chansey. Swampert, metagross, flygon, and heracross can all switch into chansey pretty easily but none of them like switching into a surf. You can probably drop any one of them and replace them with venusaur, the differences would be really small. I think i would try to keep heracross though because it can absorb status for the rest of your team.
  4. same i can pretty much never play in tournaments because of timezone.
  5. metagross- explosion is nerfed on this game so you are better off running thunderpunch instead if not you are hard walled by all of the bulk waters starmie- in our meta starmie is usually a bulky spinner and not a special sweeper. it can still be used like that however, things to be considered would be using trick in place of icebeam although its not necessary but it could give you some more utility to maybe cripple an important wall. If your looking for a more powerful special sweeper consider alakazam or jolteon. blaziken- we dont get speedboost on this game and when we do im sure blaziken will be banned to ubers, a mixed set generally uses hpgrass/superpower/tpunch/overheat with a hasty/naive nature and max speed invest. chansey- the moveset is fine but you generally want bold nature and 252 def evs to not die to pursuit and other weaker physical attacks. dusclops- rest is probably better then painsplit but both are viable and i wouldn't recommend using confuse ray at all. heracross- low kick is its best fighting move and you can consider replacing earthquake with pursuit, if you are debating if you prefer earthquake or rockslide i would recommend rockslide because it will provide better overall coverage.
  6. ya you cant use a sweeper tenta and expect good results in ou, its has to be bulky to be effective at all. you want to be using a calm or bold one and the evs are basically invested in hp/def/spdef and some speed for certain things.
  7. ya it would be nice to get some later start times for tournaments right now its either they are to early or to late for most people in est with the occasional 7pm cc.
  8. ign: evlgoon country: usa
  9. So these leader board tournaments need to be better. The most recent two events didnt even fill up 16 slots, its blatantly obvious that very few people are interested in grinding on ranked to get a chance to play when the prizes are so terrible. For whats meant to be an exclusive tournament these prizes are pathetic and in no way motivate anyone to play ranked and get enough points to participate.
  10. this is the third month in a row where these lists have gotten progressively later. halfway through march and we still don't have them.
  11. any reason why usage stats are so late this month?
  12. pm me details on raichus fearow and ebuzz please
  13. 28/27/31/15/26/11 Relaxed 120k
  14. 28/30/ 7/ 5/30/30 Brave 350k