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  1. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    i discussed it with some other people earlier and maybe im just biased because i feel like ive dealt with them so easily. With that said i was more annoyed with what this other person said about it taking 0 skill to trap something when i know that they can only safely come in on revenge kills. With that said i do see how dugtrio's ability to revenge kill could be seen as non-competitive but i still dont think its ban worthy.
  2. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    going to just go ahead and say that i dont think dugtrio or wobb are ban worthy. You're saying that it requires 0 skill for them to trap something which simply isn't true. While both of these pokemon can switch in on a revenge kill and trap things neither of them can blindly switch into anything that they are meant to trap, you have to predict the right move to come in on in basically every scenario. I would actually be interested to see if you could come up with a situation where either of those pokemon can switch in and get a kill without the possibility of being punished for it.
  3. oh look another player who pretends that he has beat me big surprise. weve only played 2 times once in psl (goon victory) and once in a tournament about a month ago (goon victory).
  4. im glad you can finally recognize greatness after the many ass whippings ive given you. Anyways every team needs a bench warmer and i think i might just have to draft you to fulfill that role.
  5. [PSL9] Player Registration

    signing up on behalf of a banned player ign: camcod timezone: est fluff: most toxic Most Preferred Manager: none Least Preferred Manager: none
  6. Honestly im glad mae isnt a manager, first because he would of taken my spot but more importantly because he wouldnt of been as much fun to beat as the rest of these idiots.
  7. you just photoshop that picture?
  8. i havent seen your sorry ass in a while still mad about all those 6-0s i handed out to you? If you can put up some proof of you ever beating me ill withdraw my application right now.
  9. [PSL9] Manager Sign- Up Thread

    IGN: evlgoon Pokemmo team: none Experience: I was in the last psl as a player and was pretty successful winning 5 in a row and help leading my team to a first round bye in the playoffs. Unfortunately playoffs didn't go our way and we ultimately came in third place but i was there to help my teammates every week with scouting reports and team building advice. I've been around the competitive community for a while now and know all the players and the tiers well. Fluff: Im here to win the whole thing and talk trash to clowns like blackjovi and coolio while my team stomps them and whatever other weak managers that might be selected. Ill be there for my team every weak for teambuilding advice as well as giving them access to any comps they might need. Im also confident that i can draft a better team than anyone because im active and know i can find hidden gems that some of the older player base wont be aware of.
  10. UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Well i understand the tcs logic i think its pretty safe to say that milotics usage rate will remain ou for sometime, regardless of whats implemented in any updates. I guess you cant just pick which mons move up and down for now though while so many obvious ou mons remain below the usage cutoff. How many more months of usage will it be until things are moved around?
  11. UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    so the statistics say milotic is used over 14% of the time in ou why is it still available for use in uu?
  12. Draco meteor?

    Dont see it on the list of new moves added. Will we be getting another update with this move added? Did anyone else notice any noteworthy moves missing?
  13. bronzong will probably be ou, with wish support from chansey/blissey its a really good check to a lot of things. Slowbro and tangrowth will most likely be ou even without regenerator just by necessity, right now you have only 7 pokemon that can be dedicated walls and they overlap with 2 of them being chansey/blissey and then 3 of them being steel hazard setters. obviously some of the pokemon you listed can use more defensive sets like gyarados but without the power creep from all of the legends i think a lot of the stuff that would normally be uu will be ou in our meta.Other walls that will probably see high usage in ou are alomomola, amoonguss, and mandibuzz, obviously hidden abilities would make some of these better but even without them they will probably be good enough for the tier. I also haven't seen anyone mention mienshao who will probably be one of our better scarf users.
  14. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    dam looks like i struck a nerve considering it took 2 full days for you to get the balls to respond to me. you should be glad tj clutched it out for you guys cause i would of whooped your ass again in the tie breaker.
  15. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    Id like to take this time to congratulate the 4 clowns i beat on doing such a great job of counter teaming me

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