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  1. Come back Bro, we make Brew !

  2. i cant log in, is anyone else having issues?
  3. Why is this not a thing?
  4. The draco meteor ban is necessary to keep hydreigon in ou, if it had access you eliminate the offensive pokemon that can switch into it. We dont have steel legendary mons in our meta game which is what i assume kept it in check in gen 5 ou. Right now if you want to play offensively you have the option to switch in tyranitar/scizor and both of these just get annihilated by a specs draco. We are probably at that point forced to only have blissey/chansey as counter-play to it and then it always has the option of running a fighting move to deal with these. If Hydreigon learns draco it would be banned for offensive uber within 1 month. Just because it had access in other meta games doesn't mean it should in ours. I was also under the assumption that devs thought draco would be to strong in pvm which is probably what gbwead is referring to when he says its not entirely up to the tc.
  5. I agree with mamoswine for b+ it just has a hard time ever switching it and is usually pretty easy to wear down or revenge kill. Skarmory also walls it more often than not and porygon2 can deal with non super power sets. blissey is probably better than chansey in our current meta because of its use able special attack swampert and breloom are both pretty viable in the current meta i think b+ is fair for both of these I think c+/b is fair for smeargle when it works it works well i think tentacruel is being severely overestimated, if you look down the list of ou mons it has very few if any safe switch ins that arent another bulky water and even those threaten to burn it with scald and help wear it down. Both cofagrigus and certain gengar sets are able to spin block vs it so it cant even reliably spin, where as spin variants of starmie are much harder to spin block against.It checks/walls certain volcarona sets but to be able to stop them all it needs haze, it has a decent matchup vs certain hydreigon set, and it can annoy some other bulky waters but even less so now that milotic carries flame orb more often than not. I just cant see this pokemon being anywhere past a b+ ranking, it just doesn't really do anything that well in the meta. I think all four of the bulky waters belong in the same b+ tier starmie/milotic/mantine/tenta all bring something to the table that the others dont and dont think you can definitively say that one is better than the others because they all are better in certain matchups. venomoth should probably be around a b ranking it has some different traits than volcarona that enable its setup like disable/sleep powder and with tinted lens it can usually get by with just 1 attacking move. Kingdra should drop to b+ all versions of it are stopped cold by ferrothorn and the special rain variants are dealt with by chansey/blissey and spdef variants of mantine/milotic, outside of rain this pokemon is very mediocre and unboosted speed its often just ohkoed by faster offensive threats. I would also like to nominate darmanitan for A- ranking as it can pretty much 2hko the entire meta and sits in a pretty decent speed tier Reuniclus/starmie/breloom/kingdra/conk/hydreigon can all switch into milotic on offensive teams although some may not appreciate a rogue icebeam and breloom probably wants to have its orb activated. It does win 1 v 1 vs about half the tier but it will also get 2hkoed by a ton of offensive mons if its forced to switch into them.
  6. swampert b weavile b foretress c/c+ poryz b-
  7. so if like peliper dies to stealthrocks on the turn it switches in it wouldnt setup rain?
  8. prob the worst update since ive been playing the game. the amount of times your expecting us to grind over and over again to achieve the same thing is absurd here.
  9. i discussed it with some other people earlier and maybe im just biased because i feel like ive dealt with them so easily. With that said i was more annoyed with what this other person said about it taking 0 skill to trap something when i know that they can only safely come in on revenge kills. With that said i do see how dugtrio's ability to revenge kill could be seen as non-competitive but i still dont think its ban worthy.
  10. going to just go ahead and say that i dont think dugtrio or wobb are ban worthy. You're saying that it requires 0 skill for them to trap something which simply isn't true. While both of these pokemon can switch in on a revenge kill and trap things neither of them can blindly switch into anything that they are meant to trap, you have to predict the right move to come in on in basically every scenario. I would actually be interested to see if you could come up with a situation where either of those pokemon can switch in and get a kill without the possibility of being punished for it.
  11. Well i understand the tcs logic i think its pretty safe to say that milotics usage rate will remain ou for sometime, regardless of whats implemented in any updates. I guess you cant just pick which mons move up and down for now though while so many obvious ou mons remain below the usage cutoff. How many more months of usage will it be until things are moved around?
  12. so the statistics say milotic is used over 14% of the time in ou why is it still available for use in uu?
  13. Dont see it on the list of new moves added. Will we be getting another update with this move added? Did anyone else notice any noteworthy moves missing?
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