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  1. me and eloy soon
  2. honestly i think no cap is necessary for total listings, why punish someone for accumulating a lot of resources/breeders, but if you guys deemed it necessary i think around 300 would be fair. I think a hard cap on the listing duration would be more effective than anything, Currently we have stuff that's been listed for almost 2 years, i feel like the duration should span 2-4 weeks at most. Right now their are roughly 20,000 pokemon for sale that have been listed for over 30 days, its safe to assume that of those most will never sell at their current price, so a hard cap of 30 days essentially reduces total listings by 40%. I also think that this mail system you are thinking of is way to convoluted and complicated to work successfully, especially for bigger ticket items.Some of the rare shinies have a value of 500m+ which would make it impossible to sell for in game currency, they have to be traded for a combination of other rare shinies/cash/items. I think the only way to buy/sell the bigger ticket items that makes sense is either real time in game or via forums.
  3. what kind of limit on total listings are we talking about here? Its no uncommon for someone to gather 6-7 boxes of breeders before unloading them on gtl.
  4. Sent you a pm save me that shiny sandslash please
  5. me and lucas in 10 mins
  6. ya and he actually asked me to play at this time
  7. me and lucascisneros are supposed to play tonight around 10-10:30pm est but so far hes a no show.
  8. my bad havsha i thought prom was at 4pm and that we would duel 3pm my time. thanks mkns for filling in for me.
  9. havent i beat you like 40-50x in a row?
  10. me and enchanteur will be dueling around 10:30 pm eastern on friday now
  11. After playing matchmaking im thinking that this chansey ban is going to effect all three tiers significantly. Time will tell i guess.
  12. cant see this going well so many things are going to be impossible to stop without a combo of walls. things like specs typhlosion can only be stopped by houndoom and milotic/vape. A lot of the top ou players were rarely even using chansey this ban was unwarranted.
  13. this wasn't mean to be a slight at you because i actually think you did a really good job at trying to make these work, and it can still work all that would need to be implemented is a better prize system. Players cant even climb to attend the nu and uu ones because so few people play the uu and nu ranked. For the past month i have tried several times to play the late uu session and i will sit for an hour and not get a single match.
  14. how many failed leader board tournaments is it going to take before you realize no one wants to play for these trash prizes?