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  1. Or the next poke center ;) But as Zigh already said: There is no option to heal your team out of fights beside the potions and pc's
  2. Falkenauge1337

    pleb don't get to talk

    I don't know the exact requirements myself but I remeber that I was annoyed by it too ... So yes, give new players a chance to integrate into community life. Maybe after 3 hours of playtime? That's fairly enough for everyone to get into the game. GM's could have an special eye on new players to make sure that they don't abuse channels. Greesings
  3. Falkenauge1337

    Marriage System

    lol ... What for? xD
  4. Falkenauge1337

    Shiny CHarizarrrddd

    Can we get something like a screenshot or any proof lol ?

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