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  1. if that happens Prices of Comps will Drop sooo low
  2. ITS MY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!


    1. Diano


      Nicuuu happy birthday buddy <3

      Enjoy it!

      How old are u today?

    2. Linfanz


      Happy Birthday :)

    3. SuperRaditz


      19 yr old @Diano

      thanks @Linfanz


  3. Rest In pepperoni Mr Geodude with Golden Cancer
  4. happy new year 2u2 @Bearminator btw u still haven't seen my message XD
  5. @Kyu @Desu @Linfanz And everyone else :D
  6. Hey guys Happy New Year Hope u all had a fantastic 2018 and wish u all the best for 2019 What are ur New Year Resolutions?
  7. don't worry i have ran pokemmo on Windows XP on a shitty PC so yeah u should be perfectly fine
  8. there is gonna be a surprise event just like u got a present on christmas if not that then merry flipping christmas to all cause we got none in MMO this year XD
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