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  1. Grats on garde, i'd join in for exploud to give him a beautifil home
  2. The last bug fix lets you learn extreme speed again per bp
  3. You can use it as often as you want, its something permanent.
  4. I think the main point your missing is, it doesnt offer enough for the work you put into implementing it, as you said apart from that it would be a nice gimmick. Still dont expect it to be implented, as there are more important updates this game is waiting for
  5. Welcome to the game flew!
  6. Well that seems like stuff normal staff has little to no influence on.
  7. Which pokemon game are you playing? The level of your own pokemon doesnt influence the exp it gains at all atleast in pokemmo.
  8. My bad on mobile it looks like both natures work on all pokes
  9. Well with species bonus he has 167 and if firme is adamant (idk) it would be 172 if i calced correct
  10. Super fast service and had much patience with me when i had not much time to come on. Will definetly use his services again
  11. Thx bro will probably be on in 18 hours, i'll message you
  12. Actually not super important, but why not? Would reduce spam and help people and teams find each other
  13. I told you that and i also told you:
  14. 50 tamato berries pls ign is wildhodor
  15. Good question, you should put this in the suggestion box
  16. Although he posts pretty random stuff sometimes, these guys were much worse with constant complaining and bad argueing
  17. Yeah probably feels pretty harsh for some exp bot, i feel you, but i think scrpting should be punished this hard, especially if you could gain lots of money if you scripted something for shiny hunting or item farming. As it is pretty difficult to find out the true motive why someone scripted, the max penalty should always be applied. Also 2 minutes of asking global or staff would/could prevent such cases.
  18. What close race, but kole to fast to furious
  19. Just klick on the spanish flag in your chat window. In the following window you can decide which languages you want read and which language channel you want to use
  20. Pls look again Told you it will not fall and maybe increase. All depends on how much the effect of being more rare outpowers the effect of deflation in the whole market.
  21. People giving up leads to less leftovers while demand is the same leading again to higher prices. Nice and simple economics. And last time i checked they were not hit as hard by pricechanges as other items, if at all (they were at 44k - 50k pre-update)
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