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  1. Right now no time for eving and lvling services, breeding service still open though
  2. Well that seems like stuff normal staff has little to no influence on.
  3. Sure send me your order ig or on forum
  4. Back from vacation, ready to take all your orders
  5. Which pokemon game are you playing? The level of your own pokemon doesnt influence the exp it gains at all atleast in pokemmo.
  6. Closed the next 8 days as i'm on vacation, see you soon :)
  7. My bad on mobile it looks like both natures work on all pokes
  8. Well with species bonus he has 167 and if firme is adamant (idk) it would be 172 if i calced correct
  9. Super fast service and had much patience with me when i had not much time to come on. Will definetly use his services again
  10. Thx bro will probably be on in 18 hours, i'll message you
  11. Actually not super important, but why not? Would reduce spam and help people and teams find each other
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