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  1. Although he posts pretty random stuff sometimes, these guys were much worse with constant complaining and bad argueing
  2. Yeah probably feels pretty harsh for some exp bot, i feel you, but i think scrpting should be punished this hard, especially if you could gain lots of money if you scripted something for shiny hunting or item farming. As it is pretty difficult to find out the true motive why someone scripted, the max penalty should always be applied. Also 2 minutes of asking global or staff would/could prevent such cases.
  3. What close race, but kole to fast to furious
  4. Just klick on the spanish flag in your chat window. In the following window you can decide which languages you want read and which language channel you want to use
  5. Pls look again Told you it will not fall and maybe increase. All depends on how much the effect of being more rare outpowers the effect of deflation in the whole market.
  6. People giving up leads to less leftovers while demand is the same leading again to higher prices. Nice and simple economics. And last time i checked they were not hit as hard by pricechanges as other items, if at all (they were at 44k - 50k pre-update)
  7. How does it destroy leftovers economy? If at all it will be one of the few items whichs value does not fall and maybe even increase a little bit
  8. Theres no harm in having a more difficult zone, where you have no guarantees to catch something. Should just stay the way it is
  9. Realising a good argument and changing ones mind, a far to rare occurence on this forum. Cheers to you
  10. Its not like this gives you any disadvantage. Cap has always the same gap to the next leaders strongest pokemon and non of your exp are lost.
  11. Iirc that definition above is not correct. Your pokemon has to be atleast once in battle and it can hold an item. Not quite sure if it only works for the party lead or also if the puck up pokemon is switched in second. And as far as i remember if your pick up pokemon died in the battle pick up still has the chance to activate.
  12. Not as good as before but in this thread it was calculated how much you could still make: As for bp items i havent looked into it the last days, but things like iron, protein etc for evs had a good bp ratio. One quick look in gtl and in the bp reward shop should tell you.
  13. comps for sale updated
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