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  1. Depends on what you want them for, if you only play story ivs arent that important, 120 should be enough. If you're interested in pvp thats another story, you should aim for 2x31 in your main stats and 3x25+ for the rest and nature in my opinion. Especially 31 speed is important for certain speed ties
  2. Gimme both of them, tell me when ur on
  3. 2fast 2furious Bred my monsters so quick i almost had trouble paying him. Place orders at your own risk
  4. Do you guys actually translate or are we just answering every chinese post with the ban appeal section?
  5. Happened because of my own stupidity, but is it possible to add a confirmation button for releasing pokemon from within their summary window if you use an android device? Because after you release a pokemon the next pokemon summary window is shown which can get a bit confusing
  6. Happy birthday again! Give me number 10 with some large fries and diet coke
  7. Sadly there is no way to undo an evolution
  8. Thx for the fast payment @xSparkie @dIOXprooo tried to contact you the last few days, message me ig or here if you are online.
  9. Mayen some global Message before sign up, because often tournaments are full 10 seconds after the sign up message. Would be nice if we had something like this also for pve events
  10. Taking also 100k on chuckunso vs elvess CleytonVale vs Funkykong And 100k on germany
  11. Somehow my shiny zorua didnt turn back.... well OT nr 14 after my longest hunt with almost 68k encounters
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