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  1. Wiriketchup and i playing NU Friday 20:00 gmt
  2. Nice guy and can breed... a bit, i guess. Would recommend, although if you have a wife/gf/sister/hot stepmom/granny/ anything else female with about 2-8 legs better hide em away or else he'll make his move on them
  3. Germany - Chile OU RexB vs Dylanwoodz @AurumPegasus UU BlizzardGG vs Sebat @AurumPegasus LC Spxter vs NoWall @AurumPegasus SMOU Linken vs kriger 500k each, taking each once
  4. Theres a whole thread covering this discussion, which results from the problem that devs want no ubers vs complex bans of abilities and attacks. You will notice that tc is just as helpless and unsatisfied with the situation as the rest of us.
  5. IGN: wildhodor Country: Germany Tiers: ON/UU/NU
  6. @Spxter @BlizzardGG @Leviatharian @CaptnBaklava @Linken @CHUCKunso @NOREButler @SteveDerBaum @RexB lets go boys
  7. @pikabuuh sadly swellow in your speed ev section isnt available any more. Was my favourite spot
  8. The tutor is in nacrene city in one of the two bottom left houses. Its a clown on the second floor
  9. Take cacnea for example, that way you can breed spikes and leech seed both into your ferro
  10. Willkommen Hakune, solltest du fragen haben, schreib mich einfach an. Grüße hodor Welcome hakune, Dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
  11. Although dungeons are planned (soon tm) this sounds like a pretty cool idea, for completing the pokedex and pepping these "king of the hill" events.
  12. Grats on garde, i'd join in for exploud to give him a beautifil home
  13. The last bug fix lets you learn extreme speed again per bp
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