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  1. WildHodor

    Hello :)

    Willkommen Hakune, solltest du fragen haben, schreib mich einfach an. Grüße hodor Welcome hakune, Dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
  2. Although dungeons are planned (soon tm) this sounds like a pretty cool idea, for completing the pokedex and pepping these "king of the hill" events.
  3. Bump updated some prices
  4. Hey guys, im back from vacation and ready to breed all your stuff, hmu if you need anything :)
  5. Sry cant take more orders atm, have to finish orders i got until now first
  6. Grats on garde, i'd join in for exploud to give him a beautifil home
  7. Hey man i'll whisper u tomorrow if its ok, or if its something urgent pm me or hmu on discord. On another note, just finished 15 comps got a few more to do, afterwards free for more orders. BUT had to adjust some prices due to higher breeder costs. Also sold some stuff.
  8. Thx for your order bro, had to finish sime other orders before. But finished gyara and sent it rn, hope you like it
  9. The last bug fix lets you learn extreme speed again per bp
  10. You can use it as often as you want, its something permanent.
  11. Bump looking for new orders
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