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  1. You can use it as often as you want, its something permanent.
  2. I think the main point your missing is, it doesnt offer enough for the work you put into implementing it, as you said apart from that it would be a nice gimmick. Still dont expect it to be implented, as there are more important updates this game is waiting for
  3. Welcome to the game flew!
  4. Bumperino, all orders out give me more stuff to breed
  5. Thx bro same to you :) will breed and train your tenta
  6. Sure thing bro, hmu if you need more :)
  7. Grand re-opening everybody, updated my prices, sales-list and ev training is back as service. Hmu if you need anything!
  8. Right now no time for eving and lvling services, breeding service still open though
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