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  1. Because of the disappearence of the parent pokemon while breeding, there is always need for new catches, so I dont really get this argument. As for the rest, every new implemention may bring changes, but that's exactly what this thread is for: to discuss if new implementations make sense or if their benefits are actually smaller than their expenditures. I wouldn't agree for your suggestion, but it's only my personal opinion, so feel free to give argue.
  2. Not a big fan of this one, because shiny catching is definitely some kind of endgame goal, which would make these eggs p2w. There is an entire thread for shinies where people show how many they caught and how rare they are.
  3. Also it is nothing compared to the grind to build comps or search for shinies, so maybe training for e4 should be taken as a small hint or experience to what comes next
  4. This idea makes fly as well as surf obsolete, additionally it would make certain areas with rare pokemon or hordes for shiny hunting to easy to reach, devaluing leppas and shinies.
  5. Wird erst mal nicht passieren, da die devs fokus auf die Implementierung von gen 4, neue dungeons fürs endgame und legendäre setzen. Bis diese aber wirklich da sind können noch einige Monate ins Land gehen. Außerdem bitte immer deinen text ins englische übersetzen. Translation: no gen 6 any time soon, because of focus on gen 4 and dungeons, also pls add english translation
  6. Joining, also need most of them
  7. Depends on what you want them for, if you only play story ivs arent that important, 120 should be enough. If you're interested in pvp thats another story, you should aim for 2x31 in your main stats and 3x25+ for the rest and nature in my opinion. Especially 31 speed is important for certain speed ties
  8. 2fast 2furious Bred my monsters so quick i almost had trouble paying him. Place orders at your own risk
  9. Do you guys actually translate or are we just answering every chinese post with the ban appeal section?
  10. Happened because of my own stupidity, but is it possible to add a confirmation button for releasing pokemon from within their summary window if you use an android device? Because after you release a pokemon the next pokemon summary window is shown which can get a bit confusing
  11. Sadly there is no way to undo an evolution
  12. Mayen some global Message before sign up, because often tournaments are full 10 seconds after the sign up message. Would be nice if we had something like this also for pve events
  13. Somehow my shiny zorua didnt turn back.... well OT nr 14 after my longest hunt with almost 68k encounters
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