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  1. WildHodor

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    Changing captain to wildhodor due to traffic jam
  2. Not sure if this was written somewhere, but are ubers allowed?
  3. WildHodor

    Glitch? Received a dead Mewtwo

    Had the same problem twice already, one time the problem was resolved (i lost) the other time it fled. Teammates of mine also had this problem
  4. WildHodor

    Trading Help Seadra

    Dont know about the support request, but you can whisper me ign wildhodor, can help you with the trade
  5. WildHodor

    Simple EV Training & Leveling Guide Using Horde

    Its 100% if you go into the top enterance
  6. WildHodor

    Full Pokedex Reward Ideas

    Don't think its really necassary, but if it is introduced it should be something non monetary like op suggested. Maybe some kind of icon nex to your name or an untradeable vanity. Dont know how easy it is to implement, bit it could change colour depending on how much % you completed of the pokedex. This way the colour would simply change back each time new pokemon are introduced.
  7. WildHodor

    is zuroa in the game

    Gen 4 pokemon are being implemented with the sinnoh region, with exception of pokemon which evolved from previous gen pokemon (like porygon z)
  8. WildHodor

    Let's Dance! (Sunday, 25th November)

    Player 1: BlizzardGG Player 2: wildhodor Teamname: wildblizz
  9. WildHodor

    Simple EV Training & Leveling Guide Using Horde

    Always went there for evs but today I encountered hordes of 3 mightyenas. Do the hordes there change depending on day or night time? Tested it, it's 100% gloom hordes of 5 during day and 50% gloom hordes of 3 and 50% mightyena hordes of 3 during night.
  10. WildHodor

    Value Advice

    How much for female shiny wooper?
  11. WildHodor

    First win of the day bonus reward for each tier?

    Especially the first win of the day bonus sounds good, but probably for economical reasons the bp prices have to be adjusted.
  12. You need different roms to have access to the 3 regions, so atleast one rom from gen 1, 3 and 5. It doesn't matter if you take for example red or blue in gen 1. Soul silver and heart gold are only used for better graphics and have no other use.
  13. WildHodor

    Move relearner?

    If I remember correct there is a tutor to relearn attacks in each region. In kanto he's on island 2 in a house, in hoen he's in fallarbor town and in unova I think he's in mistralton. Just remember as with most tutors you have to give them certain items to pay fo the service.
  14. WildHodor

    | Confirm sale |

    Maybe a bit misleading? A confirmation while putting stuff into gtl sounds good, but a confirmation at the time somebody tries to buy your stuff sounds like a bad idea

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