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  1. Gift Pokemon have a little catch that they can't be traded.
  2. "Look the area is pretty dull if you exclude this, this, and this" Yeah, that's really not a good example. That's like me saying "Hitler was a nice guy, excluding the holocaust, his corruption, and his overall personality" do you see where I'm coming from? Extra exp, cash, and breeding, as well as catching Johto pokemon are all good things, so I'm not sure why you'd rule those out. I think that maybe we should focus on Poke[MMO] not [Poke]MMO. We don't need more story, we could use dungeons and more pvp-aspects. Thanks for reading~
  3. You saved a young boys life! I guess you could say he now has a... healthy LifeStyle
  4. When I say "they aren't that exciting" I mean "They don't need anything"
  5. In the gift shop or any shop, I just want to preview two items at the same time, for example like a cool jacket and devil wings at the same time or something like that
  6. Getting a free lucky egg at the start of the game when someone was quitting :^)
  7. The thing is, we don't need more purpose to the sevii island, go catch unowns or grind for money, they aren't that exciting. Honestly there's a lot to do after the elite 4 even when you've done both regions, so I don't think it should be added.
  8. Whilst I'm sure the devs would love to get more money, this idea would just be bad. Seeing new content is nice, but the content has to be fair and good. People donate to PokeMMO usually for vanities, and most of those can be traded. Of course, at least they're obtainable by normal players since they can pay with Pokeyen. Another argument is "Not p2w", seriously? 20% increase on shiny rate is just boring, and if you're saying it'll be like another pts server, you can't even keep the shiny unless they make a way to connect two servers to transfer over, so that's just a downright bad idea. Premium-only vanities? Oh, that sounds great... Except that a fair amount of players would get them, lowering the price of them and making them less rare, which really wouldn't be fun when you finally could get one. (Example: A normal player who doesn't donate getting 1mil or something like that for a vanity, only to find out that a load of people have them)   Next, the entire server in general. The chat would just be full of arrogant people, and it'd just be more cancerous than channel 2 chat. I'm gonna have to shoot it down :/
  9. Name: GuardianOfKanto Team (optional): [xTEN] Background (optional): Forest/Mountain-like background. Render (Pokemon/Character): Scizor Additional information (optional): You're hot. Donation (optional): 20k
  10. [spoiler] "Aight boys, we're moving in."[/spoiler]   [spoiler] Save me pl0x[/spoiler]
  11. I'm not sure if this was a normal or pvp box but someone got a kyu hat
  12. I just want mega blissey to troll.
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