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  1. I think this might be the most beneficial thing anything has ever done in terms of client customization serving an entire community of the game, and we all genuinely thank and praise you Gilan. For anyone who read and noted my last comment, with the latest update, tricking the counter into believing that your custom strings are the default english version is no longer needed. Going back to custom strings + english default works perfectly for me now. In terms of customization, I want to show everyone what can be done with this counter. My teammate @Barrelztitor has been playing with custom counter themes, and made these for me today: I asked for the long version specifically because I like the 6 lines of latest encounters. But I think if someone can do this, the possibilities are endless. I think he may be opening his own GEC theme shop on forums soon, but massive thanks to @Barrelztitor for making the custom theme and also @Gilan for even implementing the possibility to do this. You both sure know your playerbase. This update is amazing.
  2. This suggestion would be beneficial for both the staff members and the community at large. For example, recently a guy I know let his friend borrow a Meowth holding a choice band. He got it back without the choice band. When prompted for it, the guy who borrowed said he sent the pokemon and the item in 2 separate mails, but my friend only got 1 mail. The guy said he thinks he maybe sent 1 of the mails to another person on his friend list with the same 1st letter of the name, but there's no way to check or to prove it. Now they need to get staff involved to see where the item went, or rather to who. A lot of people straight up have irrational fears of sending money or even mildly valuable pokemon/items via mail for this specific reason. Once you click send, that's it, it's gone, and you have to take the receiver's word for if they got it or not. Yes, in-game trading is better but people's schedules don't always line up perfectly to both be online at the same time, and mail is the the only work around for that. Being able to see sent mail would prevent headaches for the players and also help cut back on the support tickets that staff are always swamped with. To me it seems like a win-win suggestion for everyone. Unless it's super hard to make the game see a record of your recent outbox I don't see why this wouldn't be added.
  3. Quick shout out to best boi @patrouski for making this amazing video of our latest event! Go sneak behind that like button and double slap it on the ears, and subscribe while ur at it, ya filthy animals, this man is a god
  4. Track suit (Yellow) + Gloves (Red) + Cape (Silver). If you didn't make your default appearance bald, then you'd also need a makeover kit to do that as well.
  5. Payday auto triggers captchas. If you fail one then payday won't yield any money. From what staff member friends have told me over the years, it's no longer used as their primary bot detection service. It's super old / outdated, but still helps to stop ppl from thinking botting is a good idea. Over the years I know they have developed better systems for detecting if you're botting or not. Captchas are a system they added in like 2013. I know that if you payday long enough you will 100% get a captcha. If you answer it correctly, and then continue to payday, in 1 hour you WILL 100% get another captcha. The only way to stop them from popping up every hour on the hour is not to payday. Subsequently, the only way to payday regularly (and make money) is to consistently answer captchas hourly. I think this particular system could use some upgrades, but then again, there's more efficient ways to farm money. Even the grindy ways. Payday'ing is prob the simplest money making method for bots to emulate. I don't really expect it to change if it hasn't in years
  6. These images are on the home page of PokeMMO's website: Figured I could present an alternative view of history since I was there and for some reason still have the screenshots:
  7. Debra's pre-bday celebrations have finished. Happy early birthday to the stinkiest [Mr], DeBryan and a big thanks to everyone who participated! Results: 1st Place Prize $6,000,000 + Shiny Gyarados (Female 26/31/30/21/30/23 Rash) Barrelz: lvl 95 + 145 IV = 240  2nd Place Prize $4,000,000 + 7-day Donator Status Ticket SirDusty: lvl 99 + 128 IV = 227 3rd Place Prize $3,000,000 PrincessLolita: lvl 88 + 133 IV = 221 4th Place Prize $2,000,000 + Pointed Hat (White) TipsyTurvy: lvl 2 + 27 IV = 29 Everyone Else: SuperSimple: lvl 61 + 152 = 213 (1:08:10 PM EDT) Patrouski: lvl 89 + 124 IV = 213 (1:31:32 PM EDT) Turtle: lvl 71 + 141 IV = 212 MrNewkidz: lvl 96 + 112 IV = 208 JerichoBR: lvl 87 + 117 IV = 204 JayGray: lvl 69 + 130 IV = 199 DeBryan: lvl 65 + 133 IV = 198 Nakkura: lvl 63 + 131 IV = 194 ZSlayerSP: lvl 21 + 155 IV = 176 iKPi: lvl 27 + 141 IV = 168 RochaBR: lvl 21 + 47 IV = 68 Magnetobro: lvl 5 + 50 IV = 55 NuzIocked: lvl 1 + 47 IV = 48 NeoJuaske: lvl 3 + 43 IV = 46
  8. Wow! Nice suggestion. The way u said "GIFT SHOP" makes it much more plausible as well. I can see you thought extremely long and hard about this suggestion. A few questions though, when linked to chat, would this fake shiny have yellow text to click on? Or would that be extra RP? Perhaps green so we know who paid and who didn't? Also how much RP do you suggest for a fake shiny makeup kit? Maybe 50,000 RP makes 1 arm shiny? So around 300,000 RP just for 24hrs for all 4 arms, head + torso? 350,000 RP if they have a tail? Personally I would love to see people paying these prices for temporary partial shiny-ness. It would be great for the game's long term health (because RP = server food, duh) and stimulate the in game economy at the same time. +1!
  9. Debryan's DeBirthday DeBash (This event is for in-game team Mr members only) Team [Mr] is hosting a team event for our players in honor of DeBryans aging body and mind! This will be a 1-hour fishing event, where we catch those orange fishy karpy bois. The event will take place in the pond in Sinnoh's Resort Area (post-game), where legend has it, up to level 100 Magikarps can be captured by super lucky fishers. The score will be counted as total level of the Karp + total of IVs. Karpe DeezNuts! Date: Saturday, September 11th, 2021 Time: 1:00 PM EDT | Time Zone Converter Location: Resort Area (Sinnoh, post-Game area) Ch. 1 Duration: 1 hour for catching another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring: Total Sum of IVs + Level caught = Total Score Pokémon accepted as valid entries & Respective Species bonus: Magikarp Shiny Magikarp (+20 points) Gender Bonus: Male +0 points Female -0 points Rules: To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win 4th place, places are sorted low to high, you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest If anyone finds any shiny in this area during the event time, they get a guaranteed 1m from Awkways (independent from prize pool & this doesn't guarantee they win the event) Only current in-game members of team [Mr] can play this event, all other entries will not be counted If team [Mr] is not your main account's team you must donation at least $1,000,000 to eligible for the prize pool winnings You can only submit one entry per player All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...), evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry You must be the OT of the Pokémon You must link your entry to the host (awkways) via whisper within the event/entries timeframe (1hr + 10 minutes) to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time Participating Team Mr Staff: Awkways (host) Debryan (B-day boi who gets to participate and look handsome) How to Donate: Send in-game mail to me (IGN: awkways) with the title "Event Donation" ($Pokéyen$ or Shiny Pokémon are preferred) **Prizes are subject to grow bigger and will be updated before the event to better reflect the prize pool** 1st Place Prize $6,000,000 + Shiny Gyarados (Female 26/31/30/21/30/23 Rash)  2nd Place Prize $4,000,000 + 1x 7-day Donator Ticket 3rd Place Prize $3,000,000 4th Place Prize $2,000,000 + 1x Pointed Hat (White) Donations: $2,000,000 - awkways $2,000,000 - OHJI $2,000,000 - Togekiss/Nuziocked $1,000,000 - KiryuMoeka $1,083,452 - PrincessLolita $1,000,000 - Mayushii $1,000,000 - Pibb $1,000,000 - FourFacedLiar $1,000,000 - Paul $1,000,000 - SirDusty $1,000,000 - Zakkosaurus $500,000 - RochaBR $212,957 + 1x 7-Day Donator Status Ticket - Redhoooood $200,000 - JayGray $3,591 + Shiny Gyarados (Female 26/31/30/21/30/23 Rash) + 1 (white) pointed hat - DeBryan Current Donation Pool Total : $15,000,000 1x 7-Day Donator Status Ticket 1x Pointed Hat (White) Shiny Gyarados
  10. For me the counter is working fantastically after using the standard english strings. There is a way to make it work with modded strings - if you delete the original english strings change the modded string file's name to "strings_en", and then edit the strings file to have this in the first 2 lines of text, it will appear in your client as "English" under the client language, and the app should run perfectly from there: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <strings lang="en" lang_full="English" is_primary="1"> Shout out to @Gilan for being our hero and getting this amazing thing done. Must've taken up a lot of his time. I think the thing I'm most impressed with is how it works straight out of the box with an un-modded-strings client and there's no configurations or settings or really anything most users have to do. Can't tell you how many people I've walked through setting up encounter counters over the years Also nothing in here that's straight up un-useful to the average hunter (is that salt? no idea). He helped several people troubleshoot unique issues on their counter today and I know he has a lot of improvements he wants to add, so thanks everyone for testing and most of all thanks Gilan for being our hero
  11. Gonna save you some time here - reading thread will be of major benefit to you: They updated "low-end" balls in an update / bug fix in December 2018. In the process, they actually "fixed" the higher-end balls, which was a change they announced in 2015, but never actually took effect. They didn't mention the high-tier balls in the change 2018 log, but this update/"fix" definitely didn't take effect until in 2018. In 2018, when most players noticed their Repeat/Dusk balls didn't work 100% for dittos anymore, some ditto/pokemon farmers submitted bug reports to ask why the catch rates were changed for more expensive balls - they were informed that the higher-end balls were re-worked to better suit a MMO environment: Referenced 2015 changelog (when they should have taken effect) & 2018 changelog (when the changes actually took effect): Certain balls' rates have been rebalanced: Dive Balls reduced to 3x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1500 Repeat Balls reduced to 2.5x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1500 Timer Balls reduced to 3x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1400 Net Balls reduced to 3x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1400 TLDR: It's an MMO and they'll do whatever they want to balance the economy
  12. Why not just change the color of the 100RP tickets already tho?
  13. Just noticed that I forgot to post the screenshot we took after finishing up on the prince vs princess team wars event. Thanks to everyone who played and sorry if I missed anyone in this pic
  14. GG to team pWincess (PrincessLolita's team) for winning! Final Score: Team Princess: 15 points Team Prince: 14 points More detailed breakdown of who scored what listed here if anyone's interested: [Mr] Pibb's Prince vs Princess Spreadsheet A total of 22 shinys were found within our team this week which really shows how much effort everyone put in, even those who were unlucky. I'm sure we'll do this event again some time. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped organize!
  15. Team Mr's Prince Vs. Princess Event! (Thanks to @Nuzlockedfor the idea) Team Mr is hosting an event for all of our members to join. This is a 1 week long, 2-team, group shiny race. Every player wishing to join will be on either Prince's team or Princess's team. Each shiny found will gain points for that player's team, and at the end of the week, the team with the most points wins. Points will vary depending on how the shiny is found (single encounter, 3x horde, 5x horde or egg hatch). May the best team win! Point system: 20 Points - Egg shiny 5 Points - Single Encountered shiny 2 Points - 3x horde shinys 1 Point - 5x horde shinys Rules: --To sign up to enter this event please message me (IGN: awkways in case u didn't already know lol) in game or discord and you will be assigned randomly to one of the teams --Only team [Mr] Members may enter this event --Shinys caught BEFORE a player joins a team do not count towards that team's point total --The highest ranking (team ranking) member of the winning team will decide how the money gets split amongst the winning team's players --In the event of a TIE at the end of the event (7:00:00 PM August 6th 2021), the event will go into SUDDEN DEATH, meaning the first team to score ANY points wins the entire event --Please send any donations for the prize pool to me via mail with the title "Event Donation". Please only donate money so it can be evenly distributed EVENT START TIME: July 30th 2021 @ 7:00 PM EDT EVENT END TIME: August 6th 2021 @ 7:00 PM EDT Time Zone Converter CURRENT TEAM ROSTERS: (Will be edited as more players choose to join) PrinceAdjahni's team: PrinceAdjahni NuzIocked DeBryan Nakkura Hell Vexuh vRafway CilanOats FourFacedLiar OHJI JayGray Mayushii BrunoMarin Ayuwokip Gwadoo Dainiel Turtle Barrelz Paul Cali Redhoooood ZSlayerSP PrincessLolita's team: PrincessLolita awkways KiryuMoeka TipsyTurvy Blood ShinHunterRod NeoJuaske Gilan Sharkei Pibb Rayquazaa Archonn Drieza DarkSign KASUKY Jerrylei JerryIei Magnetobro MojoRisin Martirino Zakkosaurus ShinsuRyuto Donation Pool So far: $2,500,000 - NuzNuzNuz $2,000,000 - Pibb $1,000,000 - SirDusty $1,000,000 - OHJI $1,000,000 - DarkSign $1,000,000 - awkways $1,000,000 - FourFacedLiar $1,000,000 - Paul $1,000,000 - Hell $1,000,000 - KiryuMoeka $1,000,000 - Mayushii $1,000,000 - Zakkosaurus $1,000,000 - Turtle $500,000 - MartinTheMartian Total: 16 m
  16. 6,720 Edit: 1,000th pokemmo forums comment, was saving it for something nice. Amazing waste of a comment. Classic
  17. And other counters think something like adding a pokemon sprite on ur screen is an improvement. You're doing god's work son, keep it up. Also, whoever suggested the "embedded version" must be a genius <_>
  18. Shiny #41 - Smeargle @ 5,960 encounters Special shout out to @Archon for calling me a pleb for not having a shiny Smeargle, giving me the extra motivation to shunt it♥
  19. Happy Independence day to all my USA brothers! (AND SISTERS AND NON BINARY SIBLINGS) Murica! F' Yeah!
  20. Here's the data that I've collected over the years using Billa's encounter counter & counting eggs (either via boxes a day or by counting pokeballs directly). Some of the earlier data is before encounter counter existed and I either counted manually on my phone and then rounded up, or counted leppas then rounded up, but it's the most accurate info I have: Swablu - 15,000 * Azumarill - 15,000 * Growlithe#1 - 150,000 Golbat#1 - 3,000 * Growlithe#2 - 14,818 * Ratatta - 20,000 * Golbat#2 - 18,000 * Tyrogue - 52,200 * Pidgeotto - 44,729 * Shuppet - 56,338 * Weezing - 37,762 * Ditto - 2,848 * Rapidash - 25,724 * Sandshrew - 14,804 * Fearow - 14,339 * Ponyta - 26,050 * Slowpoke - 38,733 * Spoink - 4,693 * Magneton - 20,317 * Golbat#3 - 12,923 * Voltorb - 17,951 * Cubchoo - 121,131 * Durant - 4,383 * Vullaby - 19,230 * Palpitoad - 5,926 * Shelmet - 58,755 * Totodile - 54,000 Cynda - 8,500 * Duskull - 110,441 * Kriket - 8,625 * Charmander - 64,430 egg + 38,114 wild (102,544)* Wobbuffet - 19,878 * (charm 5%) Pachirisu - 1,467 * (charm 5%) Luxio - 696 * Gligar - 34,713* Haunter - 9,251* Chikorita - 22,670 eggs + 16,587 wild (39,257) (charm 5%) Murkrow - 35,345* Elektrike - 48,830* Graveler - 40,149* * = Donator Status Active (37/40) Total = 1/32,833.75 This is where most of my data has been pulled from - the counter on the screenshot I took upon finding them: https://imgur.com/a/B57sC1G
  21. Just wanna say thanks to everyone who donated so far. Our donations pool is looking nice and fat right meow: Money: RedHood - $1,000,000 Awkways - $2,000,000 Paul - $5 Pibb - $1,000,000 SirDusty - $1,500,000 Turtle - $3,000,000 KiryuMoeka - $1,000,000 Mayushii - $1,000,000 OHJI - $2,000,000 FourFacedLiar - $1,000,000 MrNewKidz - $2,000,000 magnetobro - $300,000 NuzNuzNuz - $1,000,000 ----------> Total: $16,800,005 -------------- Items: Turtle - Toy Plane (Event Only Vanity) BrunoMarin - 5x Yellow Fireworks HiSunset - Turkey Tail (Seasonal Vanity) magnetobro - x99 Premier Balls -------------- Shiny: BrunoMarin - Shiny Sewaddle (Male, Bold, 30/6/1/31/2/9) Turtle is updating the event post in a sec with the prizes - also thanks @WestTurtle for hosting. See you all there!
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