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  1. I fully agree that 100RP vouchers should have an entirely different color than the 1,000 RP vouchers. As of right now, an absurd numbers of players are taking blatant advantage of the similar colors & text. As of right now, the colors and text are too similar and many RP sellers are just straight up taking advantage of that fact by listing 100 RP vouchers for slightly less than the value of a 1,000RP voucher, knowing that there's a 25%+ chance that a GTL sniper might accidentally buy it, thinking it's a great deal by mistaking a 100RP voucher for a 1,000RP voucher. This is beco
  2. A bit curious, why aren't you doing any 2016 event only or older items? Vampire Fangs, 2016 elfbots, Gingerbread man for example. Even some 2017 ones are missing like Sleigh Bell Ribbons, but you have Gingerbread hood + costume, which is the same year (2017). Are they just listed too infrequently to be reliably found in GTL?
  3. Found a big ole' steaming pile of gold nuggetturd while doing a charm today Shiny #40 - 40,149 wild encounters
  4. Thanks to everyone who participated, congrats to all who won & a big thanks to our gracious host, @SirDusty ! To everyone who lost (like me): We'll get 'em next time :v
  5. GTL is never the same price as people are willing to actually let something go for. If you see a vanity for 20m and someone won't sell it for 500k less (esp in PURE CASH), they don't actually wanna sell, and you need to move on to the next seller. That said, thanks for the data @Quakkz. A quick glance at the most recent prices indicate maybe we're in a recession. Wonder what that could be from? Nuke time from devs? Nah, couldn't be..
  6. You have a few choices. You can either right click another member and make them the leader, and then leave - or you can press "g" in game and click this button: The method pictured above takes at least 24 hours and can be cancelled though.
  7. I actually liked walking under that dude. PS. Damp Rock shiny trading market soonTM
  8. Would be very useful, nice idea
  9. Looks amazing. Incredibly fast too. Thanks!
  10. I sent you mail with my discord name and messaged you on discord. Excited to see what you made :)
  11. Hey there - really love the art style! If you accept commissions, I'd be willing to pay 2m+ for a depiction of my in-game character. You can make it as a signature or profile picture, whichever you prefer. Here are some (older) images which my in-game character usually looks like: Feel free to use whichever image of me you feel most comfortable drawing, should you decide to accept my request. Thanks in advance!
  12. The picture he linked is showing a patched rom - not a tile mod, that's why it only works in the region (rom) that the patch was applied to. Tile mods have been disabled since the 2017 update when unova was added: Unfortunately, it doesn't like they ever properly noted that they disabled them in any official announcements, so the best evidence that I can find to support this is this post where I asked Darkshade: Some rom patches do still work, but seasons seem to mess with the tiles which change colors or are semi transparent or something, and it looks kinda wacky. I have
  13. Thanks to everyone who participated and our gracious host @TheFrenchiestFry! The winners are as follows: 1st Place Prize 6,000,000 pokeyen Sirdusty - Scyther - 9:57:50PM - 156(+5) 161 2nd Place Prize 4,000,000 pokeyen HopeChan - Nidorina - 9:51:36PM - 160 3rd Place Prize 2,000,000 pokeyen Vexuh - Pinsir - 9:43:23PM - 147(+5) 152 4th Place Prize 1,000,000 pokeyen 99 Love Balls DrayoWolf - Exeggcute - 9:28:07PM - 31 Total Scores: Sirdusty - Scyther - 9:57:50PM - 156+5 (161) HopeChan - Nidorina - 9:5
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