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  1. awkways

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Looks like they might return it. While waiting for DS to officially answer, this might help. It's a convo a friend had with him about this subject recently:
  2. This one does, and looks very smooth. Basically you can set only the shiny ones to be 3D and normal pokes stay the same. So if you see a shiny it becomes REALLY noticeable. You can see in my sig some examples (but with a not as smooth mod)
  3. awkways

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    Lol wait till you see the recover spam waiting for you when you stop getting OHKO'd
  4. awkways

    Pokemon mod?

    This one's pretty great quality-wise, check it out
  5. awkways

    Shiny hunting legendaries

    Legendaries are either non-existent in PokeMMO or very very hard to find. We only have 1 of each Mewtwo and Rayquaza available for the whole server as sort of an ongoing PvP event, along with Zekrom who every trainer in Unova catches for a short period of time during the end of the story and you can't keep it. Everything else doesn't exist (yet). Additionally, no soft resetting is not a thing here, the game automatically saves your progress in real time. TLDR: No
  6. awkways

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    For the thread, not new, not mine
  7. awkways

    Ditto Catching

    Changelog specifically says low tier balls. Is that incorrect? Ultra, dusk, repeat.. these are not low tier
  8. awkways

    Ditto Catching

    If this was changed in 2015 why are we just now noticing the difference on high tier balls?
  9. awkways

    Value Advice

    I actually think it would sell for 3m. If you look at 1x31 shiny breeders of all egg groups and specific IVs in GTL, they're around 4m typically. Just take a sec and filter through all of them. Ive personally sold female 1x31 shinys for 3.5m recently. Seems like with all the rare shinys from egg breeding recently, common breeders are in short supply. For a few months now I've been seeing (and selling for) 1x31's = 3-4m, 2x31s= 5-8m & 3x31s 9-12m, regardless of species. I'd say list it for 3m, wait a few days and report back here to let us know what happens, since it seems to be a point of debate, or even outrageous to some people. Like Bruno said, what's the worst that could happen? You lose 25k and relist
  10. awkways

    Ditto Catching

    Fixed an issue where, in some cases, ball catch formulas would calculate incorrectly for low-end balls´╗┐ This primarily affected cases where status ailments and a large level disparity would allow guaranteed catches, instead of correctly scaling the formula. Other edge cases may have been affected. ´╗┐ This is the part most confusing for me. Low end balls are pokeballs and great balls, not dusk, premier, ultra ect. According to this info, the rates shouldn't have changed for them at all, and to not include anything in the changelog about this is kinda sketchy and confusing to everyone, not just to ditto farmers, but to everyone who catches pokemon in general. Seems all catch rates have been messed with one way or another, regardless of the ball used, species, HP, ect - nothing seems to be 100% catch anymore. I could see how this would make people think that it's still bugged, even after reading the changelog, and who knows? Maybe it is actually bugged currently. If not, it makes me wonder what else was changed "to suit a MMO environment" and not mentioned.
  11. awkways

    Ditto Catching

    Hasn't slowed me down one bit. Still plenty of ditto farmers and they're finding it's actually cheaper now if they stick to pokeballs. Your math is wrong. There are more factors, such as how much HP is remaining and what level the pokemon is. Not to mention Dusk balls are 3.5x, not 3x in generations 3-5. There are plenty of calculators out there that will figure out the catch rate for you of a gen 5 game, such as this one: https://www.dragonflycave.com/calculators/gen-v-catch-rate That shows dittos with an average lvl of 50, asleep, 1hp and in a cave = 100%. Also 100% with repeat ball if caught before. This is the calculator we used when submitting the bug report and it was acknowledged that this should be the true rate, but they decided to change it intentionally.
  12. awkways

    Ditto Catching

    If you calc the catch rate, repeat and dusk at least should be 100% (especially considering how expensive they are), but obviously still fail here and there. Friend of mine submitted a bug report about this and they were told that it was intentional "to better fit a MMO environment'...
  13. awkways

    Looking to break 100 in event

    Impressive to see you guys actually did it. Think it's likely that no one else was able to do this. To me it just got boring and repetitive after reaching ~10, so I gotta know, how long did this take?
  14. iirc if it's not evolving from normal leveling, the solution is to put it in your pc, log out and close client, log back in, take it back out of PC and level it up normally
  15. awkways

    Looking to break 100 in event

    No limited items have ended as of this post, but 3 seasonal items did: Santa Hat, Santa Suit and Reindeer Antlers.

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