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  1. The draft has concluded and teams are finalized. Thanks to everyone who came to participate (even tho you didn't technically have to be there to get drafted to a team. As a reminder, if you missed sign-ups and the draft itself, you can still contact me to get added to 1 of the 2 teams (depending on who has less people). Our favorite youtuber made a video about the draft - hopefully he keeps it up so anyone who missed it can watch it: As of this posting the teams are as follows: Awk's team (Team Hell): Hell Awkways Blood Patrouski BangTheIII OHJI PrincessLolita Ninnetales JayGray SirDusty LuukyPuuky JerichoBR Barrelz Zakkosaurus FourFacedLiar Dillyy TheFrenchiestFry Rayquazaa Daft ShinsuRyuto Gwadoo TipsyTurvy Turtle's team (Team Halo): God Turtle Neo Pibb Paul Atlewis DarkSign PrinceAdjahni NuzlockedBR BrunoMarin RochaBR TC Kiichopz SoleFlyDavid MayMilotic Sectionalist MrNewKidz JSEEHOLMES McTermi Glower Zephyboi
  2. This is the vanity thread - it's to suggest new clothing ideas for the game - your suggestion should be made here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/&do=add
  3. Team Mr's Afterlife Shiny Rumble Event! (This event is for in-game [Mr] Members only) Team Mr is hosting an event for all of our shiny hunting members to join. This is a 1 week long, 2-team, group shiny race. Every player wishing to join will be noted down and then drafted to 1 of 2 groups/teams. Each shiny found will gain points for that player's team, and at the end of the week, the team with the most points wins. Points will vary depending on how the shiny is found (single encounter, safari catch, 3x horde, 5x horde or egg hatch). We will be hosting a team draft for both teams 1hr before the event to decide who goes on which team. The captains are going to be me (awkways) and Turtle. May the best team win! Point system: 15 Points - Egg shiny (or revived fossil) 8 Points - Safari CAUGHT shiny (fled = 0 points) 6 Points - Single Encountered shiny (or Zorua from Horde) 2 Points - 3x horde shiny 1 Point - 5x horde shiny MVP Awards: At the end of the event, the players (1 person from each team) who scored the most points on their team will be awarded 2m each from the donation pool Rules: --To sign up to enter this event please message me (IGN: awkways) in game or via discord and you will be noted to be drafted to 1 of the teams --Players will meet at the Veilstone City team Galactic HQ in the stage area at the draft time (6:00 PM EST on Janurary 22nd, 2022) if they are online and wish to participate --During the draft team captains will pick from the list of hunters signed up to be on their teams --Players who can not make it to the draft will still be chosen to be on 1 of the teams, as long as they are signed up to participate --The event will officially start 1hr after the draft (at 7:00 PM EST on January 22nd) and players will hunt all week to get as many shinys / points possible for their team --Players may sign up to join a team after the event begins if they wish to participate and will be assigned to whichever team has the least # of players at the time to keep the rosters balanced --Team members may vote to kick inactive players from their team (captains have the power to veto this decision) --Shinys caught before a player joins a team or after they have been kicked do not count towards that team's point total --After the end of the event (at 7:00 PM EST on January 29th) prizes will be distributed EVENLY among the players of the winning team, along with the MVP prizes --MVP Prizes will be awarded to players with the most points on each team (winning and losing teams) --Egg shinys must be a NEW SPECIES OT shiny for that person and bred from non-shiny parents --Safari shinys must be caught to count --In the event of a TIE at the end of the event (7:00:00 PM January 29th 2022), the event will go into SUDDEN DEATH, meaning the first team to score ANY points wins the entire event --Only team [Mr] Members may enter this event --If team [Mr] is not your main account's team (if you have an alt with us) you cannot participate in this event --Any player who joins the team between this posting and the event beginning must donate at least 500k to participate in this event EVENT DRAFT TIME: Saturday, January 22nd, 2021 @ 6:00 PM EST EVENT DRAFT LOCATION: Channel 4 - Team Galactic HQ in Veilstone City - the stage area seen here: EVENT START TIME: Saturday, January 22nd, 2021 @ 7:00 PM EST EVENT END TIME: Saturday, January 29th, 2021 @ 7:00 PM EST Time Zone Converter To Donate: Send mail to me in game (IGN: awkways) with the title "Event Donation" and it will be added to the prize pool Note: Please only send in pokeyen ($) so the prizes can be evenly distributed among the winning team / MVPs CURRENT TEAM ROSTERS: (Will be edited as more with Players & team names after the draft) Awk's team (Team Hell): Hell Awkways Blood Patrouski BangTheIII OHJI PrincessLolita Ninnetales JayGray SirDusty LuukyPuuky JerichoBR Barrelz Zakkosaurus FourFacedLiar Dillyy TheFrenchiestFry Rayquazaa Daft ShinsuRyuto Gwadoo Turtle's team (Team Halo): God Turtle Neo Pibb Paul Atlewis DarkSign PrinceAdjahni NuzlockedBR BrunoMarin RochaBR TC Kiichopz SoleFlyDavid MayMilotic Sectionalist MrNewKidz JSEEHOLMES McTermi Glower Zephyboi Donation Pool So far: 31M $3,000,000 - DarkSign $3,000,000 - LuukyPuuky $2,000,000 - awkways $2,000,000 - Turtle $2,000,000 - Pibb $2,000,000 - Dillyy $2,000,000 - NuzlockedBR $2,000,000 - FourFacedLiar $2,000,000 - Rayquazaa $2,000,000 - Sirdusty $1,000,000 - Paul $1,000,000 - RochaBR $1,000,000 - JSEEHOLMES $1,000,000 - TheFrenchiestFry $1,000,000 - OHJI $1,000,000 - TC $1,000,000 - Patrouski $1,000,000 - BrunoMarin $500,000 - Sectionalist $500,000 - JerichoBR
  4. give me money

    1. awkways


      sounds like a trap


  5. 2 weeks from summer 2018 is the official ETA
  6. So: Knight Helmet & White Desu Lab was in the PvP Mystery Box Kyu Hat was in the Normal Mystery Box (from the casino) After that thread (in 2017) there were some threads about how them re-adding Limited vanities was disingenuous, as they were originally marketed/sold for real money as never coming back, so introducing them again was kinda like IRL scamming. About a month later they removed all limited vanities from ALL mystery boxes. Again, that was still in 2017. The ones we have now (including the Legacy PvP boxes) don't have Limited vanities anymore.
  7. It was - just the white Desu. I remember a guy in the BR community found it in PvP Mystery Box one day in 2017. They told me around 30 minutes before they decided to make the news public so I could sell mine as quick as possible. Sold it for ~55m and bought later that night again for 25m. Literally seconds after I sold it they made this thread: It's a shame the picture is broken but it was a screenshot of the "You have obtained (1) Desu's Lab Coat from the PvP Mystery Box" system message. Knight Helmet were also confirmed in the PvP Mystery boxes - during the 1st Unova PTS they let us spawn infinite BP and I opened 1500 boxes and didn't get one, but Soda did the same and found 2, so he gave me one. Munya also gave me a kyu hat
  8. I dont disagree with this by any means, the less p2w the better imo. Some dudes come in and drop $2k in one sitting (no joke) on the gift shop and trade it all in vouchers for 1 big ticket item. I do want to quickly point out tho that the game used to be the way youre suggesting back in 2013 so update-wise it would be going backwards. Devs arent usually all about reverting changes they intentionally made. For that reason alone theres a 99% chance this wont happen, not even considering how this game makes money and is still playable nearly 10 years later due to donations
  9. Bit of a shame but thanks for the response Agreed. Colorable vanities just bring more variation to event reward, instead of seeing 99% of players running around wearing the same exact thing. It allows us to enjoy the new vanities with a wider variety of clothes in general
  10. I can say 100% that Ice Cream Hood, Ice Cream Clerk Uniform& Red Xmas Stocking are in the normal Xmas Presents. Source: Judging by the price and availability, I'm assuming that the Xmas Gift Sack, Nutcracker Doll & Winged Helmet are only in the Santa's Presents, but I could be wrong on that one. Would love to see more screenshots of ppl opening those and their contents
  11. No. I made my own picture of what i wanted - it's my post - the one you quoted. The top left picture in my post has a colored winged helmet. My suggestion is only to make it colorable like the ice cream hood is. I don't think the wings should be colorable, again, as I stated in my post. Did you not read my suggestion at all? Seems more like you just wanted to make your own version. Also, regarding your Iron Man outfit, there has been "Iron Superhero Helmet" and "Iron Hero Costume" in strings for over a year now - since around August 2020 iirc. That means the developers already made their own version of that, and are waiting for the right time to release it. Did you already know that and want to claim credit for the developers adding "your" idea once it's released, or is it just a coincidence? <string id="21222">Iron Superhero Helmet</string> <string id="26121">Iron Hero Costume</string> PS. Iron man's 1st generation armor looks nothing like this. Yours looks more like Mark 50+. This is 1st gen:
  12. What attributes are you asking for specifically? If you want to see their attributes (such as colorable, added in certain year, limited, etc), all you have to do is hover over the icon for the vanity like so: I've found most people don't know this. It would be nice if when you click on the vanity (not just hover over the icon) it would show this information as well. Currently it only shows like this:
  13. Honestly none of this even matters. the ppl who wanna invest in rising vanities still will, others will complain about those who do bc its ez monies. Its not rocket science to put aside money now to have more money later and its pretty easy to tell whats gonna rise or not. Mostly just by looking at the tag imo the real problem is just theres absolutley no consistancy with the seasonal tag. some items with the seasonal tag like santa hat come back every year, without fail, while others like red dragon mask/body/tail or torch/pitchfork havent returned since their debut 1.5 to 3 years ago. Either fix the tag so it means the same thing for all vanities with it or dont use it at all
  14. My suggestion is to make the Winged Helmet colorable. The off-white greyish part on top (not the wings) are the same exact shade as the colorable vanities are when theyre white or before selecting a color - to prove this I put it next to an actual colorable item, the Ice Cream Hood. @Darkshade was this supposed to be a colorable vanity? I'm posting it here in case it wasn't intended to be, my suggestion would be to make it colorable.
  15. Merry Christmas to all my Team [Mr] brothers & sisters! Hope you all have a great holiday and receive everything you've ever wanted. For those wondering, Secret Santa gifts have been sent out! We had 51 people enter this year and, my lord, what a turn out. It took me like 2hrs to randomize, claim, double check and then mail everything back out. Please check your mails when you log on, and if you're curious who to thank for your present, the results are below:
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