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  1. Quilava is @JLxKaos '. Also i bump
  2. I want the rat to breed a female shiny Rapidash I caught the other night. I will pay you more than a fair price considering the species+ivs as long as you're cool with me instantly breeding it. Pm me in game and we can work it out. IGN: awkways
  3. Just wondering why did you quote me there? This has absolutly 0% relation to what I suggested. Since you've summoned me might as well point out that starters are untradable, unless ofc you meant one from the wild which wouldnt obey him and he would still be forced to use the starter he doesn't want.
  4. .. pretty sure they want to change their starter not spend $22.50 USD and still have the wrong starter lol @OP just start a new character on the same login. When you log in enter username and password then select the server but instead of picking the character with the wrong starter pick the "new character". This will make you a new character (able to pick the correct starter) however it wont erase the progress made on the first character. You will need to make a new username. You can have up to 3 characters on each login. The character you would like to be deleted cannot be deleted, you will be stuck with the them forever if you continue to use that same login.
  5. B/O in game = 30m TexuD
  6. insta-buy price for rat?
  7. Can't wait to ignore the "what was Roy thinking?" episode about all this
  8. Single encounter lol 25,741 encounters since shiny ditto
  9. Reserve in case I ever decide to turn this into a shop Also, how it currently looks:
  10. Ayo, sellin this hair I got: Time Limited af Colorable af -Offer here or in game, ign: awkways -Specifically looking for cash, shiny or breakdown but prefer cash. -Color subject to change as i dye it like every other day lol -No noobs -Offers under 30m will be rejected without hesitation Good luck!
  11. @FlareBlitzz for the actual point of this thread
  12. Another Mr shiny.. Grats @EmoDuck
  13. How many players do you think are so lazy they'd rather pay an extra 2-5k/stone (extra 10-25%) to save themselves 3 steps? The PC is literally right next to the NPC. The only thing this suggestion would do is cause new players to lose money if they didn't know everstones were listed on GTL for less. Everyone else would ignore this feature. Seems more like an in-game rip-off imo considering how many everstones are needed..
  14. Same OT (riotlady)