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  1. Suppose there's always the PvE, other contests, and rule #4 for those of us who don't give 2 shits about PvP, but at the end of the day the player with the most wealth would have the best chance to win because: Just think that if you're gonna have this^ rule be in effect, why not just make them purchasable from the jump, instead of waiting for contest winners to sell their tiny fraction of a chance to win a Labcoat. At the end of the day, the same people are gonna wind up with the tickets that get sold, and with something like 500 tickets I'm sure it will be a large portion. Either make them all untradable, so only the winners can enter the drawing, or sell a certain section of the tickets directly so there's some kind of moderation with pricing. It would also help him control the ratio of those who "earned" their tickets to who just bought it. Food for thought, though I have known Gillan to be kinda back and forth about selling his Desu so we'll have to see how this turns out ^^
  2. Should I have to? Sounds like a hassle
  3. Horrible idea, i'm all for it. But yeah a way to pay for tickets without having to buy them 2nd hand from a comp player who can set whatever price they want would be kinda nice
  4. was joek, pretty sure those 206 were in that cave alone, he had much more from zorua spot and other hordes
  5. Yoo i am legit so proud of u. I always beliebed but figured it would take like another year. Even jsee the other night said it would eventually happen. Bet you were still on those 100 max repels for 100k encounters total. This is such a cool shiny for ONLY 206 ENCOUNTERS. Also good job with the masterball bc they can easily final gambit. Nother rare ot for Mr>>>>>>> grats
  6. awkways

    Value Advice

    If someone is willing to pay a price for something you're trying to say its value is somehow lower? How so? Because it's not 100% pure yen it somehow doesn't count? Don't make me laugh. I know I've said this before (and you didn't understand then) but this is a case of supply and demand. In this case there's multiple people willing to buy (demand) and not enough selling (supply). The price raises to whoever is willing to offer most (aka current best offer). Unfortunately that means the value does go up to whatever the buyers want to/can pay. The supllier isn't going to sell such a unique item for less just because they didn't believe it was actually that price, or because someone tried to convince them it was less. They'll always take the highest offer. The current highest actually claim-able offer becomes the price. Thanks. I actually have proof tho. 2 diff people willing to trade at any time. One is 1.2b pure the other is double in vanity. Both with proof of funds and ready to trade at any time. At this point anything said otherwise is just a cute way of trying to devalue items because they personally don't like them. Not like they can actually read this far tho so w/e. Note that this is the value thread, aka where players come to find out how much they can sell their stuff for (how much value it has). If someone wants to know what they can sell a color desu for, I have provided an answer. Personal opinions are irrelevant.
  7. awkways

    Value Advice

    I didnt bring up a thing. A player asked what price desu was, YOU replied and said "up to 1b". I replied separately and said what current b/o is and again YOU felt the need to reply and state ur little story about how you failed to buy one. Who's the insecure one here and who has the shit memory? I've stated the top offer because its a value thread. You're the one constantly saying its somehow wrong or you somehow disagree, which is pooped. Relax. Just because a best offer makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean it shouldn't be said or is invalid.
  8. awkways

    Value Advice

    What I've been saying is the current b/o. If you don't like it thats one thing but you irrelevant lowballing to someone trolling you has nothing to do with what they can be sold for. Sorry but you got played hard and youre looking dumber and dumber by the second trying to make it relevant here. Nothing about u and other players trying to lowball a new desu has anything to do with the current best offer yet you continually bring it up. Why? What relevance does it have here? Does it somehow discount the current highest offer? No. All it shows is how desperately you wanted to try to get it to sell it for more. If you don't believe it then go ask players who are buying what they'll pay. Until then you don't know shit about the subject. Also pretty hilarious when you try to say triggered when you're easily the most triggerable player in the game with the hugest fragile ego. Any mention of a shiny spheal or a ban and im pretty sure you just start crying irl
  9. awkways

    Value Advice

    I know what you're talking about and it was an existing owner on an alt specially trolling you and 1 other player. Looks like it worked pretty well. "Big whalers" aka you and the other player trying to lowball a "new desu" so you could sell it for more. If you're trying to say im lying about bo thats another matter but again i and any other desu owner can prove it at any time so i really don't know what you're getting at here other than looking like a baboon.
  10. awkways

    Value Advice

    I'm talking about highest offer currently, not some brand new one sold in 10 mins. If a new shiny charmander is found and you get it for 10m does that make all new charmanders 10m? Of course not. Additionally, it's not an opinion if the trade can be done by any c.desu owner at any time, it's a fact.
  11. awkways

    Value Advice

    Yeh vanity, cash offer was a few weeks ago of 1.2b pure, showed me the yen. Obviously b/o has risen sharply since then. Doesn't really make a difference either way imo, an offer is an offer, but I don't think many ppl walking about with 2.3b, even big "whalers"
  12. awkways

    Value Advice

    right, but it was brought up anyway so figured id point out actual price ^^
  13. awkways

    Value Advice

    current highest offer for color desu is 2.3b
  14. auto client translate when? its 2019 already
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