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  1. awkways

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Yo, was lookin at some of my pics from a Johto run I did a few years ago and it gave me an idea. The main male trainer has a shoulder strap bag - thingy instead of a backpack. I'd really like to see something like this added as a pokemart item (similar to how classic cap, emerald knit hat, flat cap, ect are all in pokemarts) and colorable. Slot: Back Name: Sling Bag Examples: Overworld: Battle: Trainer card: More:
  2. awkways

    Johto Starters

    Yeah, keep them rare af until Johto arrives (I swear that I 100% have no personal bias on this suggestion)
  3. @Gilan So no more standing in a tile next to them and sending trade? A player can now win from 10 tiles away even if someone is closer?
  4. awkways

    | Confirm sale |

    He just means when you create the listing, not when it's actually sold, but I kinda see how the original text might have sounded like that. To your point of checking everything before listing, people still make mistakes, such as the OP here with a comp/comp item. You can pre-check everything in a trade window too but there's still 2 confirmation clicks you need to do before actually completing the trade. This suggestion is just to make it similar to that, or for example using a master ball. Just a final check point to make it less likely to fuck up. Personally I've never accidentally under-listed something in GTL, but I see no harm in this suggestion - people that have would probably appreciate the extra confirmation
  5. awkways

    | Confirm sale |

    Just an extra window that pops up before you create your listing that asks you to confirm the item/poke and price? I see no harm. Doesn't even seen like it would be hard for them to add. Would only help reduce accidental listings of the wrong poke/item/price and subsequently make "gtl sniping" not as much of a thing. Doesn't change the mechanics of GTL at all except lowering the chance to take advantage of others mistakes. Unless the OP's suggestion was edited, I really see no way that this could make GTL useless. Good idea to add imo. Seen lots of complainers saying they accidentally listed for the cheapest listing price, forgot a 0 or put in the wrong item/poke and it gets insta-bought by no-life GTL spam refreshers
  6. awkways

    Selling Blue Flaming Skull

    70 pure
  7. awkways

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Lol wow x3 grats. Should be doing eggs tho ^^
  8. awkways

    Question about the goodies

    They will continue to give vanities. They must've been confused with this: The only thing they have even discussed removing once the event ends is the option to get 15x spooky candy from the Pumpking Goodie Bags. Vanities come from the normal goodie bags and will remain in them once the event is over, the same way that if you opened a bunch of xmas presents or 2016 goodie bags, you could still get a vanity from that event.
  9. awkways

    [GUI] The Promise of Eminent Revival

    Actually never downloaded that for various reasons but i appreciate the thought Thanks for the quick fix, looks great<3
  10. awkways

    Server shut down

    Actually confirmed: Update 3 Halloween 2018 Made the boss harder again
  11. awkways

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Check the spoiler in my previous post:
  12. awkways

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Another location & confirmation that they can be shiny: Dex info only shows them wild as a pheno in celestial tower. Can't help but wonder if they saw a shiny over-world sprite before battle
  13. awkways

    What comes in each goodie bag?

    I've opened several of each type and it looks like the new vanities are in the normal goodie bags, while the particle effects are in the pumpking goodie bags. Here's what I got so far (aside from random garbage tms/items): Normal Goodie Bags: -Ecto Goggles -Proto Pack (I'm sure the ghost purging outfit is in these ones too but didn't get them myself) From the Pumpking Goodie Bags I got: -15x spooky candy (got this twice) -2x Ghost Particle Effect
  14. awkways

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Correct. And on top of that, they're rather hard to see when you first encounter the poke if you're not 100% paying attention or don't know where to look. Me and Kaos tested it and I managed to get a screen of two: Edit: Looks like they just fixed it: Bug Fixes Fixed unlocked particles not showing in summaries in some cases
  15. awkways

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Only if they're in your party. It's currently bugged. If they're in your PC and you check particle tab it won't show it even when it does have a particle effect. Put the poke in your party to check (before releasing those mons)

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