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  1. Day 26: I have gained their trust and nearly perfected my dragon dancing skills
  2. Kanto and Sinnoh are usually a bit darker for me. I was able to see it earlier but its only at night
  3. I assume she is having connectivity issues. Normally she will take the time to judge all and announce winners and give prizes before she quits MMO again. I tried to PM on discord but no response either. I'm sure she will still accept entries that were caught during the elapsed time - maybe PM her screenshot on forums or on discord or wait for her to come back online
  4. There is a "Reduced FOV" option on mobile, but it seems broken right now in Hoenn and Kanto. In Unova and Sinnoh, it actually works and zooms in a noticeable amount on your character. I've also noticed that since the Sinnoh update went live, in Kanto & Hoenn it seems unnaturally zoomed out and it's hard to see because everything is so tiny. I believe this is a bug @Munya
  5. I'm 99% sure its a Rache only staff vanity and won't be available to the general public. If I'm wrong, then they just haven't released it yet
  6. Imagine being dibz in 2020 and not some small fry Also thanks @Starminator for updating some stuff here, much appreciated
  7. Might help a little to show a picture or at least mention what the bug is..
  8. Yup - trying to save you some time making pixel art
  9. Hey, I'm not sure if this was recently changed (if so, rip) but theyre 3x currently on route 110. I tested both day and night and & side from Slateport + the side from Mauville
  10. nvm i fixed my issue - works great thanks for the update
  11. Welcome @Sangseok, @Atmosfere, Gyrasion, CactusAM, XStryx, Rayquaza, BarryBusters, Charizards & @EmoDuck!
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