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  1. tbh i just think its hilarious this guy just ripped off a ton of noobs who didnt know mart prices and is writing this as if he's some kind of gentleman or deserves an award for it BTW @ OP: you just ruined your method of making profit by writing this
  2. [GUI] Tansparent

    Awesome, works great now. Thanks for the assistance and creating this theme!
  3. [GUI] Tansparent

    Hey so first I wanna say that I love your theme - it's one of the ones I rotate between often and it's one of the more well done themes that exist for this game. I was hyped when I saw you had updated this to work with the new update but I think there are still a few kinks to work out. When I tried enabling the theme I got this error: Then i tried reloading my client and I couldn't see anything, not even the login screen. I managed to press enter a few times and actually got in and this is what I saw: Now I realize what this guy was saying: Let me know when this is working, I can't wait to use this theme again :)
  4. Returning player need help

    Sorry man we can't help you get roms.
  5. [MOD]Animated battle sprites(Unova&Sinnoh)

    I don't think those are client errors because I just downloaded the mod and got the same thing when i activated it: Some horde pokes are positioned super awkwardly And lastly the pokemon in the summary windows need to be resized, if possible, they're tiny
  6. About chat window

    If this is a problem for you, you can use the "Battle Window Size" option under Video Settings shown below to re-scale the battle window so they no longer overlap.
  7. Hordes list by places

    Here you go R, someone beat you to it
  8. [GUI] Positive-Dark Theme

    @Sezh any chance we can see this updated? This is by far my favorite theme and currently we are unable to use it because with the unova update we can't see what we're typing and the pokemon summary window is slightly off. Other than those two, everything is usable. I would absolutely love to continue using this theme and I know plenty of other players who would too.
  9. Remove Extra Key Press for Sweet Scenting

    Thanks for the reply, this is very helpful. I have been trying this out and it's not bad but I wonder, would it be possible to utilize the whole message box instead of that small arrow? I'm also just curious why this extra step was added in the first place, as @FlareBlitzz pointed out, the horde is summoned regardless of you pressing "A" or "B".
  10. Remove Extra Key Press for Sweet Scenting

    I'm well aware that the sweet scent ocarina has been rejected by staff plenty of times and it seems staff misses the point every time. We're not looking for an infinite PP device that circumnavigates having to spend money on leppas/elixers, just the ability to hotkey it like we can with fly, surf, strength, ect by using certain items or ocarinas, hence why I used the word "refillable" earlier. Regardless, this suggestion should not have anything to do with the ability to hotkey sweet scent and I apologize if it came off that way. It's simply to remove the extra key press. Even if the ability to hotkey sweet scent was available, this suggestion would still have been posted.
  11. As many of you probably know by now, with the recent update there was an additional prompt added to press A when Sweet Scenting. My suggestion is simple and easy to implement: Please return sweet scenting to how it was before the unova update. It may be a small change and it may not even be noticeable to some, but to those who EV train, EXP farm, or hunt shinies frequently, it's not only annoying but also slightly more time consuming. Previously I was able to hunt with just my mouse, but now I need to use two hands just to summon one horde. It would be one thing if there was a way to hotkey using sweet scent (perhaps a refillable ocarina or something similar), so it could all be on keyboard, but since there is not it requires using both mouse and keyboard. This suggestion would make EV'ing pokemon, hunting shinies, horde farming for items, and Leveling pokemon easier and horde grinding for any reason slightly less of a pain in the butt. Below are some examples of before and after the update for clarification: How it was before (and what this post is suggesting): -Press "Use Sweet Scent" -Pablo used Sweet Scent! -A Wild Horde Appeared! (automatically) -Fight/Bag/Pokemon/Run How it is now: -Press "Use Sweet Scent" -Pablo used Sweet Scent! -(nothing happens until you press A) *Press A* -A Wild Horde Appeared! -Fight/Bag/Pokemon/Run Thoughts on this or possibly an explanation for why this was added recently are all welcome.
  12. Your Team for Unova

    Beat the story with: Shiny Ponyta - Shiny Spoink - Feraligatr - Ampharos - Starmie (MVP) - Empty slot for sweet scent slave
  13. A "Speedrunning Community" isn't gonna touch anything other than the pure Cartidges/ROMs, so its fair for all who attempt it. A MMO, particularly this one, is totally unnecessary to a speed-runner and has WAY too many modified components. So unless you mean a specialized "PokeMMO Speed-Runner" community (which doesn't exist btw) , you can stop bringing this point up. Even if such a community existed, along with your proposed feature, I'm sure it would be standard to ignore your idea & start with a completely new character/account to ensure no shortcuts are taken.
  14. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Friend of mine found this guy: Super cool shiny imo. LF gen 5 follower sprite mod w/ shinys

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