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  1. EV Training today and got a happy lil suprise: Fem so i can make the baby thing of it
  2. Same as hunting on your own bro, don't waste time and effort collecting many people. It just feels like higher odds bc more ppl. Single person still 1/30,000
  3. Can we at least do something productive with this mess and establish a term length?
  4. Yeah mine work fine too. Just newer players downloading the mods seem to be having the issues, so it's likely from a client update that broke it. I downloaded all 3 a while ago and they all still work for me:
  5. That shouldn't happen. The mod is +gen 5 followers, as were the previous 2. If this one still doesn't show gen 5 followers there's nothing we can do but wait for the OP's to update their mods.
  6. I can't help if the other one is also doing the same issue, some other mods here do work for gen 5 but theyre a bit "different". You can try this one:
  7. I think what it comes down to is who's better for the community and who's better for the noobs, who will most likely leave after the story. I don't even play comp and I've seen Einstein doing more for the community than BF. Hes the hero we (long term players) need (imo)
  8. inb4 Einstein wins but they leave BF with the title
  9. What happens when you give noobs hats and shit:
  10. We're talking about 2 different things. I just want some real proof of his claim.
  11. Right. at the end of the day, BF has no control over the economy at all, regardless of how many of his youtube videos he plugs. Handing out hats to a noob isn't proof he changed anything at all.
  12. I'm not trying to be biased towards Einstein, just BF claiming stuff that he couldn't possibly do is hilarious. Waiting for proof he actually improved "poverty" overall MUCH FURTHER is all :D. Keep all possibilities open, idgaf who winds up the meme mayor. Maybe we should just have a meme page and they manage it idk. But they shouoldn't don't claim stuff that's impossible.
  13. I understand fully, but claiming you improved the whole game's economy by giving lvl 20 cats to new players or whatever is ridiculous and does nothing in the long run, as most quit after story or it makes them more lazy, asking for more handouts when they reach verm (i see this everyday, thanks BF). All he does is brag and plug his YT vids which he does anyway. So ill ask again where is this proof? He says he changed it MUCH FURTHER. But in previous threads his only evidence for this was seeing people open EV and Training/breeding shops in trade corner. This is not credible evidence and is quite laughable.
  14. Until he answers my question (that i've asked 2x now in this thread alone) on why hes taking credit for an "improved economy" my vote will not go to BF. That to me is where this seems like its getting waaaay too his head. He made a YT vid and claims he changed the world. Not the kind of Mayor I really want, bragging constantly and spamming their own channels for more views.
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