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  1. hatch 5 eggs at once for max effiency and breed put them in pc before you pull them out to breed. note this can be very annoying time consuming and expensive. my first took 54,000 eggs, 2nd took only 8500 eggs and now 40400 eggs into 3rd with no luck. dittos are usually 4k each so you do the math but last i checked i had spent around 160m in dittos alone
  2. You're using a very outdated mod, which is no longer working properly. When you start the client, before logging in, go to "Mod Management" and turn of your battle/sprite mod. This is the old mod that showed a pokemon's typing along with making the pokemon sprite 3D, from around 2016 iirc. Several updates have come since then which made the mod outdated, causing these massive, pixelated sprites. If you're looking for an updated version of this mod (making the sprites gen 6+), please check out the link below: To add this, or any other mod, download it and place it in your "Pokemmo->Data->Mods" file (it should be a .mod or .zip) and close your client completely if you haven't already. Then boot it back up and before logging in go into "Mod Management" and activate it, this should reset your client, then log in normally and it will be applied.
  3. The way you ask it does make us think you're a blabbering, crying 5 year old, begging us to make you stay - thanks for phrasing that for me so easily. If you don't like the game or cant give it more than 5 or 10 hours before threatening to quit in 2 forum posts in a row, then by all means, c u. No ones gonna beg you to stay when you act like that. Especially when you can't even be bothered to think long enough to realize who's saying what to you.
  4. Hopefully not. Tbh this whole thread has been annoying af. I tried to make 1 point the whole time and kept getting dragged into pointless irrelevant topics. You and Boltblades have a nice day, baboons.
  5. I'll stick to calling people baboons from now on since that's appears to be ok
  6. Can you read or what? Literally go through all my comments, there's only 3 or 4 of them and like I asked, point it out to me where I said this. You're confusing me with someone else. None of my posts are edited. Learn to read. Enjoy your emerald version and cya.
  7. I'm well aware you were salty that you thought you were joining vanilla pokemon black with no modifiers and found out that you had no choice to keep legendaries and wanted an outlet to complain and have someone beg you to stay - I didn't beg you to not quit, I'm sure that must've been a tough blow. This is contradictory imo as in the vanilla games there is not more than 1 of each. Is that so difficult to understand? Where did I mention taking them to another region? Please, go ahead and point that out to me, since you've been paying such close attention.
  8. Now you're putting words in my mouth, really nice job paying attention here. I was pointing out how the OP's (now edited like 3x) original statement was contradictory, since he was complaining about "not having an authentic pokemon experience" but also requesting we all get to keep legendaries such as Zekrom, Mewtwo or Rayuaza. I didn't say legendaries would ruin pokemmo - I said it would ruin "the authentic pokemon experience" pretty hard, which obviously isn't what we have here. I know you get really upset about legendaries from previous threads, but please try to pay a bit more attention to what I'm actually saying. Thanks in advance.
  9. How did ik someone like this would come along Prob the main reason I started off with this Think you might be looking little too deep into my comment, and the anime for that matter. Again, thanks for your interpreted anime history, I'm sure you googled really hard for those examples, but really none of the things you just pointed out contradict that they could be the same legendary, they could just as easily be in a diff universe/timeline since they're all diff stories (that's the obvious explanation that most people would come to understand). Again the main point is that the legendaries we have are one of a kind. The same way there's only 1 ash ketchum - although he might act differently in certain story lines. I'm positive that you could even argue this fact if you google long enough, but they're never gonna be in the same place at the same time. I'm sure that there's a bunch of forums that you can debate the topic further on if you wanna get all technical about what pokemon gave the wrong look at what time or whatever, but it doesn't change the fact that you never saw 2 mewtwos fighting one another - that's for a good reason, they're unique 'mons. No group of scientists ever saw mewtwo break down their lab and turn evil then said "hey yea lets do that again - exactly the same way - nvm lets do it 10x more". Seeing literally thousands of these legendaries at once (notice how never even 2 are in the same shot in your examples) breaks from the "original" pokemon experience pretty hard. It would likely ruin it instead. An easier solution is to make them an event or just to not include them at all. I can't speak for staff but I'm sure that's not the main reason they're not available to keep - I'm sure that has something to do with competitive play or PVE.
  10. That's exactly why I didn't bring up these particular legendaries and said: To be clear, I was only talking about the ones we actually have now, and why we don't get to keep them - to my knowledge there is only 1 of each of Rayquaza, Mewtwo or Zekrom. I do appreciate the history of anime you've watched though.
  11. Just wanna point this out, not saying this is the main reason or anything, but this is an mmo, how "original" would it be to have thousands one-of-a-kind legendaries like mewtwo or rayquaza floating around the same server? Every new player with 10 hours or whatever walking around all with mewtwo in their back pocket. I get that your frustrated or whatever but your main point is kinda contradictory. In cannon pokemon there is only 1 of each. Same here.
  12. It is a competition. Multiple sellers all competing with one another to try to get the buyer to buy from them, and not the other users (in this case listings). In real life and in-game the buyer will always go for the lowest price, meaning only those willing to go lower than everyone else will actually make the sale. Hence the competition. If you put a fixed price that it can't drop below you're fucking up supply and demand hard. The market needs to be able to fluctuate up and down according to supply VS demand. If prices are constantly falling, there needs to be a change in the amount of supply otherwise it will continue - you can't just cap something and fix it so easily. If you capped it, you'd have tons of players selling at the same exact (lowest possible) price and then its just random chance if they happen to click on your listing - meaning it could take 2 seconds or so long that the listing expires before you actually make the sale. To dumb this down a bit, instead of your picture of pages and pages of PP max -1$ each, there would be pages and pages of the same price and your listing would wind up somewhere in that mess. Now, if you don't like how low you have to price an item at to actually sell, move on and farm something worth more, since that market has too many sellers competing already (high supply), which is causing the prices to fall to begin with. It would be doing yourself and everyone in that specific market a favor, and you'd be actually fixing the issue. Maybe you could come back to that particular market once prices are back to your liking, or maybe you find something better.
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