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  1. A) you cant get to black city (or white forest) in pokemmo because of rom differences to my undertstanding. Dunno if it'll ever be added B) you catch Zekrom during the E4 story line then it sits in your room forever like a bum C) means that feature isnt in use in Pokemmo and likely never will be (judging by how many are still missing from Hoenn) and you dont/cant use it
  2. Left to right: Nutcracker Uniform -> Fire Elfbot -> Flame Uniform
  3. He posted this when it was added in game - he was saying that there's no shirt items that match with the Fire Bunny Ears, but that's simply not true.. Now if you're trying to get a shirt vanity that makes you look like the new fire starter (schorbunny?) then yeah that might be a nice suggestion
  4. Got my theme a year+ after paying. 10/10 would wait again. Solid work nice job @mayuuuuu
  5. Team [Mr] is now recruiting active + friendly shiny traders and hunters - PM me or one of our members here or in game for more info on how to join! How To Join? Copy and Paste this form with the required info, or PM an Officer or above in-game. IGN: Country: Age: In-game Hours Played: Classy level: Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Your Ex Team (If any): Why are you no longer a part of that team: Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade: What tier do you play: Your Recommender:
  6. Rip lol. You can report them and get them banned and MAYBE get it back. Was wondering what was taking you so long
  7. Save them for next year imo. Theyre useless until then
  8. Pm me ign: awkways Im online now
  9. Hey All, Helping a friend sell a Shiny Porygon-Z. Nice IVs, Natured, Lvl 100, fully EV trained & 3 particles (Snowflake, Paper Lantern & Pumpkid's Treat) Looking for offers. Feel free to PM here, comment below or whisper in-game. Accepting Vanity, Shiny and $$ offers. In-Game contact: HiSunset
  10. Partner with daryl he always wins every round of every find a friend
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