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  1. I couldn't tell from the pictures, hence why I was asking. That's also why I linked a sparkly version. Thought it was exactly the same mod that's already been made 5x and was trying to save someone a lot of time. Guess that's part of the problem and also why I suggested putting comparisons and/or a list of what has changed. As of right now a fair amount of people are going to see this and think they already have the mod and not download it - there's absolutely nothing pointing out what's different about this mod. No text or anything. Just pictures and a download link and "2.0" - which most people in this forum section use to reference that they fixed their mod after an update broke it. Sorry I didn't notice ferrothorn's spikes went down instead of up. As for the other pokes, I still can't tell the difference.
  2. When it says "Ended" it really means sold. You can tell the difference between ended meaning it was bought and ended as in the listing expired (ran out of time and no one bought it) by looking at the "Unclaimed" column. If there is money in that column it means it's ready to be claimed. Here's an example:
  3. What pokes? Only the ones in the pictures? I tested a few unova sprites on the sparkly version and this one and noticed 0 differences (aside from sparkles on shiny mons), but it could have been just not the right 10 pokemon or whatever. Would be nice if they gave a list of what was different or something, from the pics it's very hard to tell. Maybe some side-by-side pictures of how they were updated because there's like 5 different follower sprite mods. My personal favorite is to use the sparkly one + a normal one combined, so they sparkle but don't bounce. Might be able to do that with this mod to get the "updated" ones + sparkly. You need to put the sparkly mod bottom/second if you want that effect.
  4. For anyone looking for the sparkle version, it's already been made:
  5. awkways

    Close Please

    This can be closed ^^
  6. Having 2 kantos would be really weird since 1 is in the future and the other in the past. For example Cinnibar island is totally different. I doubt they'd just add Johto and not the future Kanto so you'd need a time machine or some other weird method of adding both. Don't get me wrong, Johto is my favorite and i'd love to see it added one day.
  7. awkways

    Close Please

    Bump - To the top. Getting decent offers in game but would like some $$ included
  8. did he sell it? i have pics of him wearing one and he linked me one in game..
  9. Gonna just have to @Darkshade on the source part without digging through a million threads. DS, Scary hockey Mask and Pumpkin Backpack will never come back right? Unlike other "event only" vanities which have the possibility to?
  10. Most things are tradable or re-obtainable aside from what Tyrone already listed. And I'm pretty sure they said 100% scary hockey mask and other untradable event only vanitys/items were never coming back - only the tradable ones have the possibility to iirc
  11. awkways

    Close Please

    Bump - more offers but too lazy to list. BO is currently around 900m in vanity+shiny+cash but declined bc I didn't want another major vanity
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