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  1. Thanks to all those who participated and special thanks to HiSunset for hosting! Not sure who all won charms, but the winners of the Total IV portion are as follows: Awkways - 145 - 12:25:51 (1st) Debryan - 135 - 12:32:52 (2nd) Patrouski - 133 - 12:25:27 (3rd) Honorable Mentions: ZslayerSP - 132 - 12:29:57 CaliDenise - 131 - 12:21:38 lMonkeyDLuffylll - 125 - 12:44:07 KiryuMoeka - 125 - 12:54:44 OHJI - 121 - 12:48:50 JayGray - 121 - 12:58:22 Gielilei - 121 - 12:59:55 Mayushii - 119 - 12:03:08
  2. HiSunset's Challenge in the Cave! (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Shiny Charm Portion: HiSunset hatched a Shiny Porygon and would like to host a dual event for our members. The event will take place in Challenger's Cave, Unova on channel 1 at 12pm EST on March 6th, 2021. There will be multiple ways to win rewards. Each player will have 1 hour to catch as many Riolu as possible. Each 1x31 riolu or higher (2x31, 3x31, etc) can be swapped for a set number of Shiny Charms. The Shiny Charm rewards scale as follows: Rewards for the 31 iv Catching Portion: -TWO 1x31
  3. awkways

    GTL Rework

    I fully support this suggestion. Another idea that may work would simply to be able to have multiple GTL windows open at the same time. For example, there are times when I need to buy water A male breeders but I open GTL and see dittos being listed for cheap every 30 seconds or so, and I want to keep the GTL window open with the ditto filter on set to lowest price and keep refreshing it and buying quickly when one is listed. While I'm doing that, it's the ONLY thing I can do, but I know that I still need to buy those water A breeders. In this example, It would be ni
  4. I just downloaded it a few hours ago it was the version 6.. you're updating too fast to keep up ;_; (but dont stop)
  5. Digin the theme so far, if you could find a way to add chinese characters that would be nice since atm trade chat is mostly full of a bunch of random spaces and empty posts after a certain time of day lol. Also just want you to know the defense window on the pokemon summary for IVs is ranomly bigger than the rest
  6. you're forgetting about jumpeon event fam
  7. Shop's closed bois. He's just wrapping up the already submitted requests but not taking any new ones
  8. Thanks rod, we enjoyed having you spend time with us. Good luck in the future, we hope you come back one day♥
  9. Kiryu's "It's OK to be a nerd" Pokemon Trivia Event! (This event is for in-game [Mr] Members only) About the Event: KiryuMoeka is hosting Team [Mr]'s very first Trivia event! This event will consist of the host, Kiryu, asking trivia questions in normal chat. There will be 20 total questions, which will gradually get harder to answer. The first to answer correctly in normal chat wins that round (and the associated prize). The prizes will increase to reflect that question's difficulty. There will be 20 total questions - 10 of which will be "easy", 7 of which will be "medium" and 3 of
  10. yoooo awk

    1. Shinsu


      whats up bro!


    2. awkways


      Hi ShinsUwU

  11. twf u mention blood's shiny and find nearly a carbon copy of his Shiny OT #39 - 48,830 wild + 9,970 eggs since the last UwU thanks @HerickJS
  12. Thanks to everyone who participated. This is the list of results: 1. $200,000 ^-> KiryuMoeka 2. 3x31 Gastly (HP, Attack + Special Defense) which has Spider's Web Particle Effect and is holding a Cat Cookie ^-> Archonn 3. $2,000,000 + Winged Heart Backpack (Seasonal RP item) ^-> ZSlayerSP 4. $100,000 ^-> DarkSign 5. SHINY Patrat (31IV Special attack) Female ^-> DeBryan 6. $69 + Fire Bunny Ears (500RP item) ^-> Clearlypurple 7. 2x Red Envelopes (1 is 2020 and 1 is 2019) + 1 Lucky Red
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