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  1. Me? I post like 10-20 a week, tops, which is FAR less than other players. Check jonulos collection of 4k mudkips that started with 14 pages (at once) and is now up to 60+ . I appreciate your feedback tho<3
  2. I was once posting a large ammount of garbage mudkip for $7999 (before jonulo's spam of around 60 pages of kip listed for $4k -_-) by using ctrl+v. For one mudkip when I clicked in the price box it didn't clear the $1000 as it usually does and instead moved my cursor to after the 1k. Ended up posting a shitty mudkip for $10,007,999. RIP 500k. There goes my GTL prophits for that week. Shoulda left it up as an expensive, shitty, meme.
  3. Whats funny is we were in bagon chamber for about 100 encounters and he says he was going to pc and then coming back, on the way back finds the bat. Prob woulda been the 2nd bagon found today had he stayed put or even just used a repel on the way back Also I watched this poor kid still playing the story find a shiny weezing last night. Thought he could masterball it lol
  4. Can we please get an extra column in the locations tab listing if they are day / night / all the time? So many new players ask if they can find x at night, or end up looking for mudkip for an hour at night not to find any because the dex only says locations. The only way they can know they're not there at night is if they dig through forums to that implemented pokemon locations thread or constantly ask channel chat / other players, so its not only annoying but also very misleading as it currently stands.
  5. What theme is this? Looks awesome
  6. #16 - 26,050 encounters, 2nd shiny in a row now hunting char at mt ember & 2nd ponyta
  7. Ive encountered ray on the first floor twice by accident when entering/leaving to shiny hunt with hordes so im pretty sure its everywhere in sky pillar
  8. Ive heard that the repel trick works very well in berry forest. Aka put a fainted lvl 40 poke in first and use repel and it makes it like 80%+ snorlax. They used to have lax hordes but they were quickly nuked
  9. iirc they are skipping to gen 5 first because from a programming & project managing standpoint it makes a lot more sense to jump to gen 5 and then later implement gen 4. This way they get all the hard work done up front and then later it'll be easy to add sinnoh (if they decide to at all), rather than doing all the work to jump to gen 4 and then again when adding gen 5. Theoretically this way we will have both in a quicker amount of time, but in practice who knows. Either way from the differences in the previous PTS and this one it looks they are working their asses off. Onto a more relevant note, it looks like the PTS is now closed: RIP HYPE (& my shinies)
  10. Took about a half hour but managed to beat N & his Zekrom then Ghetsis back to back by spamming Max Revive like the tru noob I am @JLxKaos
  11. I was but I was doing it quietly like we did on the previous PTS. >:V
  12. It's not letting me in - says "The selected server is currently restricted to staff members. Please try again later" Anyone actually in? Edit: Nevermind - looks like server just came up. I'm in.
  13. A lot better than dewgong
  14. 14,340 - #15... >:V
  15. Shiny hunting should be on this list. Alot of (non-comp) players now spend a majority of their time hunting. Imo beats afking in verm and its likely what most people had in mind when they choose the "other" option. Hell even some comp players shiny hunt now. Another option to consider is money farming like doing non stop island runs, catching dittos or fighting hoenn gym leaders/trainers. I see alot of players who do nothing but farm cash in one form or another.