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  1. Hi there, I noticed you have not updated this in a while and it appears as progress has come to a halt, however it looks like Kanto is 100% complete. Was wondering if you could provide us with a link to the Kanto mod? Looks great.
  2. When you try so hard to block out the name but forget the "Whispering ________" part
  3. Please continue working on this. This is the closest this game has to a complete Hoenn Tile Mod. So far this is amazing, I especially like the Mauville Game Corner. I still use this despite it looking very strange that the routes are not done and I (and I bet many many others) would love to see this complete. If anyone involved is still considering working on this please continue to provide us with updates. We need you!
  4. Even shiny male ot + shiny female not ot = unknown ot Non-OT shiny + Non-OT shiny never gonna = your OT shiny Maybe in your dreams lel. If they did that all real OTs would be pointless.
  5. Finally get to see summary
  6. Shiny Croconaw spotted in Verm.. (pic is edited to show front and side view since ppl keep asking me)
  7. I've wanted this shiny since I started playing :)
  8. Hunting for shinies.. guess I got my wish
  9. I almost wonder if the reasoning for the PTS being during April Fool's Day was so that we couldn't see what would happen if we tried to have a gen 5 follower Pokemon. Perfect cover up if you ask me being that we could only have bidoofs. I have been wondering what will end up happening with gen 5 pokemons as followers for a while now. Either we can only have up to gen 4 follower pokes (since that's all HG/SS has) or Darkshade made custom gen 5 followers.. I don't see any other motivation for them to drop the PTS on that day. As soon as I logged in I asked the question, and this is the official response I got:
  10. ez scam Bidoof perfect follower species for this test run
  11. ^For anyone disappointed that this wasn't what they were hoping for, there is still hope for you.
  12. "HM Defog" lmao
  13. So, if this is not a joke, we will need which rom? B/W or B/W2? Also what time can we expect to see this PTS available?