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  1. If you breed it with another shiny, yes, the baby will 100% be a shiny. You cannot breed shiny + non-shiny, however.
  2. It's a day for bunnies I guess Also I saw this the other day but don't think anyone posted it yet @FlareBlitzz for when you update the thread
  3. You can catch as many as you like
  4. Pretty sure this is the first shiny found in Sinnoh, was caught around 1hr ago. Sad it's not a Shinx
  5. The game is literally being updated right now
  6. You get the rock thingy from a fighter NPC and then you can fight him on route 209
  7. I'm pretty sure they didn't even bother to officially say anything about why xmas didn't come this year. This was just the assumed reason. The xmas event started by accident last year and players were able to go into the event and start farming before they even noticed it happened. I'm not a dev or anything, but I feel like it wouldn't have taken much time to slap together last year's event with some new already programed xmas items, for example the green xmas stocking item we saw as a bug during this year's Halloween event
  8. Ive had over 250 unread mails of dittos bought via GTL. It just shows a cap of 250 - It's not actually real
  9. Welcome @BanksyApe, @Halliie, Prisonerr, BugStormLink & EmilliaaUwU!
  10. "Special" means found in phenomenons only (rustling grass, dust clouds, sky shadow & rippling water). They are pretty rare to come across but people usually announce them in global when they see them. There are also some guides on here on where phenos can be found. Iirc there are usually 2 phenos present in unova at once and they move locations every 15 minutes.
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