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  1. Thanks for implementing this, @Darkshade, looks wonderful in game
  2. Shiny hunt while standing afk in vermilion ez best of both worlds #eggs
  3. I believe the saying is "see you next tuesday"
  4. money cant buy pvp hats. it can buy secret shinys. are you suggesting secret shinys become untradeable too then?
  5. Yeah sorry if my wording was off, im not claiming to know the cause, just was explaining how i produced the look in the picture they posted of me above. The color of the "mages hat" changes depending on what classic cap I use. I noticed certain hairstyles + older hats sometimes turn into newer vanitys, except they appear as tinted with the color of the older vanity. For example, windswept hair + peaked cap is turning into colorable W Pink Cat headphones, based on the color of the Peaked cap, or Fedora + THE ELECTRIC STORM turned into tinted Golden Tiger Masks. I had a few teamates come look last night and they couldnt see what I was seeing for most of the hair+hat combos. After the 3rd (?) time the server went down last night the only combo that other players could see was the one in the picture above, which was me wearing THE ELECTRIC STORM (light violet) and Classic Cap (dark red)
  6. its a bug with THE ELECTRIC STORM vanity and clasic cap. It just bugs into being a mage cap that takes on the color of the classic cap
  7. What makes you claim that admins don't get paid? Squirtle has been working with the game since before day 1 and is an Admin. I'm 100% sure Squirtle gets paid. Regarding their "friends, those are all current or ex-staff members, who were rewarded with those legendaries after working for the game for years. Jumpeon is a fake-e-mon, it is the boss of the (supposedly seasonal) April 1st day event, and was added for the first time in this update: You can even find it's sprite, along with the xmas event, Lunar New Year & Halloween fake-e-mon's sprites within your client data if you look. Their sprites are in the pokemmo->data->resources compressed .zip folder. Extract that .zip then go into sprites->battlesprites. Jumpeon's is "1025-front-n": Again, just using the search function would do you wonders. I just linked you proof of the in-game boss battle from the event, and if you're too new to even have ever heard of this event, that's on you. Good luck spamming your message another 10x.
  8. You don't think the developers/admins should have perks in the game they made or help run? Ki (ex-SGM) has a shiny Celebi & Shu (Inactive Developer) has a shiny Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon. You could try using the search function in forums instead of repeating your own message 5x. They have been mentioned many times on forums before
  9. I don't know if I'll play or even remember, and theres a 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance I won't find any shinys (prob higher), but heck sign me up, why not ♥
  10. It's important for the leader to delegate the daily (team management) responsibilities. For example: -hosting / organizing events -recruiting / approving new members -helping settle any disagreements that might occur It should absolutely not be 1 person making every decision or organizing every little thing for the team IMO. I believe the devs made the base team roster layout as a pyramid (1 boss, 3 executives, 5 commanders, etc) intentionally, and embracing that pyramid structure seems to work well. I think the higher ups (executives, commanders, even officerS) in the teams should be allowed to take on more and more responsibility as they climb up the structure & as a leader you should give away most, if not all, of the power / responsibility to the higher ups in the team. You should be there as the final say in an argument or to handle more serious situations. The team should function mostly autonomous in that aspect so you (as the leader) can focus on the best strategies for keeping it alive and healthy long term. Not to mention, if the leader tries to handle every single situation / event / etc. on their own they are going to burn themselves out quickly. I very much agree with what @OrangeManiac said about a team having a clear purpose. I don't really have much more to say about that topic other than that the purpose/focus of your team can change over time, and that's OK. For example, my team is 7 years old. It started as mostly shiny traders (when shiny trading was more popular / common than shiny hunting), and over the years we have reshaped it into a team of shiny hunters instead. Your team's focus can be whatever you and your team members want it to be, as long as it attracts people to want to join your group. If you pick a focus that's fairly random and obscure, for example a team based on a specific weeb anime, it will probably die very quickly. It should be something a large portion of the player base can relate to. At the end of the day, as corny as this sounds, I think the most important thing to leading a team is getting to know each (or as many as possible) of your members personally and treating them as a friend first and a team member second, or at least attempting to (some people you will encounter will be inherently quiet or rude - there is no avoiding that). I think the best team experiences in PokeMMO are when the team is a collection of friends who can for the most part get along with each other and joke around. Since we have no real team based features in PokeMMO (other than Team Tournament), the only real other functional purpose of teams is as a private chat for friends to goof around in and have a good time with one another. If you can do that the rest should come fairly easily, as long as you don't mess up horribly.
  11. RNG gave a shiny F in battle chat for @BangladeshTheIII =/ Congrats btw, cool shiny
  12. It's an older Meme about team [ORPE] >>>>>>>>> If you look back in this thread a few years you can find find it's origins, but I'm not sure if the team even still exists or if they died off like many others PS. MR>>>>>>>>>>>vvv>>>^^^^^^^<<<>>>>>>>>>>
  13. Check this link, its the working version:
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