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  1. Awesome modding Mad skills props to you bros One request though please resize Wailord follower sprite make it bigger please owo Edit: This is Manan Edit 2: PS: Mega Aerodactyl?
  2. AshKetum

    The next generation is ...

    Best way to end the argument, #WeDon'tGiveAF*ckToNewUpdate
  3. Online? Restless? What're you gonna...release it in front of me? P.S- If not, just mail it
  4. @Suneet when will you finish my feebas? Can you finish it till the weekend?
  5. Hey @Suneet, I've mailed my feebas to you. Please keep recover and train it to lvl 50, and let it evolve in the process.
  6. Wow. Thanks Suneet! Your service is the best! I r8 8/8 gr8 m8
  7. Damn I forgot to attack my skarmory and now your inbox is full. Just train it for free once you get it, kay?
  8. I'm sending my skarmory for ev training and leveling to 50 Train the special defense ev please and forget swift with spikes. Also, please don't teach any other moves.
  9. Sending the finished charizard for levelling to 50 along with 18k. Keep flamethrower for ember and don't replace sunny day
  10. Hey Suneet I got a major problem ^^" I was tryna breed but everything got messed up If you can help then please let me know!
  11. Wow. So many readers. Never imagined my profile would become so popular

  12. Hey Ryuko. One question. Why does it say that "This function is not implemented yet" on the Rayquaza at the top of Sky Pillar?

  13. @DrackenSo do I have to delete x and y mods?

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