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  1. Just realize that black and white are coming
  2. Normal Version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vcgvtbqmq89ddl2/Positive-Dark.7z Default Font Version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r2rw1c1c1vbhfwb/Positive-Dark+(Default+Font).7z
  3. Hi guys, am i the only one that find the Pokèmon League at Level 100 (3th time) a little too hard? It's almost impossible to beat 30 (6 x 5) Pokèmons Level 100 without the help of restoring items. If we suppose to buy 6 Revive and 6 Hyper Potion for each League, we will spend 29.400$ and the league gives only about 44.000$. Is this really worth? Consider that each League needs about 30 minutes to be completed. My suggestion is to cap the Champions' pokemons level to 90 even if you go with a team full level 100.
  4. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/65863-mod-shuffle-icons-mod/
  5. I fixed it, thanks for your contribute, just redownload the theme :)
  6. i tryed it right now, it's all ok for me guys
  7. Did you changed the theme in the game?
  8. I reuploaded it: https://mega.nz/#!7xdQxIZA!8RWrYCKu8OHM8uXVx2H4BY6XD4PXj488ma3MLb-Bd5g
  9. Thank you all tell me if you find a bug, i'll fix it immediately
  10. Positive-Dark v1.2 Login Screen: Pokemon Storage and Pokedex: Other Windows: Battle Screen: Updates Updates #1: - Pokemon Frame restylized - Fixed Shop Cursor Updates #2: - Gift Shop interface adjusted - Pokemon Frame adjusted to the new Patch (i recommend to use official Battle Sprites) - Battle GUI now is cleaner, hordes Hp bars adjusted Download: Normal Version: https://mega.nz/#!CxEg2CCY!j1qOrCe99uJ-LcSOO6VLFrdDk-to8YPi4pLaYJ4CthM http://www.mediafire.com/download/vcgvtbqmq89ddl2/Positive-Dark.7z Default Font Version: https://mega.nz/#!e9cDlYzA!CqjM3T2K9ofdDn-PIwMrTjYyVAwu5DBr-0zmzYAOZJY http://www.mediafire.com/download/r2rw1c1c1vbhfwb/Positive-Dark+(Default+Font).7z
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