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  1. Message after getting poke from Day Care

    I was just about to write a new suggestion saying exactly this but it seems to have been done. This deserves to be necro and resolved. I absolutely hate taking out my Pokemon from the daycare and seeing "Oh, he raised by 33 Levels". I am clearly not going to remember the original level I put my Pokemon in the day care for without writing that crap down. This goes for about breeding. Sometimes I put my parents in the breed center just to come back and occassionally forgot what I put in there in the first place. It's absolute a hassle when I have to GUESS what gender I need or Pokemon I had in there 20 minutes later after putting it in. Sure you can claim it's our responsibility to remember such things but it ain't a perfect world. This would be a amazing quality of life fix and one that would make the game easier, more joyful to play and hardly any effort implementing into such thing. TL;DR Let us see the level of our Pokemon in the day care BEFORE taking it out and let us see what Pokemon we originally put in the breeding center WITHOUT having to guess what it was when we receive our egg.
  2. Daily Log-in Rewards

    We honestly already have dailies that can be abused somewhat. While using all 3 daycare slots and a EXP share in my party, 1 trip of island run can net me about 380k a day on Island running alone that is not including Hoenn gym rematches or E4. Daisy is another amazing daily log in bonus essentially. Once a day she can pretty much evolve a Pokemon for happiness for free which sells for a decent bit as breeders on the GLT (Togepi and Espeon to be exact). I always hated the idea of daily log in bonus for free despite how minor they are because that really does is make it alt abused; especially for veteran players who have like 10+ characters spread across multiple accounts. Us veterans have a ton of extra accounts from the dark ages...Daily log in bonus doesn't keep the player base alive because all it simply does it make you log in for 2 minutes and log out to never be heard of again. Dailies should be something proactive; not passive. Daisy is a perfect example of having to be proactive at the game yet be pretty passive. Basically she saids "Here, have 50k for free every 2 days. If you dare play it's 50k every day".
  3. All this does is help kill our own economy for players who farm them for a source of income. This doesn't even benefit the player themselves. Then on top of that it's extremely easy to abuse. What is stopping me from putting a Everstone in the GLT for $10 and then mass buying all of all them at the same from the daycare lady?
  4. Back in the old days of PokeMMO nothing was purchasable, reusable and many TM's and moves simply were impossible to get or simply had no function yet. It was like this for the good first 2 years of PokeMMO which made majority of the community forced to make a ton and ton of extra accounts and run the story over multiple times again and again just to simply get TM's, items as well as other things. Once you used that Earthquake TM it was just simply gone forever with no way of getting it ever again. Breeding also simply didn't exist yet making it no way to breed TM's onto your offspring. This was a problem. Naturally I'm from that dark (yet my favorite) era of PokeMMO back during 2013~2014 years. But because of this, many veteran players most likely have multiple upon multiple accounts. A few veteran players have admitted to me that they too also owned 4~5+ PokeMMO accounts due to this era. This was way before any rules (if there are any today) about owning multiple accounts. It was just simply a way of live. Well because of that, I might of remember some of my old account info and decided to log onto them to see what was up with these unholy mules. I wasn't very proud (and totally forgot that I had this) to see this at all. Lmfao; farming Daisy is still probably viable today for GLT sales. Self explanatory, what are some things you guys aren't proud of doing in PokeMMO?
  5. PvE Team Building

    Hey guys, I took a long break for awhile but now I'm back and active again on PokeMMO. I will be taking extra steps and measures to make sure this guide is up to date fairly soon!
  6. Egg groups in the pokedex

    Please implant this in the PC immediately. I can't tell you how much easier it is to scout through my 100's of 1x31 Pokemon just to find ones for specific egg groups and gender. 1x31 Pokemon come and go so fast that it isn't exactly easy to organize size them. Just make it exactly like the search bar that is already implemented and fade out the egg groups that isn't relevant to the search. On top of that allow us to search for gender AND egg groups at the same time *gasp*
  7. PvE Team Building

    If you could return the favor and test to see if Perish Song misses or not on Shedninja that would be fantastic. If it isn't for the ghost typing then Wonderguard should protect him and I believe Perish Song only counts down if the move succeeds on hitting. Straight from Bulbapedia wiki but I need to confirmed if it is programmed properly in PokeMMOIf you are able to check I can immediately add the idea to the guide without delay. Edit: I checked if PokeMMO had Perish Song properly programmed into the game with Wonder Guard and it did not work. As of now Perish Song actives through Wonder Guard and then counts to 3. Once then Shedninja would avoid the damage and Lapras would commit suicide. Maybe in the #futuretm then Perish Song would work properly with Wonder Guard interactions. So yeah Shedninja isn't the most optimal Pokemon for Lapras farming. Only way around Perish Song is to use Taunt then False Swipes. So yeah basically Smeargle is bae because he has Own Tempo which prevents confusion so no Confuse Ray. But really if you Taunt first turn then it doesn't matter. So yeah you just need Taunt.
  8. PvE Team Building

    Have you tried Shedninja? He is a Ghost type so he cannot be hit by Parish Song and he is able to learn False Swipe. Also you don't ever need to heal because lol. Also Confuse Ray doesn't hit through Wonderguard. My only concern is his speed but I believe at Level 100 he should be ok with running away from Pokemon around level 30~45 no problem.
  9. PvE Team Building

    -Well Mt. Pyre pretty much just expired now that Recycle is gone (aka no idea why Recycle got nerfed. Wasn't even that great, was too damn niche tbh). Before PP pretty much didn't matter because of Recycle so 10 PP wasn't a big deal at all. But even with all the issues you mentioned (and as I mentioned them in the guide) at the time Recycle was working, you caught a lot more Pokemon per hours versus Pokemon Tower. I've tested this and done the math myself. It's significantly faster. Probably not so much anymore because Devs hate using their brains sometimes topkek. Now the Slugma idea has to be looked at because...herp derp Recycle nerf. But I'm thinking about testing Catch Per House using Taunt+Dragon Rage method versus DR+Thunder Wave. T-Wave is not really used anyhow. If you Taunt, they cannot Curse, Will-O-Wisp nor Spite you which is great! In fact I like it already over Thunder Wave simply because if you are low on PP you won't get screwed out of your Leppa Berry because of Curse. -Shard farming has yet to be included in here but it will be eventually. -I actually meant Dragon Rage, not breath. My bad -The speed thing doesn't matter for most level 100 Pokemon. Quagsire is one of the few Pokemon where it actually mattered hints me not mentioning that with Quagsire. Realistically speed at level 100 pretty much does nothing unless you are a very slow Pokemon or happen to be farming 50+ Pokemon with high base speeds. If that is the case (like how it was mentioned on the Fearow section) train your Pokemon to reach X speed but never anything more or else it is a waste of money, time etc. So yeah of course you need speed on Quagsire...he isn't level 100. This is why on the Quagsire section(s) there are no -Speeds nature in his section for budget reasons. -Will correct the Smeargle section for those damn dirty Electrodes False Swipe+Sleuth/Sight is enough yes but it isn't nearly as fast. You only need to Dragon Rage 1 time and you can Ball them for over 90% catch rate. You have to use a extra turn for Foresight and that is 1 extra turn they have to Spite, Will-O-Wisp and Curse themselves you with. It isn't optimal because you will be taking a lot more damage over time and you'll be forced to use Recycle+Milk Drink much more often on top of that. It CAN work and it CAN be effective but isn't nearly as effective as Dragon Rage. At the time period that it was written to you have to use your use slot for Leppa Berry anyhow so Shell/Leftovers wouldn't of worked. The False Swipe+Sleuth set works much better in Lost Caves with Spore. Spore isn't a very effective move in Mt. Pyre anyhow since Insomnia. Tbh I should consider talking about Taunt in Mt. Pyre and test it out. Why Taunt? No Curse, no WoW and no Spite. Perfect solution for those who get annoyed at paying attention to DoT damage and PP. The 130 Base Attack isn't necessary as a properly trained Smeargle will essentially 1 shot almost anything or near shot them from the level 40~60 range. Only time it'll truly matter is...I guess level 45 Loudreds but even then you bring them down to 5% HP. Anyhow, yeah, Breloom is a good lazy/casual False Swiper for those who want to get the job done but just don't care. Thus he isn't mentioned in the guide for good reason. In the original game Tropius would of been incredibly useful if we didn't have the ability to overwritten HM moves with other HM moves at all times.
  10. PvE Team Building

    I added a section and their usefulness for Linoone and Fearow. However there still isn't a section for Breloom simply because hes not useful until prove he is. You might be shocked how much in-depth discussion I added about Fearow since he was a complicated bird to talk about and the comparisons. TL;DR Fearow is the Rich Trainer's Sevii Runner and Persian is the "Realistic" or "Pleibe" Sevii Runner. As mention Linoone and Fearow was added to the guide as I found very great use of both Pokemon. Both are viable now. This was fixed with the format of the guide so he'll be included in both HM Slaves and Wildcard sections. The guide has been 100% updated. I had no choice but to list him twice though but it looks neat and tidy. Previously he was only listed in HM Slaves. ____________________________ Onto the meat now, the guide has been fully revised, rewritten and now has plenty of new information and Pokemon listed for many more jobs. The guide is yet to be completed 100% still as Synchro Farming and Flame Body/Magma Armor still needs to be listed. But as of now the guide is fresh again with better formatting and information! List of updates... 1) Added Fearow 2) Added Linoone 3) Separated Dragon Breath Smeargle/False Swipe Smeargle and gave a very in-depth discussion on why and how to farm at Mt. Pyre 4) Reword the guide to be a lot less bias and more flexiable 5) Rewritten Pick Up Meowth and Pick Up Teddy all together 6) Reformatted the guide to make IV and EV spreads easier to read 7) Added EV Trainer Smeargle to "Wildcard" section and kept him in "HM Slave" as similarly written segments and mentioned why. 8) Fixed some grammar errors and format errors Enjoy the update guys! Please list more ideas below and if you feel any Pokemon was missed or was ignored, provide a convincing argument below!
  11. [Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide

    Route 21 - Miracle Seed, Max Repel, Pokeball Need to do accurate scanning but I confirmed that I've picked these up there.
  12. PvE Team Building

    I'll rephrase the guide a bit to benefit the needs better. I'm glad people catch the Geodudes because Snorunt is a wonderful Pokemon to take advantage of the market through via Geodude catching since hes a Mineral/Fairy Pokemon. I've been using all those Geodudes as breeding fodder for Fairy materials =) Just for that alone I wonder if there is a way to change the Everstone farming through catching the Geodudes effectively even faster with Quag/Poli/Smeargle then having to worry about them exploding but without having to use a extra turn on Spore.
  13. PvE Team Building

    I personally like to do Mt. Moon's Paras for EV training+Payday+Pick Up. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone but also I generally seem to get pretty lucky doing at least 5~6 Everstone a hour with a side of Hardstones and Mushrooms.
  14. PvE Team Building

    -I don't really know too many people who train 5 Pokemon at the same time but for those who do, the Smeargle is a listed option. Teddy can learn EQ and Hyper Voice too for horde battling as well. Crunch is a option (not amazing) but gets the job done. His 2 limitations are lack of Surf/Fly for those who DO train at the same time (a niche but good thing) but his "not as effectiveness" in Pokemon Tower. Though to keep in mind he CAN EQ Ghost in Hoenn (though that's only better for catching, not killing due to Smeargle). So I can agree to that. Hyper Voice+Specs can kill a level 50 Lunatone with Special Defense = Nature at 31 IV's. If it DOES survive (which is extremely rare due to damage range and needing 31 IV's) you should probably be catching that Lunatone anyways. But all the Lunatones are around the level 15~40 range anyhow. Now Linoone does add to the mix due to Surf... -I'll add Linoone to the list for valid reasoning. I would love to see more comments like this below as well so it could be added to the guide. Valid argument and usefulness which is great! Hes a combination of Pick Up+5 Poke EV Training. Though sadly he can't learn Sweet Scent. -Realistically you do need a whole box dedicate for PvE teams at this point due to 1: Egg Slave (i.e. Flame Body), 2: Synchronize (need one for all but 2 natures; who uses Lax/Gentle..,?), at least 2 Smeargles, 1 Dragonite, list goes on. Easily say at least 25~30 slots but the idea is we want to minimize, slots needed and how to use the slots properly like not wasting it on shiny Pokemon followers *ducks head*, etc. So far I'm happy with the success of the guide due to how many PM's I get a day in-game about it. A lot of newer players are starting to get better grips into the game's ecom and farming system and have a easier time overall which I'm happy with. But overall, while it is personal preference, it's best to choose what best for the role and stick with it. Thus, it gives you a good footnote on how to do it and takes away emotional attachment from it. And yes, it is personal preference on what you need (me personally I don't bother with Quagsire since I just use pick up to farm Everstones while training Smeargles for EV Attacks using Meowth) but it doesn't mean that one thing you need cannot be optimize. In all reality it shows all the useful optional sets people have been using to get strong and rich quick for those who are new to the game. What is next to update on the guide is... 1: Synchro Ability Farming 2: Flame Body/Magmar Armor Slave 3: Linoone 4: Updating Meowth and organizing the guide a bit more to make it a bit more easier to find things.
  15. PvE Team Building

    EDIT: I misread you Netsky4life. Yeah I've mentioned it on the 2nd Slot. Some of these catagories are mix and match so it makes it more hard to organize. Maybe I can find a better method to organize the thread sometime. It's in there. Smeargle isn't the best Pokemon for the job sadly since realistically Dragonite takes care of all HM's+Grinding. Keep in mind that HM's can be overridden now with other HM's at any time now so any need for any other HM Slaves besides Dragonite isn't optimal at the moment and is a waste of a slot. Teddiursa is the best Sweet Scenter in the game due to Pick Up, Earthquake and Hyper Voice. He has everything you ever want in one. He simply does the job better then Smeargle, even if Milk Drink gets fully implemented since your poacher should have the move. On the off note apart from Netsky, it seems like I should add a honorable mention section to explain why Pokemon like Smeargle, Breloom, Ferrow, etc. aren't the best Pokemon for the job and why I neglected to mention them. I'll give you a quick version of what is to come "TL;DR, They simply ain't good"

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