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  1. That makes sense. A lot of discussion is going on right now if Golem should be banished to OU instead of UU. If that's the case it's likely to happen.
  2. Does Golem see play in OU? I would be impressed.
  3. The real question is, how many players right now are actually running 58 Speed EV Meganium? I wish I can take a look at people's competitive Megs. LOL
  4. Oh yeah definitely. If it's not max speed Golem then it's just going to Ada+Bulk. Honestly I feel like the power of Golem right now would be more universally useful as a Speedster.
  5. Golem's #1 counter in the metagame right now is Meganium. With 252 Speed EV's with Jolly nature Golem would have 106 Speed. This means a Impish Meganium who is likely 252 HP, 252 DEF would get outrun by a Jolly Invested Golem. That being said, is that even worth it? Being able to outrun Golem's counter is absolutely great but at the same time, what if Meganium has some speed investment itself to just specifically counter. With how centralized Golem Vs Meganium is in UU, a Impish Meganium would have to invest into 58 points into Speed EV's to assure that it has more speed then a Jolly speed invested Golem. But how many people actually bother to invest 58 points into speed? Is Jolly Golem really worth it then? It does force my opponent to invest into a stat they otherwise would of never needed. On the other hand that could of been stats used for Golem's bulk instead. Overall it might be useful to outrun Grumbull, Ampharos, Azumarill, Vileplum, etc. But I'm not sure what people run now these days as far as speed investment goes. Long story short, is max speed invested Golem overall worth it?
  6. Good idea mate. I'll check his numbers right now.
  7. I just checked. Crobat wouldn't work as it 2HKO most threats and more then likely will die. Also HP Water and Heat Wave can't both be taken causing issues.
  8. Aye, I make a living of calculations. l0l. I'm much like Trump except I'm nothing like Trump. I also don't declare bankruptcy and consider it a successful venture. I don't even have immediate access to a account right now so I'm really only guessing what the meta game is right now. These forums are pretty dead now these days compare to the glory Halloween days. Either way I'll check up on damage later.
  9. I'm quite good and known for that. Once I find time I'll see if it's worth. What are the big UU threats that I should look out for poor o' Crobat? Is it just Scizor, Golem, Steelix and Oma? Come to think of it that is a lot that walls it. SMH
  10. Looking at the current meta game, how viable would a Flail/Reversal set currently? (PS: Just came back from a 6 month hiatus so my understanding will be off from the meta game). We are currently looking at the following for such sets... CROBAT Flail, Sub, Heat Wave/HP Water, Filler (Potentially just Super Fang, Poison Fang, Aerial Ace, etc.) + Kelpsy Berry OR Petaya Berry OR Flail, Endure, Heat Wave/HP Water, Filler + Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry OR Petaya Berry SWELLOW Endeavour+Sub + Salac Berry OR Endeavour+Endure + Salac Berry HITMONLEE Reversal, Endure + Salac Berry Reason I am asking because that Crobat set is looking rather solid and Heat Wave would be able to take care of Scizor effectively. Only concern I can really think of is potentially not being to 1 hit KO Steelix and therefore would need to take care of him before the sweep. I don't think anything can effectively outspeed Crobat without assistance.
  11. Hey guys, I took a long break for awhile but now I'm back and active again on PokeMMO. I will be taking extra steps and measures to make sure this guide is up to date fairly soon!
  12. Please implant this in the PC immediately. I can't tell you how much easier it is to scout through my 100's of 1x31 Pokemon just to find ones for specific egg groups and gender. 1x31 Pokemon come and go so fast that it isn't exactly easy to organize size them. Just make it exactly like the search bar that is already implemented and fade out the egg groups that isn't relevant to the search. On top of that allow us to search for gender AND egg groups at the same time *gasp*
  13. If you could return the favor and test to see if Perish Song misses or not on Shedninja that would be fantastic. If it isn't for the ghost typing then Wonderguard should protect him and I believe Perish Song only counts down if the move succeeds on hitting. Straight from Bulbapedia wiki but I need to confirmed if it is programmed properly in PokeMMOIf you are able to check I can immediately add the idea to the guide without delay. Edit: I checked if PokeMMO had Perish Song properly programmed into the game with Wonder Guard and it did not work. As of now Perish Song actives through Wonder Guard and then counts to 3. Once then Shedninja would avoid the damage and Lapras would commit suicide. Maybe in the #futuretm then Perish Song would work properly with Wonder Guard interactions. So yeah Shedninja isn't the most optimal Pokemon for Lapras farming. Only way around Perish Song is to use Taunt then False Swipes. So yeah basically Smeargle is bae because he has Own Tempo which prevents confusion so no Confuse Ray. But really if you Taunt first turn then it doesn't matter. So yeah you just need Taunt.
  14. Have you tried Shedninja? He is a Ghost type so he cannot be hit by Parish Song and he is able to learn False Swipe. Also you don't ever need to heal because lol. Also Confuse Ray doesn't hit through Wonderguard. My only concern is his speed but I believe at Level 100 he should be ok with running away from Pokemon around level 30~45 no problem.
  15. -Well Mt. Pyre pretty much just expired now that Recycle is gone (aka no idea why Recycle got nerfed. Wasn't even that great, was too damn niche tbh). Before PP pretty much didn't matter because of Recycle so 10 PP wasn't a big deal at all. But even with all the issues you mentioned (and as I mentioned them in the guide) at the time Recycle was working, you caught a lot more Pokemon per hours versus Pokemon Tower. I've tested this and done the math myself. It's significantly faster. Probably not so much anymore because Devs hate using their brains sometimes topkek. Now the Slugma idea has to be looked at because...herp derp Recycle nerf. But I'm thinking about testing Catch Per House using Taunt+Dragon Rage method versus DR+Thunder Wave. T-Wave is not really used anyhow. If you Taunt, they cannot Curse, Will-O-Wisp nor Spite you which is great! In fact I like it already over Thunder Wave simply because if you are low on PP you won't get screwed out of your Leppa Berry because of Curse. -Shard farming has yet to be included in here but it will be eventually. -I actually meant Dragon Rage, not breath. My bad -The speed thing doesn't matter for most level 100 Pokemon. Quagsire is one of the few Pokemon where it actually mattered hints me not mentioning that with Quagsire. Realistically speed at level 100 pretty much does nothing unless you are a very slow Pokemon or happen to be farming 50+ Pokemon with high base speeds. If that is the case (like how it was mentioned on the Fearow section) train your Pokemon to reach X speed but never anything more or else it is a waste of money, time etc. So yeah of course you need speed on Quagsire...he isn't level 100. This is why on the Quagsire section(s) there are no -Speeds nature in his section for budget reasons. -Will correct the Smeargle section for those damn dirty Electrodes False Swipe+Sleuth/Sight is enough yes but it isn't nearly as fast. You only need to Dragon Rage 1 time and you can Ball them for over 90% catch rate. You have to use a extra turn for Foresight and that is 1 extra turn they have to Spite, Will-O-Wisp and Curse themselves you with. It isn't optimal because you will be taking a lot more damage over time and you'll be forced to use Recycle+Milk Drink much more often on top of that. It CAN work and it CAN be effective but isn't nearly as effective as Dragon Rage. At the time period that it was written to you have to use your use slot for Leppa Berry anyhow so Shell/Leftovers wouldn't of worked. The False Swipe+Sleuth set works much better in Lost Caves with Spore. Spore isn't a very effective move in Mt. Pyre anyhow since Insomnia. Tbh I should consider talking about Taunt in Mt. Pyre and test it out. Why Taunt? No Curse, no WoW and no Spite. Perfect solution for those who get annoyed at paying attention to DoT damage and PP. The 130 Base Attack isn't necessary as a properly trained Smeargle will essentially 1 shot almost anything or near shot them from the level 40~60 range. Only time it'll truly matter is...I guess level 45 Loudreds but even then you bring them down to 5% HP. Anyhow, yeah, Breloom is a good lazy/casual False Swiper for those who want to get the job done but just don't care. Thus he isn't mentioned in the guide for good reason. In the original game Tropius would of been incredibly useful if we didn't have the ability to overwritten HM moves with other HM moves at all times.