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  1. I have to respectfully 100% disagree. But truth be told, I'll be making a thread later about the topic. I'm not going to get into it right here and now on this thread. I think you undervalue people's thirst for familiarity and overestimates people's work ethics. People are naturally going to be incredibly lazy when it comes to a game like this.
  2. Only 2 likes and no comments with this post being up for the entire day. This game is dying much faster then I've ever expected. Can't really blame them with these awful prize pools honestly and these tournys just giving out these COMP shinies further devaluing them to the point of "nobody care" status. Shame you guys don't get access to tournament exclusive shinys like "Monochrome" Pokemon or something. Would of fixed that from the start. Giving out these shinies were a mistake to begin with and absolutely killed the casual scene. Then the money prize pool is a absolute bloody joke. Takes at least a good 300k~800k per Poke to make it even 5x25/5x31 making teams easily cost a good 3m~5m entry fee to even attempt to complete. 1m? In all out honesty too, the lower tiers should have a even more rewarding prize pool as well when compared to OU because the tiers simply ain't equal. Meta game is much more difficult to learn and get into due to less knowledge, less players and on top of all that, go out of your way to raise a team for such a minor, barely usable cost. Players need to be accommodated for going out of their way to learn a meta from scratch+raising a team for it. That would bring life to these lower tiers while making OU still playable. OU will always be the most popular tier regardless, most explorer tier and honesty, Smogon is still very usable for the current OU metagame (not to the exact though). Will be showing up though as I love UU play and wish there was more of a demand for these lower tiers just for sport really. I'll probably be making a detail post soon about this soon or join a already continuing discussion. But this post really shows the state of things right now and it makes me rather disappointed. Some really simple steps can be taken to value these tournaments to already be higher and much more exciting overall. Don't let me discourage other folks who perhaps stumble upon this, please sign up for this tournament as well as any other ones such as LC, NU and Doubles. We still see full bracket UU tournaments when they do it. Perhaps one of the very few things that keeping this game alive. If you care about this game, you would join in these community events. It has gotten to this point. My ranting done and hopefully I'll get a more well presented thread when it's not 3 AM in my area.
  3. That moment when you can't find the date in the post but then it hits you...EVERY night has been prom night for me. I never STOPPED winning. Oh and I realize it was the title of the post.
  4. I just bred a 6x0 Staryu. I feel relieved.

    Was the nature complete luck or was it bred onto it?
  5. Based God Nosepass

    I did my math wrong and accidentally left some boost on during my damage calculation. My bad on the Skarmory set up. Lets be real here, our Basegod Nosepass is already too much to handle as is and the worthy sacrifice of the 2+ spikes is a true price to pay for the mighty blow of the Nosepass threatening sweep. The fact that it does less damage is actually better then before allowing you more chances to set up Ancient Power boost before killing it. I'll just have to alter the Skarmory set so you can Iron Defense+Leftovers your way through victory. Fire Punch isn't really necessary outside though as you'll probably be very slowly killing both Fort and Skarmory with just Ancient Power. This is good, this is why I am brain storming! It needs a mightier attack then Fire Punch to sweep with. Also are you questioning the viability of Nosepass over Magneton? This shall not be discuss as we all know our god Nosepass is mightier then the pen.
  6. Based God Nosepass

    I was trying to come up with a way that Nosepass could be useful after catching and "passing" this beauty of a "nose" and I think I came up with something brilliant. Thus, lets discuss this massive Nosepass sweep. Am I missing any holes? Nosepass Anti-Skarmory Set Up Relaxed with 252HP/252 DEF Equipped with "ANYTHING" really Magnet Pull is a MUST -Ancient Power -Fire Punch -Taunt -Rest/Pain Split Summary? Wynaut Find the victim; in this case it is Skarmory or Fortress however you can only choose 1 move pool to set up on. Proceed to Taunt Skarmory to prevent it from setting up Spikes and using his Whirlwind to stop your mighty Nosepass. After that, spam Ancientpower to prevent his inescapable fate of death. Magnet Pull would prevent your enemy Skarmory to run away in bravery during this technology. Your goal here is to boost your incredible stats with Ancientpower with that 10% proc chance. Each Ancientpower would dent about 30% of the Skarmory's health without any Special Defense investment. Once the enemy Skarmory starts to get you low with his puny Drill Peck, pull out a surprise of your own with Rest and proceed to continue to spam the hell out of Ancientpower. Watch as you eventually slowly power up through Ancient Power to set up your incredibly, deadly sweep later. Taunt is a must for this set up to prevent Whirlwind and Rest or Pain Split a toss up for whatever you prefer. Rest prevents Toxic stalling though. Once you kill Skarmory eventually, prepare for the massive Nosepass sweep with hopefully at least +2 Stat Boost. NOSEPASS IS THE BEST DADDY KYU EVER KNOWN IN HIS LIFE GUYS NOSEPASS IS THE BEST DADDY KYU EVER KNOWN IN HIS LIFE GUYS. Anti-Forrtress Set Up Timid with 252 HP/210 SP.DEF/48 SPE Equipped with "Leppa Berry" Magnet Pull is a MUST -Ancient Power -Fire Punch -Iron Defense -Rest/Pain Split Summary? I guess... This set up is design to specifically counter Forrtress. This set up sets up a even MIGHTIER sweep for the cost of not seeing Forrtress as often as you would see Skarmory in a competitive OU match. It also has overall less useful moves to deal outside of it's purpose in case you plan on using Nosepass outside it's designated role. Fortress is much more tanky and overall can take more of a beating from Ancient Power thus allowing you to set up even more Ancient Power boost. Mr. Fort can deal about 40~48% damage to Nosepass here with this investment making Iron Defense a excellent way to counter the situation. Thus this EV Spread allows you to set up a wall sweep once you knock out the Forrtress with +6 DEFENSE boost and a specially defensive EV's spread. Trap the Forrtress and proceed to power up with Ancient Power and once you're done, kill it. The Leppa Berry is there to recover Ancient Power's PP once you're out to continue to try for stat boost. For this to work it's absolutely necessary to outspeed Fortress thus the Timid nature and EV spread to specifically outrun a non-invested Fort. Luckily nobody in their sane mind would bother to put any speed into a Fort making this rather consistent.
  7. Who does this actually...?

    I am very certain that this comic was made during Gen 3 looking at the source of the comic. All the jokes are all 3rd Gen jokes like A+B for better catch rates, etc. Check out the other comics and if you were around during that era; you'll notice the old school memes. http://www.jhallcomics.com/pokemon/147
  8. Who does this actually...?

    I almost want to say that the comic posted above was made before 4th Gen took in popularity. I could of swore I saw it years n' years ago during Emerald format...back when Life Orb wasn't a thing yet.
  9. Who does this actually...?

    Hurts me because Dragonite is only a "a'ight" Pokemon to begin with. PS I'm bias because I never liked Dragonite to begin with; especially after Gen 1 wrap.
  10. Why do people buy vanilla stock Dragonite for 70k~75k a piece on GLT? I've sold many Espeon and Togetic in the past but those makes sense for breeding purposes. Why Dragonite though? I have another page of Dragonite sales in GLT. There has to be a purpose for a Level 55 Dragonite...
  11. Message after getting poke from Day Care

    I was just about to write a new suggestion saying exactly this but it seems to have been done. This deserves to be necro and resolved. I absolutely hate taking out my Pokemon from the daycare and seeing "Oh, he raised by 33 Levels". I am clearly not going to remember the original level I put my Pokemon in the day care for without writing that crap down. This goes for about breeding. Sometimes I put my parents in the breed center just to come back and occassionally forgot what I put in there in the first place. It's absolute a hassle when I have to GUESS what gender I need or Pokemon I had in there 20 minutes later after putting it in. Sure you can claim it's our responsibility to remember such things but it ain't a perfect world. This would be a amazing quality of life fix and one that would make the game easier, more joyful to play and hardly any effort implementing into such thing. TL;DR Let us see the level of our Pokemon in the day care BEFORE taking it out and let us see what Pokemon we originally put in the breeding center WITHOUT having to guess what it was when we receive our egg.
  12. Daily Log-in Rewards

    We honestly already have dailies that can be abused somewhat. While using all 3 daycare slots and a EXP share in my party, 1 trip of island run can net me about 380k a day on Island running alone that is not including Hoenn gym rematches or E4. Daisy is another amazing daily log in bonus essentially. Once a day she can pretty much evolve a Pokemon for happiness for free which sells for a decent bit as breeders on the GLT (Togepi and Espeon to be exact). I always hated the idea of daily log in bonus for free despite how minor they are because that really does is make it alt abused; especially for veteran players who have like 10+ characters spread across multiple accounts. Us veterans have a ton of extra accounts from the dark ages...Daily log in bonus doesn't keep the player base alive because all it simply does it make you log in for 2 minutes and log out to never be heard of again. Dailies should be something proactive; not passive. Daisy is a perfect example of having to be proactive at the game yet be pretty passive. Basically she saids "Here, have 50k for free every 2 days. If you dare play it's 50k every day".
  13. All this does is help kill our own economy for players who farm them for a source of income. This doesn't even benefit the player themselves. Then on top of that it's extremely easy to abuse. What is stopping me from putting a Everstone in the GLT for $10 and then mass buying all of all them at the same from the daycare lady?
  14. Back in the old days of PokeMMO nothing was purchasable, reusable and many TM's and moves simply were impossible to get or simply had no function yet. It was like this for the good first 2 years of PokeMMO which made majority of the community forced to make a ton and ton of extra accounts and run the story over multiple times again and again just to simply get TM's, items as well as other things. Once you used that Earthquake TM it was just simply gone forever with no way of getting it ever again. Breeding also simply didn't exist yet making it no way to breed TM's onto your offspring. This was a problem. Naturally I'm from that dark (yet my favorite) era of PokeMMO back during 2013~2014 years. But because of this, many veteran players most likely have multiple upon multiple accounts. A few veteran players have admitted to me that they too also owned 4~5+ PokeMMO accounts due to this era. This was way before any rules (if there are any today) about owning multiple accounts. It was just simply a way of live. Well because of that, I might of remember some of my old account info and decided to log onto them to see what was up with these unholy mules. I wasn't very proud (and totally forgot that I had this) to see this at all. Lmfao; farming Daisy is still probably viable today for GLT sales. Self explanatory, what are some things you guys aren't proud of doing in PokeMMO?
  15. Will RU tier be coming with new gen?

    Rather not see this be a thing anytime soon unless the user base dramatically increase. Community is already divided enough as is and thus already incredibly hard to find any proper UU or NU match. Plus Little Cup and Doubles just became a thing which is already a struggling small community.

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