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  1. Is Billa still around to update this for the current Unova patch? I found this to be incredibly helpful and all in all, would like to help report my findings for the new Pokemon. Need to know if Billa is asleep though.
  2. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    Oh no worries. I have a list of those coming soon with videos. Issue is since I'm so fresh to 5th Gen, I'm rather new to the areas surrounding. If it wasn't posted here I wouldn't been able to figure out what was the norm was for EXP gain. This trick wasn't a big enough issue that I would even bother posting in a bug report forum. Those threads are posted in absolutes rather "maybes". I wanted discussion. Not just a mod saying "Lol nope it's not /closes thread". It's not like the bug report section is a private forum to begin with. I've posted several exploits in the past; I'm aware of the process.
  3. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    That's just another thing, I didn't check the exact EXP gain of all the gym battles either. I'm absolutely sure certain gyms give out more EXP then others depending on species too.
  4. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    Any more ideas? I'll check them all out and crunch some numbers ;)
  5. EXP Gain Trick: Oversight or Intentional?

    I have yet to explore the entirely of Unova yet. I actually personally skipped out in 5th Gen all together even though I own the games. I'll see to it and see which has the best EXP:Time ratio sometime in the future soonish. I always just assumed they got rid of the cool downs to allow a rematch if you lost for the $$$, not for the EXP which is why I wonder.
  6. Was this intentional or an oversight being able to infinitely repeat battling the gym leaders? The last time we had this method is when the Gary fights were released. For those who reached the Elite 4 before the Route 2 Gary/Blue battle was released, you were able to abuse a oversight where you could battle him infinitely by logging out on his last Pokemon before knock out thus resulting in a lost. A similar thing is happening again right now since we can infinitely rebattle gym leaders until they are defeated. The EXP gain is a little crazy in my opinion and leads me to the next question, is there a faster method to gaining EXP then this example right here? This is a video demonstration of the abuse right here. As stated in the video description, currently as far as I see it the best cities are... #1 Kanto : Misty at Cerulean City#2 Hoenn: Brawly at Dewford City#3 Unova: Cilan at Striation City These gym leaders have the least amount of steps from the Pokemon Center to the gym leader themselves. Brawly is by far the easiest to prepare for. Unova has the most steps and Cilan is chosen over Chili or Cress because of Drought and Drizzle taking up animation frames thus wasting your time VIDEO IN SPOILER BELOW
  7. Possible Ridiculous Spawn Rate?

    Tell us more like the Mewtwo spawn rate ;) In all reality though is it the same for Pinwheel Forest then?
  8. Possible Ridiculous Spawn Rate?

    Are the encounter rates to the public? Just simply said, I wouldn't really be too surprise if Desu/Kyu tinker with the numbers to be cheeky. It would fit their persona lets be fair here.
  9. Searching Lostlorn Forest for all 3 of the elemental monkeys became a long chore. Talking to other sources, did anybody else have trouble finding and acquiring Panpour out in the wild? Is this to be true, I guess that would spike Panpour's shiny value to be much higher then the other two elemental monkeys. This was also only tested in Lostlorn Forest meaning that Pinwheel Forest could potentially be different in spawn rates. Maybe I'll test this out in the future? Anybody else had a similar experience or was it just really bad luck on mine and two of my other friend's parts? On a laughable side note, it took about 2 hours of searching for this load and got semi-lucky finding 2 Semi-Comp Pansears (as in decent nature + 20 IV every stat). Even found a decent 2x31 breeder.
  10. Message after getting poke from Day Care

    I was just about to write a new suggestion saying exactly this but it seems to have been done. This deserves to be necro and resolved. I absolutely hate taking out my Pokemon from the daycare and seeing "Oh, he raised by 33 Levels". I am clearly not going to remember the original level I put my Pokemon in the day care for without writing that crap down. This goes for about breeding. Sometimes I put my parents in the breed center just to come back and occassionally forgot what I put in there in the first place. It's absolute a hassle when I have to GUESS what gender I need or Pokemon I had in there 20 minutes later after putting it in. Sure you can claim it's our responsibility to remember such things but it ain't a perfect world. This would be a amazing quality of life fix and one that would make the game easier, more joyful to play and hardly any effort implementing into such thing. TL;DR Let us see the level of our Pokemon in the day care BEFORE taking it out and let us see what Pokemon we originally put in the breeding center WITHOUT having to guess what it was when we receive our egg.
  11. Daily Log-in Rewards

    We honestly already have dailies that can be abused somewhat. While using all 3 daycare slots and a EXP share in my party, 1 trip of island run can net me about 380k a day on Island running alone that is not including Hoenn gym rematches or E4. Daisy is another amazing daily log in bonus essentially. Once a day she can pretty much evolve a Pokemon for happiness for free which sells for a decent bit as breeders on the GLT (Togepi and Espeon to be exact). I always hated the idea of daily log in bonus for free despite how minor they are because that really does is make it alt abused; especially for veteran players who have like 10+ characters spread across multiple accounts. Us veterans have a ton of extra accounts from the dark ages...Daily log in bonus doesn't keep the player base alive because all it simply does it make you log in for 2 minutes and log out to never be heard of again. Dailies should be something proactive; not passive. Daisy is a perfect example of having to be proactive at the game yet be pretty passive. Basically she saids "Here, have 50k for free every 2 days. If you dare play it's 50k every day".
  12. All this does is help kill our own economy for players who farm them for a source of income. This doesn't even benefit the player themselves. Then on top of that it's extremely easy to abuse. What is stopping me from putting a Everstone in the GLT for $10 and then mass buying all of all them at the same from the daycare lady?
  13. Back in the old days of PokeMMO nothing was purchasable, reusable and many TM's and moves simply were impossible to get or simply had no function yet. It was like this for the good first 2 years of PokeMMO which made majority of the community forced to make a ton and ton of extra accounts and run the story over multiple times again and again just to simply get TM's, items as well as other things. Once you used that Earthquake TM it was just simply gone forever with no way of getting it ever again. Breeding also simply didn't exist yet making it no way to breed TM's onto your offspring. This was a problem. Naturally I'm from that dark (yet my favorite) era of PokeMMO back during 2013~2014 years. But because of this, many veteran players most likely have multiple upon multiple accounts. A few veteran players have admitted to me that they too also owned 4~5+ PokeMMO accounts due to this era. This was way before any rules (if there are any today) about owning multiple accounts. It was just simply a way of live. Well because of that, I might of remember some of my old account info and decided to log onto them to see what was up with these unholy mules. I wasn't very proud (and totally forgot that I had this) to see this at all. Lmfao; farming Daisy is still probably viable today for GLT sales. Self explanatory, what are some things you guys aren't proud of doing in PokeMMO?
  14. PvE Team Building

    Hey guys, I took a long break for awhile but now I'm back and active again on PokeMMO. I will be taking extra steps and measures to make sure this guide is up to date fairly soon!
  15. Egg groups in the pokedex

    Please implant this in the PC immediately. I can't tell you how much easier it is to scout through my 100's of 1x31 Pokemon just to find ones for specific egg groups and gender. 1x31 Pokemon come and go so fast that it isn't exactly easy to organize size them. Just make it exactly like the search bar that is already implemented and fade out the egg groups that isn't relevant to the search. On top of that allow us to search for gender AND egg groups at the same time *gasp*

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