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  1. Does it truly really matter what I want it for? Considering what I want it for is not really 100% of the point of the topic.
  2. Even since they cost the same, I would still use Potions over Super Potions to avoid over healing. Gives you more precision healing; especially for Sturdy-mons.
  3. I haven't bother to check the value in potions in years. I didn't realize they changed it. Back in the day, Potions were cheaper then Super Potions. Regardless, the issue still happens with Super Potions. Just not as much. And the baseline is to reduce screen clutter and tediousness.
  4. Either allows us to use multiple items at the same time (i.e. Use 12 Lemonades) or remove the system messages that say "POTION WAS USED" as they stack very fast with no way to remove them. Just a slight quality of life improvement and not a big deal. For those who are wondering why I want this; Potions are the most cost effective way to heal in the game as of 10/08/2020 and is useful for PvE Dungeons like Christmas or E4 runs. So I usually run around with a stack of 900x or so.
  5. Doesn't this mean this is in the wrong section of the forums kappa?
  6. Thank you for testing for me. I simply didn't want to enter a PvP to test this. Otherwise I would of. What is your in-game user name? Message it to me and I'll refund you for the venture.
  7. Well that's solves that. Can we get a statement from the DEV/Tier Console about their opinions on this? The move was at least usable before. Now with Gen 7 rules, the move is incredibly questionable now. Are they perfectly contempt currently with Nature Power in the current state as it is?
  8. It's probably what it is then. Really conflicting because some of the moves you can get from Nature Power in Gen 7 don't even exist yet... They're talking about reverting Dugtrio back to Gen 5 stats from Gen 7 from what I'm being told. It almost seems to make much more sense to do this with Nature Power too. All the terrans exist and all the moves exist. Otehrwise it's just a broken move and terrible move with the current state of affairs. It really shouldn't follow Gen 7 Nature Power.
  9. I would have to waste a lot of time and essentially take a "L" by testing it out properly. I would have to grab some wild pokemon and hope it survives to test it by using Nature Power. Also Gen 7 rules makes the user use moves that don't exist yet. So it's safe to assume it uses Gen 5 moves. In which case it uses Earthquake in Link Battles. Regardless of the move that comes out (would love to know), discussing this move is still needed.
  10. Now that Nature Power is out and working, it has become relevant to discuss the future of this move. What move currently comes out right now during matchmaking when it is used? That I haven't been able to figure out yet. Could somebody elaborate? I know in regular PvP it'll be determined based on where the duel was initiated at but what about match making? In the original Black/White games, it'll 100% of the time become Earthquake. This became relevant for Pokemon like Sawsbuck which suddenly had access to Earthquake during link/online play. Then would such move follow Gen 7 rules or Gen 5 rules? This completely changes the type of move that can possibly come out. Regarding the nature of the move and with the above question, what are the current stances from developers/GM/CM's about this move currently? Should it follow the Gen 7 rules or the Gen 5 rules? It seems awfully cheesy for user tournaments and incredibly cheesy for matchmaking if it could switch from being Earthquake into a random, not very good move like Bubblebeam. It might cause issues in tournaments where a user may ask the other user to leave the building and meet them in a desert somewhere where some deep, dark, holes in the middle of nowhere are planted. Should we really have a move like this in a competitive game that adds such a "cheese" factor into it? That doesn't really seem fair to me. This really makes me think that users should be able to choose the "Terran" when making tournament duels as a toggle option. Even then, this doesn't really fix the issue outright. But in a way, I'm not really sure if you could fix a issue like this. Many may not even consider this a issue to begin with! Nature is a really important thing to me
  11. Senile, I would like to know about the new changes for Metronome. How would the new Metronome work now? Also, I pitch the idea that every Pokemon should gain a new ability as a second ability, No Guard. I want even Pokemon like Caterpie to have access to this new ability. This is just to assure that misses will never occur even with the new implemented 100% accuracy changes. I don't feel safe without knowing this will be turned on.
  12. Can't fix the second issue but why would they? It's sort of a reward for adopting the game earlier then later I suppose. Granted, all these features that makes breeding incredibly easy, having access to all the moves/tutors and Pokemon now then suppose back then when Ice Beam wasn't even implemented yet is not a big deal at all right? Anything with 3x31 IV's was consider to be ridiculous back then since breeding was non-existented to...well barely functional really. When these new systems came out like breeding or buyable TM's (versus having to actually farm them), did they made older players mad? Yeah but it's really minor compared to the whole scope of things. Now TM's are worth almost worth to nothing now these days. We've been screwed out of money many times with our update with little to no choice and we have to accept them for the betterment of the future. This is the sort of thing you just have to accept while playing a MMORPG. Really all I'm reading here is "Wah I can't solo the game with 1 or 2 Pokemon within a few hours anymore" then composed to actually playing the game as how it was intended to be played. The fact you actually have to build a team, take advantage of your stats and typings n' plan your resolve with the Elite 4? That is Pokemon as intended to be...and if you can't manage to make a quick team and plan things out for a simple E4 run, then good luck with PvP. The story in a way helps players understand the mechanics much more and help players against veterans in learning how to team build and outplay your opponents/AI. Casuals will have more play time trying to figure out the game more and people who want to chose to get good, it'll help them improve. It's honestly a win-win. Plus as mention before, if you really are struggling, there are still easy ways to super cheese the game thanks to trading/GLT. Any friend can help you out too.
  13. Is Billa still around to update this for the current Unova patch? I found this to be incredibly helpful and all in all, would like to help report my findings for the new Pokemon. Need to know if Billa is asleep though.
  14. Oh no worries. I have a list of those coming soon with videos. Issue is since I'm so fresh to 5th Gen, I'm rather new to the areas surrounding. If it wasn't posted here I wouldn't been able to figure out what was the norm was for EXP gain. This trick wasn't a big enough issue that I would even bother posting in a bug report forum. Those threads are posted in absolutes rather "maybes". I wanted discussion. Not just a mod saying "Lol nope it's not /closes thread". It's not like the bug report section is a private forum to begin with. I've posted several exploits in the past; I'm aware of the process.
  15. That's just another thing, I didn't check the exact EXP gain of all the gym battles either. I'm absolutely sure certain gyms give out more EXP then others depending on species too.
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