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  1. Bringing in Sinnoh is the most sensible thing to do mostly because it will allow us to have access to sinnoh dex and use pokemons that Unova doesn't have, i for one would love to train a Empoleon for example, not to mention thats one more place to travel and explore, It's something that i've been always looking forward to, capturing snovers and exploring Mt. Coronet again.
  2. May i ask about Sinnoh? I remember that Kyu said that jumping straight into Gen5 would make Sinnoh easier to implement, is that true?
  3. Please newcomer follow my advice : Do not pick Unova as starting region, Kanto is the best choice because it has the possibility to grind levels after arriving in vermillion using the VS seeker, i made many mistakes when i first started - choosing kanto first wasn't one of them.
  4. I found incredly interesting a maybe a mod can be coded out of this. Which game is this from by the way?
  5. My advice? Play Kanto first, it offers a lot of ground to cover and Vs Seeker means you can rebattle almost everyone in there, once you clear its story you'll be able to return to it wherever you're in Unova or Hoenn and need a few levels - That's how i did in Hoenn when i needed extra exp and thats how i'll eventually do in Unova. Consider raising the level cap, devs, people aren't complaining without a reason.
  6. Never did competitive in Pokemmo so Island Runs are my main way of making money, since the numbers remain okay, it will remain my main way of making money. Thanks for the guide!
  7. I haven't reached Unova E4 yet, but here's my opinion : Nerf the E4 run for the first timers and make the rematches competitive and hard, you'll have to do them anyway to become champion and face Alder right?, why make Unova the Pokemon Colosseum of the three regions? Dev team will have plenty of opportunities to actually make the players go full competitive in their multiplayer and legendary dungeons, i remember that the Christmas Santa's event dungeon was pretty tricky and i never cleared back then. I think the simplest way to ease up on the difficulty of Unova E4 i
  8. I intend to employ a Granbull - Seismitoad- Excadrill - and the rest i still don't know maybe a Musharna, i feel like i'm spoiled for choices now.
  9. Interesting. What about the swarm only species?
  10. What about pokemons that ONLY appear in swarms in BW? Can they be found in the routes outside the swarm condition? that would be rather nice.
  11. Oh, hi, i'd like to know, now with the unova update : which pokemon species are still unavailable? Specifically, which Sinnoh pokemon are still unobtainable? a list would be interesting.
  12. Stupid question but here it goes : i use a Xbox 360 controller to play the game and it has always workled. with this new version, it ceased to do so. its recognized on the menu as a supported device - XBOX CONTROLLER 1 - but when i try to use it in game, it doesnt respond. can you guys help me?
  13. Basic economics don't dictate that, because of the decreased payout the GTL market prices will go down as well to match? I'm just wondering.
  14. Nothing is permanent, please remember. If becomes too much of a grind they'll notice and patch accordingly, note that they want this to be sucessfull as much as we do.
  15. Im happy that our waiting will pay off and i'm incredibly happy with those devs <3
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