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  1. There IS an order. Level cap for the E4 is different in every region, so if you compete each E4 in the right order you can do all E4s with the same team (not the gyms along the way but you know what I mean). I don't know the exact order because I don't know all E4 caps by heart, but there was an old post talking about this.
  2. 1) Yes. Just bear in mind that here in PokeMMO its attack has been nerfed down to 80 (from 100). 2) It seems ok at first sight. As a general rule, it will be ok if you can: a) have game vs Rain teams. b) have some checks to stall teams (specially Toxic) c) not be dead to the most common set-up mons (Gyarados, Dragonite, Volcarona, Reuniclus) d) your team does not get obliterated by Volt Switch + U-turn strategies I'd say your team is good in b) and d), but I can see it struggling with a) and c). Just jump into some PvP matches an you'll soon see if your team has any glaring weaknesses to any particular pokemon or team.
  3. Ve a la ruta 5 en Kanto, haz aparecer hordas con Dulce Aroma, llevas cualquier pokemon con Cacheo y si salta la habilidad cambias a cualquier level 100 con Truco. Haces truco y ves si hay alguno que lleve el Amuleto. Recuerda que si hay dos pokemons de la horda con objeto, la habilidad cacheo salta dos veces, y si solo salta una es que hay uno, por lo que si el primero que compruebes tiene garra Rápida o una Pepita y sólo ha saltado Cacheo una vez, puedes abandonar el combate y hacer Dulce Arma de nuevo. ---------------- Google translate for ya: Go to route 5 in Kanto, make hordes appear with Sweet Aroma, take any pokemon with Cacheo and if the ability jumps you change to any level 100 with Trick. You do a trick and see if there are any that carry the Amulet.
  4. Ok thanks. I'd swear I flooded some plants here and there and still got the max yield, but I might be wrong.
  5. Why would anyone revive this thread? lmao
  6. What I'm curious about but haven't tried to do is to flood the berry plant a couple times when I just plant them, and see f that makes them last watered for 16 hours. Anyway, good guide.
  7. From Gen5 on ExtremeSpeed has been a +2 move. It was never +3, it was actually only +1 until Gen4. Pokemmo uses Gen8 rules. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Extreme_Speed_(move)
  8. I haven't noticed anything else. As for the name change, a mod has already said in the thread you linked that it is a bug and that it will be fixed soon.
  9. I'm pretty sure there are tons and tons of players over 100m just in pure cash, and several of them that are in the thousand-of-millions range. If you're playing non stop for years you farm a lot of money and there aren't just that many ways to spend it.
  10. It's held not only by wild Magnemites; also Magnetons, Beldums, Metangs, Bronzors, Bronzongs and Skarmorys can hold the item. As for the chance, it should be around 5%. The easiest way to obtain one is just paying 5k in the GTL.
  11. I'd recommend 1 fast sweeper with Life Orb, 1 Bulky pokemon that covers its weaknesses and a scarf mon with complementary coverage to the 1st (also regarding physical/special). I couldn't say 'with success' but I've played this team to 40/50 wins a few times, got like mew, the 3 birds and Regice in the dex. - Timid Starmie w/ Life Orb. Surf, Psychic, Tbolt, Ice beam - Relaxed Ferrothorn w/ Leftovers. Gyro Ball, Power Whip, TWave, (free slot) - Jolly Medicham w/ Choice Scarf. HJK, Drain Punch, TPunch, Zen Headbutt (anything with Close Combat is likely better, accuracy matters a lot in the long run - maybe Infernape?) Also a core of Garchomp, Gyarados and Choice Scarf Volcarona/Chandelure might work.
  12. I'd just say Biba Hat looks great
  13. You are now blocked by satan12.
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