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  1. I mean, time is money, right? ^^ I'd probably should have said 'more sensible way'.
  2. They breed and breed and breed in order to hatch a rare shiny. Having dittos means they don't have to bother about the gender of each egg. Also many of them are looking for a shiny starter, which have a 7 in 8 chance of being male, and rare genderless pokemon. Breeding with dittos is the cheapest and easiest way to find shinies in these two cases.
  3. I use to play in PvP with perfect comps and I can say one can tell the difference when one's facing a team that is also maxed on IVs and when one's not. They take hits significantly better and also hit harder. I'd suggest to go 2x31 and 3x30 natured. A perfect comp can have 3x31 and 2x30 and be still maxed out, as 30 and 31 don't make a difference at level 50 if they don't have EV investment in those stats. That been said, if you are breeding an offensive mon like Gengar, usually 2x31 (Speed and Sp. Atk.) and 27-29 in the defensive stats can also be fine. However, with defensive mons, as said above by @ThinkNicer, maxed IVs become more important - I can't count the number of times my Reuniclus has survived at 1 HP, just to mention 1 example-.
  4. Damn, in that case I can't regret more not buying some of those back then. I must admit I only cared about breeding comps back then.
  5. Just for curiosity, what was the price of Electric Storm and Knight Helmet back in the day? Anyone knows?
  6. Pokedex is useless if you don't own the pokemon yet... I expected this answer from a Global chat troll but... well... -_- Usually what I do when I don't own a pokemon and want to know the location, I look for listings in the GTL and look at their data, where it says "met at level xx in xx". In the case of Spiritomb is a bit tricky because it was appearing randomly in swarms during the Halloween event, but this method usually works well.
  7. Hi there! I'm looking for a rather specific pokemon. I couldn't find exactly that spread in the listed prices, it would be a natured 3x31 + 1x30 MALE pokemon. What would be the price for that? Thanks in advance!
  8. Rittz

    Region Chat

    This is a great idea. Not only because of that, but also because channel chats are usually quite dead.
  9. The thing is, how many bags did you open to find 2 Pharoah Suits? And how lucky were you? How average is opening 2 good cosmetics in X bags? Because they were selling around 250k for the most part of the event. That means that if you opened more than 15 or 20 bags you had a net loss.
  10. I'd say most of the overworld abilities are implemented, but there is at least one notable miss. These are a few I can tell you about: · Magma Armor/Flame Body (Nerfed): Not as much, but they still speed up hatching times by 25%. · Synchronize (Nerfed): If I recall correctly, here in PokeMMO it only triggers 15% of the time. · Compound Eyes (Does Not Work): I believe devs thought this was too good for farming item. · Intimidate/Swarm/Arena Trap/etc. (Nerfed): They are nerfed (various percentages, see link in comment below). · Pickup (Nerfed): it works in a somewhat similar way. It picks up like 5% of the time, but the items you pick up vary from the original games. Also, it only triggers for the 1st mon in your party, so a full party of 6 pickup pokemons would do same as just 1, unlike in official games. You can tell if an ability is 'on' when you see the icon in the upper left side of the screen (desktop). I might have missed some abilities, hopefully someone else can help us have the full picture. I don't think you understood their question. -------------------------- Edit: I edited based on Sethsen's comment below.
  11. I opened 3 bags and in total amassed the incredible amount of 6x Super Potions and 2x Super Carbos. You were playing it the noob's way. You don't wanna open bags. You either sell them for quick cash and buy cosmetics directly from the GTL, or you hoard them and hope to sell them very expensive in 2 or 3 years. Next time just buy as many cool cosmetics exclusive to the event as you can and try to farm money with Goodie Bags and/or Special Candies. It'll feel much better than just wasting 50k to open some shitty rewards.
  12. I think there are already more than enough gyms to rebattle that one more isn't necessary, and also not very good flavour-wise as pointed out above. And regarding team previews, I think knowing the opposing team beforehand makes for more informed plays, and also makes gameplay more skill based.
  13. While I agree information was given a few hours before the event ended, it would have been super easy for the mods to include these indications in the announcement to avoid being so confusing.
  14. Fast and helpful, thank you. It's not very intuitive though ^^ Regards!
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