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  1. The OP nailed it. It's just another leg-pull from the devs, they have the HAs already in the game (Gym Leaders, etc.) but they don't let us have them because they don't feel like it. I sometimes have the feeling that this MMO is run by 12 year olds.
  2. Rittz

    Hype Sinnoh

    I think is fairly possible we have it before Christmas. Has anyone had a look at the dates of Unova PTSs compared to Sinnoh PTS? We might have some clues there
  3. Deflation and inflation only affect currencies in a global way. So, of course I was referring to yen deflation. Items (resources) cannot inflate or deflate, it is just called 'increased demand' or 'increased supply'. The former may cause inflation; the latter, deflation. Just to mention the formal definition, deflation means "Reduction of the general level of prices in an economy". Which is exactly the point I was trying to prove. And yeah, the yen is gaining value, but all of the NPC-related items and services have the same price as they had at Unova release inflation period, so we have lost a lot of purchasing power since then. Nowadays 1 hour of farming means less yen, so you can buy less braces, less pokeballs, less harvesting tools and pay for less GTL listing fees.
  4. You are bringing one very marginal item whose value is more tied to the value of BP rather than to the value of yen. Just using your own example in less marginal terms: breeding. 3 years ago you farmed 225 k an hour. You bought 22 braces and a half. Now you farm 180, you buy 18 braces. You paid for 225 GTL listing fees. Now you can only pay for 180 listing fees. Same for pokeballs, harvesting tools (which are in fact more expensive now) and any other NPC services... Do you see what I mean now?
  5. Well, I think I understand what he means, and what happens. He's definitely referring to deflation in prices. You can observe that by just looking at how cheap are some breeders, there are now a lot of them under 4k, when 7-8k has been the minimum for most egg groups in the last few years. Also, today you can easily buy natured 5x31 comps for 700-800k, something that would be unbelievable 2 or 3 years ago. Deflation is also affecting item prices, just to bring some examples, Metal Coat (usually around 11k and now about 5k), everstones (20-25k some years ago, 7k now) or Leppa berry (1.2/1.3k before compared to 0.8 now?). To this deflation, we have to add some of the recent nerfs, some of them too abrupt in my opinion: Destroying Amulet Coin essence, therefore reducing the profit of gym runs The brutal nerf to Pickup farming in some the best places (just try and pickup some Leftovers in Berry Forest nowadays if you don't know what I am talking about -it's not by coincidence that Leftovers is one of the few items that have gone up in price-) The nerfs are adding to the deflation in GTL prices, creating a bad scenario: they are turning farming money into an even more tedious task. Some of you would say: "you get less money in gym or island runs, and less items while Pickup farming, but things are also cheaper". Well, some of them are, but most key items or NPC charges, like power braces, poké balls and GTL listing fees are as expensive as ever. So breeders and items are as hard to get as always, but the profit you get from selling is less than before, therefore turning farming more tedious. I think we are in the back side of a cycle that started when Unova released. At that time, a lot of new players (we tend to blame the Chinese, but not only them) swarmed the market with a lot of fresh money, either obtained by grinding the story or gyms, or buying RP. That created an active economy that brought a false sensations of high purchasing power, because, as we know, price of PokéBalls, power braces and other NPC prices stayed the same. There was inflation but players had money to buy everything they wanted. Now we are in the opposite position, all the casual players that came when Unova released are now gone; new players adding money to the economy via Story Mode are reduced in number (by a lot), RP buying has plummeted (yeah, I don't have real data, but we all know donations have gone down by now), and we suddenly have this flat economy that makes farming incredibly tedious. I don't know what fails, that belongs to devs to think of. It's probably the lack of active players. But it is true that in late 2016-early 2017, some months before Unova released, we had a stagnant economy as we have now, but prices were way higher (I remember selling EV reducing berries at 2k each back then, who would dare today?). So, things that were being done well at that time, are not being done well nowadays.
  6. Pickup ability? I remember back in late 2017 when Unova was freshly new that you could pickup some rare candies in Icirrus City water, and also in route 7 tall grass -quite rare pickups btw-, but I haven't found them in the recent times, so maybe they fixed it to remove them from those locations. But tbh I don't do much pickup farming lately because they nerfed it way too much. -------------- Recuerdo a finales de 2017 cuando recién salió Unova que podías recoger Caramelos raros en Icirrus (agua) y en la ruta 7 (hierba alta) -el % era bajo de todos modos-, pero no los he encontrado últimamente, así que quizás lo han ajustado para que ya no se puedan obtener con la habilidad recogida en estos sitios. Pero de todos modos no hago mucho farmeo con recogida ultimamente porque lo han nerfeado demasiado.
  7. With these things you should be fine: 1. Starmie with Surf/Ice Beam/Psychic/Thunderbolt 2. Anything decent with Water Absorb so you can spam Surf with Starmie (I use Lapras cuz ice coverage is usually very good) 3. Any flier, preferably a dragon type so you have a plan B spamming Surf ;) 4. A fast Metagross with ThunderPunch (Clear Body is the truth vs all that Intimidate spam)
  8. I never did any math but I've always felt like Rock Slide is the better option
  9. I think the current system is fine. Just add more so you can have multiple events all around the map instead of just two; maybe starting by adding another three PvP events for each of the trio of birds. Also, including some juicy BP rewards for winning a battle in those PvP events would be great to incentivize participation.
  10. After 1375 hrs of gameplay, my first OT shiny! And also, almost a coincidence with my 3rd anniversary in PokeMMO! Its nature is serious and it's 100% made in Europe! https://imgur.com/a/o0ng2k3
  11. Hi there, After a disgusting experience I had today, I think this game needs a way to discourage or punish fake reports. It happened to me today that I agreed to sell 7x99 Leppa Berries for 830k. I first sent 5x99 Leppa for 600k, then we went for the second trade (2x99 for 230k) but this time the player won't agree to the trade. We didn't go further with it, and short after that I was whispered by this player and also another player saying I was a scammer and I was going to be reported. Short after that I get contacted by a MOD. He wanted us to undo the trade. I refused. The MOD said it would be sent to GMs to decide. So, after all, I was threatened and harassed by two players and contacted by a MOD only because this player regretted the trade we made. First time in almost 3 years playing this game that something like this happens to me. So, to sum up, I know that considering that the player base is sometimes quite young, it is to be expected some immature behaviour, but it is concerning that someone can do this so freely (I wonder if it's the first time this players does such thing) and using reports for such things. Would like to know your opinion guys and hit that upvote if you think it's a fair request, Rittz PS: Sorry for my bad English
  12. Ironically enough, if NPC's use them is because they are implemented in the game and could be perfectly used by players, but instead they prefer to let the OU metagame die of endogamy. Yikes!
  13. I was battling for Rayquaza. I was the challenger. I was beating the owner's rear end. And suddenly "Rayquaza has grown bored of its current owner... blah blah". How can rage quitters be rewarded this way? Why couldn't I have Rayquaza? I am really sad now (sad emoji). PS: I add capture for our lovely ever-untrusting sector https://imgur.com/a/JpJG5wU PS2: Please devs change this nonsense, it's like dc'ing from PvP and not losing rating
  14. Well, it was for me. Sorry for not being a pro ^^
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