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  1. Fast and helpful, thank you. It's not very intuitive though ^^ Regards!
  2. Hey, I really need to know how to move or remove the upper hotkey bar, as it is covering the location, channel and money info. It's very annoying. It seems it lacks the small relocation icons like those in the party bar (marked with the black arrow). Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rittz
  3. You are totally right. It works now hehe Still I added 2 themes and only one uploaded correctly... Thanks, you really helped! :)
  4. Hey, I've been using some .mod files without any problem, and today I wanted to install a few more, all of them .zip in this case, but only one of them is actually working, and honestly idk what else to try. I've been trying to import the .zip file as downloaded, and also extract it and import it, and it doesn't work either way. I always get the message "Error importing mod, make sure this is a valid PokeMMO mod". I'd appreciate a bit of help with this. Thanks in advance
  5. I've tried to install it, I've moved the .zip file to the default mods folder (the one you can open from the start menu), I've tried to click on "import Mod" selecting it, it says "Error importing mod. Please make sure is is a valid PokeMMO mod", and also tried to extract the files but I still can't find the way to make it work. Any help on how you made it is appreciated.
  6. Gliscor and Volcarona seem good in you team. Especially if you add Tyranitar because you'll have to tank a lot of fighting type moves. Also to have better protection against U-turn strategies, to which the 3 pokemon you have are weak, or suboptimal to say the least.
  7. Then what's the point of untradeable items if you can't even use them for this?
  8. I bring some more data, but I don't feel it brings up anything relevant. I feel like Pickup has been nerfed a little bit since I was last grinding it. Canyon Entrance - 64 encounters 2x Ultra Ball, 3x Hyper Potion, 1xSilk Scarf, 1x Sharp Beak Kindle Road - 32 encounters 1x Great Ball, 1x Super Potion MT. Ember - 32 encounters 1x Ultra Ball, 2x Black Belt Trainer Pickup: 1x Awakening Altering Cave - 32 encounters 2x Hyper Potion, 2x Berry Juice, 1x Max Repel, 1x Ultra Ball Trainer Pickup: 1x Poké Ball Just to set it clear, you DO NEED to have your first pokemon with Pickup Ability BUT you can faint the foe with any pokemon.
  9. I do something more slow than what was suggested above, I think, but I'm ok with it. 1. You lead with a Frisk pokemon, any level. 2. You spam hordes of 3 Meowths (rt. 5) 3. If Frisk triggers, you swap to any high level pokemon with Trick and without any item on it. 4. Use trick up to 3 times. 5. I discard Quick Claws and go for Nuggets (5k selling to NPC) and Amulet Coins. This way you incidentaly find some breeders or trash males to egg-hunt shinies. You also avoid thiefing the trash item if 2 Meowths have items on them, which is rare but still probable every once in a while.
  10. The only value of shinies is being very rare. If you remove that you remove their coolness. And there's no need to do that.
  11. I was EV training, but I think you can pick up some Sticks there and other less valuable items? Not sure
  12. Wow, those are some silly comments. So basically bigwig is complaining about what? That comp players want to have a say in competitive play? Or maybe he thinks players that don't do PvP should also have a say in whether Wobbuffet stays or not in OU... ¡Just in case PvP players think they are the universe!
  13. You can't find it in Emerald, but you can purchase it from the GTL, it's cheap, about 3k
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