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  1. [SaKé]

    u misspelled Axoa
  2. [SaKé]

    best boss
  3. Show the most selled items in the GTL

    pokéballs for 250$
  4. Nais hat jajja

    1. Calculatrize


      i see u like my bonnet de noël

    2. Kmiliz
  5. [Art] Avatar drawing

    i wonder what u wanted to say by making it bigger than the left one
  6. [Art] Avatar drawing

  7. Aron=Taillow Lairon=Swellow Agron=Shroomish?

    - swampert thats salamence. quick mafs
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    A brown kitty tail took me 30 seconds on paint i need it for my saiyan cosplay
  9. [Art] Avatar drawing

    she's my wife i go first
  10. Player Sprite Colour Problem

    It does it on mine too http://prntscr.com/hb500a it's supposed to be red
  11. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    or pokemmo with no salt
  12. [SaKé]

    raccoon KID
  13. Ev training service + Shiny mareep

  14. Shiny showcase

    best shiny hunting team ig Calculatrize: (rip) Axoa/Osuki: MaatthewMLG: Padarom: manjume: Crimar: (rip) TheBadGirl: Nekibri: stairway: LifeStyle: (rip) DoctorPBJ: - Durant YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL: secret AlitoFernando: haha DreamNights: Rapidash - Banette - Seedot - Ninetales - Tentacruel - Mawile - Camerupt - Slowbro - Slowpoke - Jumpluff - Grumpig - Rattata - Vulpix - Pidgeotto (rip) stairway: Crimar: Axoa/Osuki: LifeStyle: DoctorPBJ: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL: secret again DreamNights: Qwilfish will add missing gifs later

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