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    1. Gazelli


      POKKYYuguuHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNAAAAAAB ill rek u with nus again uguu at me

  2. I'm the one who created the sub bulk up set, was first used by laza when he shrekt kanyninelx. there was also a CC in which daryl was losing 5-6 to sebat, but pinsir came in and 5-0'd sebat. in the current meta its not great, but its worth putting. Was a lot better when poli had a lower base attack since it set up on that.
  3. (Since you're inbox is full)


    When would you like to meet up to get this match done.


    I'm free Friday, Saturday and Sunday at around 5pm gmt-7pm gmt and perhaps 11-12 pm gmt as well. Let me know what works best for you.



    1. ShadowGary


      I dig saturday if thats cool

    2. Gazelli


      yea np, saturday 7 pm gmt?

    3. ShadowGary


      Sounds good :)

  4. Ahh, this reminds me of the time Kanzo was playing as chavaz and raaidn whisped him "nice toxic stall fucking noob". Was a good laugh wasn't it kanzo xdddddd

  6. haters be hatin (and btw I took a long break to focus on my studies, as soon as I came back I won my invite.) funny how lyle never wins as much as they used to. shows you guys are just a shadow of what you used to be. garbo asf. c u scrub funny comin from you, having fun sleeping at ur lectures? outta here
  7. haha yea j!zz to those shinies you ugly fucks xD not like you got anything better to do
  8. still looking for my shiny magneton ot halp PAGE KING GET SHREKT WIGGA
  9. Yo, when do you wanna go

  10. Looks amazing, I'm in school right now but Ill pay you asap when I get home, awesome sig bud, thanks a lot
  11. Name: Gazelli Pkm: Shiny Absol Background: A background with red colors, you can design it as you see fit Payment: 75k
  12. A change like this wouldn't benefit players who are working through a bracket on their own. Big teams can easily have one of their members scout the next opponent, just count every 2 downwards. Every alternate pair will be matched up with each other, so it's not like you don't know who you are going to face. Thus, the player playing alone may have no idea of what team his opponent could bring, but his opponent already has a counter team since a teammate has scouted for him. The only people who will benefit from this change are those who are in big teams and have people who can scout. At any rate, doesn't the current system encourage players to use different teams and Pokemon? If people didn't have the ability to scout, they would only run teams they are comfortable with. Moreover, the person who has been scouted can easily change the whole structure of his team to avoid being counter teamed completely, which could in fact, give an upper hand to the person who has been scouted. The fact that people are complaining about being scouted means they aren't creative enough, or ballsy enough, to create different kinds of teams. The main point being that the current system provides an opportunity for solo players to scout their opponent. If that opponent happens to be in a big team, it would even out the playing field since it is likely the person in the bigger team already has scouts on them. On the other hand, the system proposed offers no solution to solo players, and in fact only gives incentive for bigger teams to have people ready to scout. Edit: I have a suggestion, for those who continue to be concerned about the scouting issue. Often times there comes a player who likes to write down the sets and gender of other people's comps, for future reference. Though it may not seem like a big deal, in major tourneys it would let the person who has scouted take an accurate guess as to what the set of the pokemon is. Perhaps censoring the gender when in a PVP battle could provide a more competitive and unpredictable battle system. Though this may be tough to implement, and may not be worth it, I personally feel it's a "step forward in the right direction" as Craig has mentioned before. Just a suggestion at the end of the day tho.
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