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  1. There is no automated deletion. During the past characters have been removed two times. You may find the critera for those deletions in the corresponding changelogs: I believe that if you ensure that your character meets one of the criteria, you should be safe from deletion in the future as well.
  2. I assume it would be difficult as they would need access to one of the roms to derive the info from There are mods available that you could use instead/while waiting
  3. #3 The mechanics used in PokeMMO with levelcaps and the mode without a free switch when you faint a pokemon of the opposing team both balance the fights. You as a player may now less likely win due to a higher level or beneficial free switches (alone). This is intended. During your playthrough, you are now more and more pushed to use strategic moves/good teambuilding/... to win fights. Hereby, by the end of the story you are supposed to have somehow aquired the ability to prevail in these kind of battles to be prepared for the endgame PvE and PvP as those require the same abilites. The means by which you are ultimately successful could be broad: Getting good wild catches/comps even, using movesets that work for you, finding people ingame/a team that helps you, trying over and over again, ... The important part is, that whatever skill/support you gained during the story to beat it will help you afterwards as well and thus make it more likely that you continue to play the game. From a developers point of view: If you lack the 'commitment' to finish the more challenging main story now and quit the game because of it, you were likely one of the players that would've quit the game right after the story as well. There is no reason to keep you in the game via an easier story if you are lost eventually.  // Die niedrigere Levelgrenze und fehlende Mechaniken wie z.B. der Modus bei dem du nach jedem besiegten Pokemon einfach dein eigenes Pokemon wechseln kannst sind deaktiviert, um dich zu fordern. Auf die Weise sollst du während des Spiels lernen mehr Strategie anzuwenden und am Ende nicht nur dadurch gewinnen, dass du ein deutlich höheres Level hast. Der Grund dafür ist, dass die Inhalte nach den Stories - zum Beispiel PvP oder auch das Engame PvE - sehr viel anspruchsvoller sind. Du sollst nicht erst dann überrascht sein wie schwer alles auf einmal ist sondern durch das Spiel darauf vorbereitet sein. Es gibt immernoch eine ganze Reihe von Möglichkeiten aus denen du als Spieler frei wählen kannst wie du Kämpfe gewinnst - gute Wildfänge nutzen/die sogar ein wenig gezielt trainieren/gute Attackenkombinationen/andere Spieler oder ein Team finden die weiterhelfen... Jede Methode die du dir aneignest hilft dir nach der Story dann auch. Für die Entwickler macht es halt keinen Sinn, die Story leichter zu machen um dich in der Zeit auf jeden Fall zu behalten wenn du dann direkt nach der Story dennoch das Spiel dauerhaft verlässt weil du dann (unvorbereitet) an einen Punkt kommst an dem es noch schwerer wird.
  4. Unless I understood you wrong and you want to entirely remove the ability to breed any IVs safely (be it via braces or because both parents share the same IV)? In that case it would maybe discourage the use of the shiny breeding system and result in a lowered outflux of shinies. The analogy is imprecise, as the 'new breeding system' gave more control towards players and lowered the dependence on luck while you propose the opposite. Concerning values, maybe the closest to 'rare shinies' made less accessible were genderless breeds - and even this issue has been corrected as of late. The breeding system also provided a possible outflux - which is encouraged time and again - for older comps while your suggestion lacks the idea of an outflux for older rare shinies.
  5. I am maybe rather new here, but have been around long enough to know, that in 2013/2014 the nominal value of certain shinies back then would seem ridiculous if you compare it to what they are still worth now. If something lost value during the time you chose to hold onto it instead of selling it - it is simply you who predicted the development wrong. So you missed the 'right' point to sell something - regrettable - but still missing a reason why thy rest of the community needs to "lose any sleep" about it... Going by what you said - the persons affected still hold onto enough money to afford more than others. Why would the rest of the community need to make up (e.g. via lowered shiny chances) for the lost value of some of their assets then?
  6. I am confused by this part - competitive shinies won't become more accessible if you want to make them more/very difficult to get... The second half of this paragraph describes options that are already in place with the current breeding mechanics. Thus "an actual use for shinies" does already exist. You do not need to rely on rolls - you could simply make all needed breeders and be safe, especially if common species have better IVs overall. This is also missing a proposed outflux for rare species. The current suggestion chooses to increase the value of (rare/high IV) shinies that are already in the possession of players by making those harder to get. This happens at the expense of any (future) shiny hunters/breeders. I think it lacks a good reason. Just as others asked as well: Why? How? Even if you make it more difficult, the option for others to find exactly what you got is still existent. Also take into account, that any bred comp might randomly turn out to be shiny. Uniqueness is sort of arguably already in place if you value a certain/your own OT very high. Otherwise, you would need to propose that shinies from breds may no longer become shiny without two shiny parents or limit each species to only one shiny (meaning, no one else may find another one if one has been found)... In addition to the ones you mentioned yourself, more "older" common shinies would add to the list of undesired ones since their IVs would fall short of the newly introduced ones. The actual entry barrier for newer players is asymmetrical information. If you want to make it easier for them to participate in the market, it would be best if they are made aware of the actual worth of anything they are holding. I believe the currently best solution suggested for this is the implementation of an auction function. You could propose to allow any shiny trades only via a function like that to ensure that (newer) players are motivated to participate in the market as they get more out of it.
  7. You might counter this by extending the time till the end of an auction after each new bid (e.g. 3 days). People would know to check at least once during that time to be able to make a new bid if needed.
  8. I think Xela did understand the concept but wanted to point out that it might not become popular in PokeMMO and would therefor not be used. As Darkshade reasoned, it is needed that all offers are entirely in cash to not make auctioning too complicated. Now imagine, that the system might need you to deposit any bid you made - to ensure that you offer stands. With a system of blind auctioning those deposits would be blocked until the end of every auction you participated in, while with an open auction ('English auction') your deposit would be cleared once you are outbid.
  9. I agree that an auction system would be beneficial and is maybe needed. The interesting part is, how non-money offers could be incorporated - should the seller assign a value to the offer made to make it comparable to other offers and to continue the bid? Or - to keep it more consistent - non-money offers could be directly auctioned themselves until to convert all offers into plain money eventually? The intertwined auctions could significantly slow down the process to sell while retaining the important benefit that one does not need to know market values to sell via an auction system.
  10. Am I interpreting this wrong, or did you mean to say that it should be easier to encounter a shiny? If so, your wording is misleading and made it seem as if you advocated the opposite.
  11. The general idea of the suggestion box is, that you make a suggestion. Searching for one is possibly easier using the search function while inside the suggestion topic... :D Here is one of the suggestions you might have been looking for:
  12. Since everybody would passively gain money, more money is added in total into the system, prices will rise accordingly and the real wage will not rise, which means people would not be able to actually afford more than before. You did point out that one version of this already existst: When using the move 'Payday' you do get the desired money drop from killing monsters, and if you use a Meowth with the ability 'Pickup' or you rely on the random drop chances alone, you may still get the desired loot drop as well. I think the equation is more like Benefit = (Money+Fun)/Time I'd therefor like to emphasize that the game 'just' needs a way to make money that is enough 'fun' to make it worth your time. (Alternatively, a way to make enough money to make it worth not having fun during that time >.< ) Did you choose the best way for you from all current ways available? The one that is most fun for you - since you seemed to mention - Payday farming - Gym Leader runs but not specifically others with their respective benefits, such as - Buy low, Sell-high (by using Trade Chat or the GTL) - Berry Farming (good if you afk a lot) - BP Farming ('fun' for people that are more into competitive battles and also beneficial as the value of BP is currently up) - rebattling the E4 (there is a thread here on the forums on how to speedrun them to get the highest payout/time) - Pickup (often an additional method of farming that you use for 'free' while Payday farming or while training EVs) - catching Pokémon to sell them (e.g. Breeders) - Events (ok, maybe low prospect of winning the RPs/money involved but in the best case a lot of 'fun' to make up for it) ... So the question is, is there no fun and worthwhile way yet, or have you simply not yet found yours? In both cases, I have high hopes that Dungeons may offer you enough 'Money+Fun' to qualify as a solution once they are available (again).
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