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  1. Anthrazit

    Lowered Shiny Chances?

    Am I interpreting this wrong, or did you mean to say that it should be easier to encounter a shiny? If so, your wording is misleading and made it seem as if you advocated the opposite.
  2. Anthrazit

    Suggestion about sowing and irrigation

    The general idea of the suggestion box is, that you make a suggestion. Searching for one is possibly easier using the search function while inside the suggestion topic... :D Here is one of the suggestions you might have been looking for:
  3. Anthrazit

    Future Updates??!!

  4. Anthrazit

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    Since everybody would passively gain money, more money is added in total into the system, prices will rise accordingly and the real wage will not rise, which means people would not be able to actually afford more than before. You did point out that one version of this already existst: When using the move 'Payday' you do get the desired money drop from killing monsters, and if you use a Meowth with the ability 'Pickup' or you rely on the random drop chances alone, you may still get the desired loot drop as well. I think the equation is more like Benefit = (Money+Fun)/Time I'd therefor like to emphasize that the game 'just' needs a way to make money that is enough 'fun' to make it worth your time. (Alternatively, a way to make enough money to make it worth not having fun during that time >.< ) Did you choose the best way for you from all current ways available? The one that is most fun for you - since you seemed to mention - Payday farming - Gym Leader runs but not specifically others with their respective benefits, such as - Buy low, Sell-high (by using Trade Chat or the GTL) - Berry Farming (good if you afk a lot) - BP Farming ('fun' for people that are more into competitive battles and also beneficial as the value of BP is currently up) - rebattling the E4 (there is a thread here on the forums on how to speedrun them to get the highest payout/time) - Pickup (often an additional method of farming that you use for 'free' while Payday farming or while training EVs) - catching Pokémon to sell them (e.g. Breeders) - Events (ok, maybe low prospect of winning the RPs/money involved but in the best case a lot of 'fun' to make up for it) ... So the question is, is there no fun and worthwhile way yet, or have you simply not yet found yours? In both cases, I have high hopes that Dungeons may offer you enough 'Money+Fun' to qualify as a solution once they are available (again).
  5. There is a public spreadsheet (Catching Contest Public View) where you can lok up results of catching contests while the moderators add the entries. It is often linked in the channel chat where the event is held. If I go by this, 'ShadowRennagan' should've won, followed by 'Katzukiangel' and 'Zatila' (166, 157 & 154 points, the last with earlier catchtime than another with 154).
  6. Anthrazit

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    With (one of) the next update(s), we should see more channels coming back. Since I am already digging things up: In a future update, we may get an 'inspect menu' as an overhaul of the current trainer card
  7. You need the 6th badge of Hoenn as well to use it. --- Du brauchst in Hoenn einfach noch den sechsten Orden und kannst fliegen danach auch außerhalb von Kämpfen nutzen.
  8. Is it possible, that you lack either HM02-Fly/the requiered badge to use fly in the region in which you are trying to use ii? --- Prüfe mal, ob du in der Region in der du versuchst zu fliegen sowohl die VM als auch die erforderlichen Orden hast. Falls nicht, handelt es sich nicht um einen Fehler sondern du hast schlicht noch nicht weit genug gespielt.
  9. Anthrazit

    are hidden abilities coming?

    You could check the following thread to get an idea of the plans for future updates afaik it has not been confirmed which would be the first species to receive their HAs so in theory, Dragonites Multiscale could be in the 1st dungeon, but could also still be many dungeons/years away...
  10. "Currently this is a palette swap, but you may see some other effects later on" In the worst case, you'd have to wait and see what they may think of and implement. But I am also looking forward to any outlook given on this.
  11. Anthrazit

    A New Mechanic For Breeding

    Ok, the addition that one can only get the same shiny species out of this 'gamble' would add a difference compared to the preceding suggestion of 2015. So the only remaining reason to use this would be the mentioned eggmove(s)? I currently see rather negative impacts on the shiny economy than positive ones. I. The chance of success either results in less shinies lost or the system is not used at all The reason you would prefer the suggested system over the 'safe' one has to be, that the shiny you'd normally need as a partner is expensive (enough). Either the chance of success is high enough to justify the risk - which would result in less being sunk than in the current system (as you avoid sacrificing more valuable shinies thanks to the high enough chance of the new system), or the chance is low (to sink more shinies) - which would result in no one being motivated to use that system over the regular one. II. The bypass to breed eggmoves results in even less shinies sunk The most likely application that I currently see is the case, in which you'd like to build a shiny comp of a rather common species that would need an eggmove of a rather rare/expensive species. The system allows you to save a lot more (the rarer the species for the eggmove, the more you could save) than you risk to loose. It is also important to note, that - as you may simply prepare a non-shiny partner with more than one needed eggmove - you may save yourself up to four (even more if chains were needed for a move) shinies with this system. Why should an advantage of this magnitude be introduced? Edit: Inheritance of IVs/Nature has not been adresses yet, but if the outcome of both would not be random, it would involve the corresponding negative impacts. If it were random though, it has an influence on which shinies were sunk (shinies with good IVs are sunk less - shinies with bad IVs sunk more)
  12. Anthrazit

    cant change region

    Do you have the required badges in your starting region (4) Do you have the respective roms loaded for the other region(s) you like to go to?
  13. Anthrazit

    A New Mechanic For Breeding

    If the chances where 50% to get one shiny out of one shiny and one non-shiny parent, it can be expected that in the long run it is roughly similar to one shiny per every two shiny parents sacrificed. This would be entirely similar to the current shiny breeding system in terms of how many shinies are "lost"/how high the outflux is. The chance would need to be significantly lower than 50%. That might be a reason why it was suggested before, but with a 25-30% chance in mind. In the older thread, you might also find another major flaw of the idea: If the species that is not shiny may still determine the species of a possible shiny offspring, it would actually be a "Low Risk Big Reward" System...
  14. Anthrazit

    Shiny Rate of PokeMMO

    What did trigger it though? :D Some of the posts in the page before? I see that I add something in the first post in addition to the statement of Desu that I also linked earlier. And in Global or here we can always add "close to/approx./nearly/..." in front of 1/6k to make it slightly more accurate if an addressee might benefit from that
  15. Anthrazit

    Shiny Rate of PokeMMO

    Everything you wrote was accounted for in the past. That is why the wording chosen in this thread is, that pokemon in hordes "have their own/independent chance to be shiny" Desu also stated that the chance for a shiny in a horde is "simplified down to an approximate 5/30k" There was no claim - like you seemed to believe - that the chance of a horde was exactly 1/6k. The reason behind the approximation is something you simply missed at the end of your calculation: Please compare the actual odds for finding at least one shiny in a horde (of five) to the approximated odds of 5/30k. You will then realize - like I did as well - that the difference between them is small enough to neglect it for the sake of a (simplified) rate which is more intuitive to many players. Because, although some of us might be very proud that we understood the little math behind it - which I hope was the main intention/trigger for the post ;D - it is not helpful to load it onto players that might simply not be interested in it.

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