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  1. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN : Jaawax Timezone : GMT +1 Fluff : Boss of the uprising SIÂ, it's time for me to show you my experience and expertise in PSL. Most preferred Manager : Baenine, Parke, Mkns le s Least preferred Manager : gbwead
  2. [PSL 9] Predictions Thread

    BaenineXL Jovi PBJ Parke Mkns Baekayyy Toast Kizhaz
  3. [Free] Raederz 18th Shiny Lottery - Sableye

    Yoyo Raederz ty for the lottery !
  4. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

  5. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    Name: Jaawax Team : [SIÂ] Background : beach with big shak Render : Blaziken Regular, we'll see after for Usebar bb Anything else ? c'bien
  6. Finding Every Move

    Mistralton City – Airport Building Drill Run - 2x Soft Sand
  7. Island Team Base

    I'm suggesting an idea to improve teams usefulness. Let me explain: I've been thinking about how to expand the importance of teams in PokeMMO. So I thought about an area, other than those we define as our base in Kanto/Hoenn/Unova, that would be available only for team members. It'd be an island, reachable by the boat that leads us through the different regions, where it'd have a giant building like the Battle Dome in the Battle Frontier. Only team member would have access to it OR with an invitation from high rank members. It'd be unlockable after reaching like 20 or 30 members OR when 2-3 months have past after team creation. The building would be empty at first but could be furnished by the team leader. To unlock furniture such as chairs, desks, PC (personal one), team PC (usable only by those who posess the requiered team permissions), flags, or any other decoration, you'll need to finish a certain amount of quests/events. For instance, to obtain a flower pot or a bookshelf, you'll need to win a Team Tournament or deliver a specific amount of Magikarps to a NPC, like 100 karps in 2 days. And with the future dungeon update, why not add those decorations as rewards? I find this beneficial for PokeMMO. It'd add reasons to do the events, strengthen team relationships and motivate the crew. I am completely aware that at the moment, the devs' work is focused on Gen 5 but I prefer to share my idea and know what you guys think about it. Thanks to everyone!!
  8. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Shiny comp from a teamate, will he have to spend 30M+ rebreeding his shinies?
  9. <3 <3 <3 @gbwead <3 <3 <3
  10. I was looking for bagon but meh... 22 862 single encounters Gentle nature
  11. PokeMMO Community Combat

    Sry my english is poor, didn't mean to say it that way lel
  12. IGN : Jaawax Country : France

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