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  1. IGN : Jaawax Hello to everyone! For this entry, I tried to go back to the origins and, since i really enjoyed the parallel universe of platinium pokemon, i decided to link my pokemon to this game by adapting it to the plausible (yet utopic) storyline. Here is Regighost, creation and slave to Giratina, architect of his world. It worked the opposed world with a lot of difficulty which is why it isn't perfect. It wasn't able to master the 3 elements simultaneously. Pokemon Name : Regighost Pokemon Typing : Ghost / Rock Dex entry 1 : When Girantina got banned, it looked at the creation of the word and got jealous. It decided to create Regighost, similarly to the creators of continents, in order to build his own. It wonders souless as a slave, but too powerful. Dex entry 2 : The day of its rebellion is approaching and will be cataclysmic. Its fissured fist is the result of the openong of the realm. It has accumulated a lot of power and is now ready to face its antagonists, Regirock, Regice and Registeel. Gl for everyone!
  2. Haha Ty Pokemmo
  3. Again... My name is @DoctorPBC jr
  4. After like 40k encounters in deino spot, 150k+ encounters in 5 gen, i bought a dona and 1000 leppa, 1st encounter after was fuck @DoctorPBC
  5. @Zehkar you sux
  6. teamate got this
  7. Saw this today (not mine)
  8. increase Social and pvp IG

    Make this real plz
  9. Ultility Pokemon Guide

    For farm everstone : Zigzagoon Level: 100 0IV atk, 252 HP Def, bold (important) - Thief - Covet - Surf - Water Pulse HM Slaves : Smeargle (can learn everything) Dragonite (Fly Waterfall Streght etc etc) Golduck (Flash, Surf etc etc) Farm Heart Scale (luvdisc) Shedinja Thief with speed for outspeed them, and no atk for not OHKO

    I know what you feel bro, and it happens to me so many times...
  11. Dream Match

    MadaraSixSix vs gbwead, intense 5 hours match
  12. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

  13. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    Name: Jaawax Team : [SIÂ] Background : beach with big shak Render : Blaziken Regular, we'll see after for Usebar bb Anything else ? c'bien
  14. Finding Every Move

    Mistralton City – Airport Building Drill Run - 2x Soft Sand
  15. Island Team Base

    I'm suggesting an idea to improve teams usefulness. Let me explain: I've been thinking about how to expand the importance of teams in PokeMMO. So I thought about an area, other than those we define as our base in Kanto/Hoenn/Unova, that would be available only for team members. It'd be an island, reachable by the boat that leads us through the different regions, where it'd have a giant building like the Battle Dome in the Battle Frontier. Only team member would have access to it OR with an invitation from high rank members. It'd be unlockable after reaching like 20 or 30 members OR when 2-3 months have past after team creation. The building would be empty at first but could be furnished by the team leader. To unlock furniture such as chairs, desks, PC (personal one), team PC (usable only by those who posess the requiered team permissions), flags, or any other decoration, you'll need to finish a certain amount of quests/events. For instance, to obtain a flower pot or a bookshelf, you'll need to win a Team Tournament or deliver a specific amount of Magikarps to a NPC, like 100 karps in 2 days. And with the future dungeon update, why not add those decorations as rewards? I find this beneficial for PokeMMO. It'd add reasons to do the events, strengthen team relationships and motivate the crew. I am completely aware that at the moment, the devs' work is focused on Gen 5 but I prefer to share my idea and know what you guys think about it. Thanks to everyone!!

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