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  1. They have what they want, they can close this topic without any answer or debate.
  2. The tournament is in 2 hours and no answer, even a negative one. Not really surprised.
  3. Please make it at least 128 sits, this is undoubtedly the auto-tournament with the biggest gain ever made in this game. What's a surprise for a dead-tier, force people playing only OU/UU to breed LC comps for only 1 event with a reward quite requested, and after they can just delete these comps...
  4. This decision is really questionable, this is the first time that I see the game going backwards instead of moving forward. Tournaments are now neglected by players only because matchmaking give more rewards than tournaments (except shiny tours). I really don't think there is a lack of community playing LC, they just prefer play OU because there is more people here, and it's the same fact in others tiers. I'm pretty sure if there were a LC matchmaking, there would be as many people as NU or UU. Instead of testing this matchmaking, they remove the entire tier.
  5. Congratz to the rotoms, was a great run, and a good opponed. Sorry for the hax, i know that it matters on somes duels. I feel bad for it, but you have all my respect for what you have accomplished. I hope to see you all in the next PSL. Vamos EMPOLEONS #1
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