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  1. Jaawax

    [PSL X] Week Two

  2. Jaawax

    [PSL X] Week Two

    Me vs Schu in 15
  3. I don't know if it's still active my last nidoqueen breed was 7 months ago, but if you breed a Nidorina, the baby Will be 100% à femeale Nidoran. And breed a femeale Nidoran it will be a 50/50. Can someone confirm?
  4. Jaawax

    [PSL X] Week One

    Laz won gg!
  5. Jaawax

    Marriage System

    @gbwead is mine
  6. Jaawax

    Docs OLD LC shop

    best shop 100%
  7. Jaawax


    Let's goooooo bois
  8. Jaawax

    [PSL X] Player Registration {?}

    IGN : Jaawax Timezone : gmt +1 Fluff : i will not be that active bc of work, but can train everyone in any tier, and i can land more than 300 comps (all LC are done) and i saw gb irl Preferred tiers : not DPP Most Preferred Manager : Son Gohan Least Preferred Manager : Mkns
  9. Let's do it again @Aerun
  10. Jaawax

    Where can i find this items

    i love you too
  11. Jaawax

    Where can i find this items

    Thief a Hippopotas, Torkoal, Wingull/Pelliper and for the icy rock i'm not sure but Vanilluxe maybe
  12. Rip Deino Shiny OT @DoctorPBC

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