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  1. OU: Lunarck vs CHUCKunso UU: enchanteur vs Kanzo NU: Kanicula vs Axellgor Too much love
  2. Llliolae won https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1306036178-8dt5q61cskm5dro78rgasf3kx07crevpw
  3. Team Name : Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag : [SIÂ] Team Manager : Jaawax Players with an official win: The only one, daveN The almighty, XPLOZ Mr. Muscle, MisterHide Doctor Love, FranchoP The Drama Queen, Pinklabel List of all players : AbdOu Agrat AwaXGoku Azphiel Badbarsitoo belieberboy Cmawesomee Cosmooth Creepinguy daveN Eastsiideboy enchanteur Evenils Exflammation gbwead Gilvy Hopy Jaawax Kamimiii Kanicula LeZenor LLiolae Lunarck MadaraSixSix Mkns Nahwel Pinklabel Pirlo Schuchty Se
  4. They have what they want, they can close this topic without any answer or debate.
  5. The tournament is in 2 hours and no answer, even a negative one. Not really surprised.
  6. Please make it at least 128 sits, this is undoubtedly the auto-tournament with the biggest gain ever made in this game. What's a surprise for a dead-tier, force people playing only OU/UU to breed LC comps for only 1 event with a reward quite requested, and after they can just delete these comps...
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