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  1. We did 28 with @Crazyhell but we got to go, 50 is really possible, you just need time
  2. @LeZenor can help you get married, he has already done it and he loves to unite two people in the secret and incredible bonds of marriage.
  3. We can mention too the fact that unofficial tournaments become more interesting than official ones ( Unofficial tour and players made-tournaments are better; Villas Gathering offer more than a TT; World cup and PSL better than inexistant Seasonnals)
  4. @MaatthewMLG c'est lui le successeur d'Axoa? trad : hi maat wassup
  5. I don't know if it's still active my last nidoqueen breed was 7 months ago, but if you breed a Nidorina, the baby Will be 100% à femeale Nidoran. And breed a femeale Nidoran it will be a 50/50. Can someone confirm?
  6. Thief a Hippopotas, Torkoal, Wingull/Pelliper and for the icy rock i'm not sure but Vanilluxe maybe
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