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  1. I understand perfectly but it seems to me that the detail is very small, it doesn't seem so important to me
  2. [You need a PokeMMO 2 Battle Royale Account to be able to read this post]
  3. [You need a PokeMMO Heart Gold Account to be able to read this post]
  4. Use of the master ball is for shiny that has movements as explosion
  5. I'll miss you old friend
  6. Most people play more OU than nu and uu
  7. That's because I have my 2 damaged monitors, I only have this one left
  8. Name: HackGame Team Tag: RË Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Luxray shiny , Kirito Render (Optional): Theme Colors: blue , yellow Type of Artwork: sig Animated?: yes Donation: 300k Additional information: I love you so much
  9. as I see some people took it as if it were a joke
  10. I come to tell you that nothing happened to me, I'm fine, I already talked to a psychologist about my problem because I wanted to kill myself but I'm fine and I'll go back to the game vengo a decirle que no me paso nada estoy bien ya hable con un psicologo de mi problema porque tenia ganas de suicidarme pero ya estoy bien y regresare al juego
  11. can you erase this brings me bad memories
  12. this mod contains the music of pokemon omega ruby / alpha sapphire please if there are bug comment I hope you enjoy , this mod only changes the music of hoenn. Link: https://mega.nz/#!a8NHiC4B!JDnA4CboDy-MdVZ0R1Gj2styET71zX_jFXbxs8akBb0
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