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  1. The solution is simple just use another rom and it will be fixed
  2. only mistake I saw when I went to see the sprites I see that the only thing missing is zorua and shiny zoroark
  3. good things always have something bad HackGame - 2020
  4. probably in emulator you used tricks to access that place hahaha, leave laziness and go to complete the pokedex xd
  5. Get friends on PokeMMO English Thread Information: This thread has the purpose of created to form bonds of friendship with the coaches, Proposal to do this is to socialize and make friends at stake nwn, other of the other purposes is to help with the new game players. ¿What you have to do?: What you have to do is comment if you need a partner or help at stake to start with a friendship, help can be about competitive or about the game's history enter other things. Spanish Informacion sobre el hilo: Este hilo tiene el propósito de ser creado para fo
  6. the icon when the npc speaks to you remains
  7. they haven't put sinnoh yet you think they'll put halloween xd
  8. calm down there is surely someone who loves you nwn
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