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  1. I am genuinely sorry you had to hear that story about my friend, bro!
  2. A leppa berry 'heals' the PP of a move by 10. People use it for Sweet Scent so they don't have to constantly return to a Pokecenter to regain PP while shiny hunting (or EV training). And for Sevda given that the shiny rate is 1/30k I can understand that you think it may look like the shiny encountering rate is different from player to player, BUT you have to think about it as every having 1 to 30.000 chance of hitting Shiny jackpot for every encounter (1 to 6000 in hordes of 5). The chances do not decrease the more you try. It will always be the same rate for every encounter.
  3. I don't see the problem - I know people in my team who has played for 2000 hours and only met 1 shiny. The only shinies that obviously lost value are the EV horde mons (Rapidash, Durant, Stunfisk etc.) but they suck anyway. In my opinion, the 1/30k rate is perfect.
  4. Moderators, why hasn't this been implemented yet? You need something more creative for the game, and this is certainly it.
  5. If any PSL player/team needs great breeding service, Spxter is the person to go to.
  6. I see - I don't want to start a debate but I actually disagree. The other Ditto I posted on this same page with the IVs of 31/27/27/26/27/30 was sold for 600k on gtl like a month ago. I really just think gtl is the market and not the trade channel. But thanks for sharing your experiences - will definitely use it for future considerations. :-)
  7. Thanks for your advice - but I have sold worse dittos for more. I will put it up for more and see if it goes.
  8. Ok guys - I think I just caught God himself. What can I get for this bad boy? Sassy nature.
  9. Kabutops Swift Swim - Adamant 375k
  10. Kabutops Swift Swim - Adamant (27/31/28/16/29/31 - 300k
  11. 10/10 service - would definitely let Spx breed for me again! :-)
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