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  1. IGN: Abelachy Tiers: OU / NU / Gen 7 SM OU Time Zone: -4 GMT Fluff: lf a new opportunity to be better, SM Ou ez 2 me
  2. first wild shiny beldum lol
  3. pls if we have a showdown tier pls not VGC, can add BW ou cuz is the future of pokemmo and SM ou for funny with the new gen i guess more ppl play sm ou than VGC and dpp ou
  4. uwu gen7 ou > gen3
  5. in
  6. ing:abelachy Country: Venezuela
  7. dude clean your pm box uwu, and tell when can we get our duel i'm free all week after 2pm GTM -4 .

  8. ok.....
  9. hello I think that it could be fine cause we need go to some pokemon center to take some pokemon and its tedious , i'm really wanna know if we can have a pc in our secret base.
  10. the same at glt i met a shiny zubat in 40k but it ran sadly
  11. Mira, ya ganastes en el psl ?


  12. "10 Leppas" i have around 5k leppas hunting for hoppip rip
  13. Knock Off's power increase from 20 to 65 pls and 50% plus damage if the pokemon have an item
  14. Qwilfish is the best way to stop it. Dont need explain why
  15. @Squirtle's Tourney or other @Kyu awesome tourney