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  1. Quilachy

    Team Tournament June (30th, Saturday)

    @seba199 @Takens i'm back to live so we gotta win this
  2. Quilachy

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    ok thx for answering. good luck in all ur work for us, hope u finish all moves this update.
  3. Quilachy

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    @Kyu why you and dev decided make unova before sinnoh?
  4. Quilachy

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    why u put unova before sinnoh, just a serius question
  5. Quilachy

    Assault Vest

    sad, but the thread is for assault vest so no problem.
  6. Quilachy

    Assault Vest

    dude read all. they put life ball and scarf. when it didn't exist yet it was discussed, tier council say that 65bp for knock off is too many and will be to broken, gm can put it in to 45 cuz admin stuff.
  7. Quilachy

    Assault Vest

    if meta is incomplete, it just a suggestion, i want to suggest that move knock off will buffed from 20 to 45 and make double dmg if pokemon have item, why not 65 cuz 65 is really broke but 45 is perfect imo
  8. Quilachy

    Assault Vest

    assault vest Effect Raises the holder's Special Defense by 50%, but also prevents the holder from using status moves. The Assault Vest only prevents the Pokémon from choosing status moves, not from using them. If a Pokémon has selected a status move to use, but obtains an Assault Vest before executing the move, the move can still be executed successfully. If the holder can only use status moves (due to Encore, Torment, knowing no non-status moves that have PP, etc.), it is forced to use Struggle. guessing u can add this one just as u add life ball in its time.
  9. Quilachy

    Quick Wishlist

    haddin habilities
  10. Quilachy

    stats boost

    ok i'll edit just for the first one
  11. Quilachy

    stats boost

    Show pokemon's stats boost show pokemon boosted stats like this is one, for ppl thats spectating a battle just to see, and to help some ppl like me who forgets how many sword dance did. thx. only 1 suggestion no want to make like 5 post NotLikeThis.png
  12. Quilachy

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    lmao u guy wtf. gratz LUL
  13. Quilachy

    Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    i mean if leech life was bufed and now we can have a i 5 ivs hp pokemon why not implement knock off at 65 base power, make this funny pls. its a good stuff and with eviolite we need knock off more imo
  14. Quilachy

    Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    and when knock off damage at 65 base power?

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