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  1. Tnx for the seed topic I can finally plant my own seeds, So tnx mate.

    1. ELMJ


      Its about "PokeMMO"

  2. Indeed, these are Spelon, Pamtre, Watmel, Durin and Belue. I also think, if it takes so much time, moreover the yield is not so great (they were blooming excellently before I picked them up), it must be for a reason.
  3. Berry Charts are now complete! It isn't quite right, when after 72 hours of constant care, watering, weeding and pest removal you only get five berries.  
  4. That's pretty awesome! I set the height of my inventory to 600px to make the scroll-bar disappear. By the way, the original values are 430 x 278px So you know all these markup language like HTML and XML. That's great. I have to try changing some other settings as well, until I totally destroy my UI)) 
  5. The Berry Charts are up to date. update 13/04/2016 β€” Ganlon/Starf berry conflict is solved. β€” Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Razz, Bluk, Nanab, Wepear, Pinap now have: growth time: 16 hrs drain time: 12 hrs wilting time: 4 hrs yield: 4-6  
  6. Plants get their moisture level reduced by a certain amount (drain value) every 60 minutes. The counter starts from the moment you plant seeds. Watering does not reset the counter. If you water a plant 5 minutes prior to the the moment it usually drains it will still drain 5 minutes after, but not 60 minutes after you watered it.
  7. Haha) In this case he should work harder))
  8. Thank you for this valuable advice! I enclosed the least relevant information by spoiler tags. I also wanted to add anchors to make it easier to navigate within the page, but I'm not sure if that's possible((
  9. Chart No. 2 (for EV reducing and Stat Boosting berries) is now completed...
  10. There is no ambiguity in wilting time anymore, which is a nice thing. A weird message 'wilts very slowly' for Iapapa berry and its tier fellows, which didn't really wilt slowly, has been changed to 'wilts quickly, 3 hrs', which makes more sense now.
  11. The Charts are no longer accurate due to the update 08/04/2016. I will try to update them soon.
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