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  1. This song makes me feel so independent.


  2. Wheres my clown suit ;-;

  3. I learned from my mistakes and probably no one cares or they will still trash talking without knowing anything anyway but, I said sorry, I know all this was my fault and I got punished already, was the first and the last time I do something like that.

    I don't owe explanations to no one more than the staff but if someone have questions about what I did, I'm free to reply, If you're going to talk about me, at least please know the story.

  4. Thanks to all for his words of love <3 LOL 

  5. Mayuyu plz

    1. mayuyu


      I'm sorry kathe i calm down

  6. 2k leppas no shinie, yay.

  7. 638 leppas, 1276 hordes, 6380 pokes and 0 shinies /o/

  8. Gotta captch 'em all.

    1. KatheFoster


      Hahaha captch from captcha, u get it? haha im so funnIM CRYING.

  9. What ability is this? I want lol



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