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  1. i dont think sweets gonna kick me even after i gave him a "free" (tho there's a chance.You never know)
  2. i hope someone gets a lapras or sth so i can be happy with my decision on quitting
  3. welcome to the family :) but seriously seeing this thread hurts
  4. got a shiny wailmer in alpha sapphire today if that counts most probably wont but shiny hunting is easy as F in new gens :/
  5. I killed a shiny wailmer in AS today dunno how a surf from a lvl 54 blastoise kills a 30lvl wailmer it was female too hope this makes you happy... @Goku (I aint even that mad cz i got it at like 10 encounters lol) pink shinies are cursed
  6. you know you're getting scammed when you trade with daryl
  7. You can always hunt and never give up
  8. Ign:theplebmiek team:mieksmum pokemon:mieksdad donation:2k
  9. It's true that we're not hunting on the same level/rate.But I'm not into a competition with anyone,I just hunt the shinies just so I can have them in my collection. =)
  10. There was a time when i jumped after encountering a shiny even shit ones but at this point i'm like "oh another one" (RNG stay with me) #RNGKing5ever
  11. Still LF @TheChampionMike to add shiny rattata and machop in the showcase
  12. I can smell the "no u"s and "same"s this thread will get
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