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  1. Even if you're right, considering everything that has been said.. maybe raising the 1/30k ratio is not the best solution? Adding endgame features (such as team dungeons/raids) or removing the 2 hours cooldown for ranked pvp would make theoretically ppl spending less time encountering wild pokes and thus less shiny encounters.
  2. I played pokeMMO for 852 hours (And I'm not taking into consideration other characters nor my older banned account, just look how old is my forum acc). I have a complete pokedex caught OT 560/560, including of course Mewtwo and Rayquaza that took me months to encounter. I'm also a "competitive" player with 73/69 ranked ratio. I've spent literraly half of my playtime looking for shinies and the only one I managed to find was a crappy Mienfoo that I sold for 1 million. Now, it's true that some ppl actually have a lot of shinies, i've met ppl like those. I don't know how they did that. My pers
  3. Old rod for example is not usable in Unova. If we had 1 hotbar for each region it will have a little positive impact on comfort ingame.
  4. Some configs should be account bound and saved on the server (Chat configuration, gameplay settings, hotkeys, PC boxes...). But of course video/sound/controls/ui x-y positions... settings should remain locally in the main.properties file. It is annoying to reconfigure everything every time we reinstall the game or change device. It will also be less confusing for old players who want to play again after months/years of break.
  5. - Reward points - Unique untradeable vanity item - Masterball - Shiny or comp gift But none of these lmao:
  6. Bhen


    What about implementing hebrew language ? I don't speak hebrew myself. There's a guy that is spamming the global channel for days now and it's boring. He didn't want to create the topic on the forum. So here I am, maybe he'll stop now.
  7. It's not very important but I think it could help people that are trying to complete the dex as it'll show a difference between uncatchable pokemons (legendaries, croagunk...) and those that are obtainable with fossils.
  8. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Characteristic
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