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  1. Previously you said that your team is "with" Einsteinn and now you are saying that one is bound to find "a lot" of players with differing opinions and yet my numbers showed that to be untrue in this case, so who is getting it wrong? almost 93% of lava voted on profesor last time I checked my numbers, and that is enough for me to doubt what you are saying heavily. Once again, I never said that your club members aren't allowed to vote as they wish, what I said is that this is more like family voting or in this case club voting. You vote as your friends vote, as simple as that, and in my OPINION 48/52 proves just that. This election is a failure is my ultimate point.
  2. Yes, because the likelihood for that being the case is literally 0. I never said that Lava is forcing their members, that said, it is not uncommon for humans to do just that, to vote on their friends or as their friends. 48/52 says it all. Unless you are copies of each other then I stand with my "assumptions" The numbers are too ridiculous.
  3. Quite foolish to use an argument that can be used against yourself. Some of ProfesorEinsteinn's votes are from new accounts and obvious alt-accounts. Isn't it also interesting how so many lava members are supporting Einsteinn? I decided to check it out and count them. Members with too many clubs were not included. 48 Lava members are supporting Einsteinn compared to 4 members supporting bestfriends. It's just sad. This is literally elementary school were more than half of the kids vote on their friends for no other reason than the fact that they are friends. Let's just face it, this election is a joke and it should never have happened. Bestfriends' title was also a joke and nothing good came out of trying to make it serious. But at least I go to sleep without all the double standards that Fixedgaming just showed us. Lava's 2019 Coup d'état.
  4. ban free elections before it is too late mr. mayor!
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