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  1. The couple with golducks? Thunderbolt/Payday
  2. I tend to get 2-3 everstones each "run" in team magma's cave pretty consistently. I'm using a quagsire with thief (not PP maxed) and recover. I stay until thief runs out of pp or I faint, rest, come back. Seems to be about one run every 20-30 minutes depending on how attentive I am and how often my quagsire can't run from the wild pokes. Best guess would be anywhere from 80k-150k per hour. Bad luck and being slow can make it way worse. Being quick and lucky can make it better. I think everstones > shards atm. EDIT2: Also a quick note on island runs. A level 100 adamant persian can 1hko almost anything with slash. Here's my strategy: Have persian with Payday/Slash/Water Pulse/Shadow Ball. Have your HM Slaves, and also brink a miltank with Milk Drink or at minimum a poke with Wish. (Just fight a wild poke and wish the persian back to a healthy hp amount.) Payday the pokes that have low base defense, slash the rest, and use water pulse on rock/steel types while shadow balling psychic types. Use milk drink after battles to regain HP if one of the bird keeper's fking dodrios used endeavor or something. My persian has never fainted while doing this and I rarely run out of PP. (Also, the ground types with no normal resist tend to get 1hko'd by payday. They tend to be over lvl 56 too.) I also usually bring a starmie for the double battles. If you learn which pokes get 1hko'd by payday, it becomes pretty easy to simply never run out of PP assuming you've maxed payday and slash. Just use starmie on all but 1 of the rock types in each hiker battle.
  3. I like running Meowth with payday, shadow ball, and water pulse as a pickup farmer.
  4. New forum layout OP, devs pls nerf.
  5. I may be crazy, but I didn't think any pokes actually held silk scarves. I thought they were purely pickup. If I'm wrong a smeargle for that would be awesome. But otherwise its meowth or a stronger pickup poke.
  6.         Slowbros and whatnot are way more common now. Its probably no longer efficient. Lavendar is by far the best.
  7. I'm a pleb and don't have shinies or a ton of cash and I still agree with this. I use the GTL 1000x more than trade chat or even the forums. A global chat wouldn't change that, and would only help the people who do use it.
  8. Silk scarf we've already gone over. Sludge bomb still exists, I got it.
  9. Not imo. The issue with the grass moves isnt the whole SpDef thing, its the fact that its a 4x weakness which sucks in any situation.   Just watch out for grass moves and you should be fine.
  10. This is exactly why I throw my comps in the PC whenever I'm doing stuff on the GTL.   I like the idea to make it sortable like the actual listings are.
  11. I'll contribute anytime I find something. Thanks for the guide ;)
  12. How is this not complete yet? By far the most detailed, most complete guide on this.   Nice work. Drain rates = good info to have. RIP sleeping.
  13. Anytime.   One more thing I forgot about: When you first enter slateport you say to go to a building to the right of the pokecenter and talk to a girl. The only things to the right are the museum, the harbor and the ocean. I don't think it was anything of consequence really but it annoyed me for like 10 mins until I gave up lmao  Nevermind its the soothe bell. Definitely worth getting. Still don't know which building it is.   EDIT: Its in the pokemon fan club. I'm an idiot. But on the bright side I just made like 200k off soothe bells I never collected.
  14. I'm usually not one to respond with a quote, but you missed my point so here you go.     This is what I was trying to get at. Let me reiterate: I don't hate the idea. I actually would love more content, whether its storyline or endgame. But it seems like you want this to be endgame content when it really would never be looked at that way. If creating another league is endgame content that people enjoy, they would just replay the Kanto and Hoenn stories over and over for reasons OTHER than to get money. Altrunning is already huge, and this would only increase it when in reality we need to make the endgame more rewarding and fun so people don't feel the need to altrun.   ---   Also, while I have no idea what the devs had to go through to make the base storyline, but it appears to me that its largely based off of the ROMs we installed. (Although that shouldn't diminish what the devs acomplished.) Creating a whole new league from the ground up would take FAR more work if its even possible. They would have to alter the already existing maps, create entirely new sprites/characters/dialogue, and figure out how to balance it since it would probably have more reward than the Indigo league and Evergrande City league. In my opinion, their time is better served creating true end-game content or improving the competitive scene. (The comp scene is in every way endgame content in my book.)
  15. Here's my take on the spoils.   Some things have changed since you wrote it, but not much of consequence. The most notable differences are 1.) The prices of the EV items (Carbos, HP up, etc.) and 2.) The silk scarf has been removed from dewford. If its in a new location, I don't know where it is. (However due to players only needing 1 for sub, softboiled, etc. it wouldn't surprise me if there's only the one in Kanto now.)   Anyway, I did the math.   Silk Scarf is listed at 40k. EV items are listed at 3k each but can now easily sell for 7k each. (4k increase each, six different items, five of each. 4k*6*5=120k increase.)   So imo just increase the spoils by 80k and you're golden. Some of the TMs are different but they vary all the time and probably average out for the most part. (New range should be 2,120,000 - 2,180,000)
  16. Route 23 at night is by far the best. You typically get primapes/mankeys for 6-9 EVs, or all arboks which give a total of 10. I get arboks about 10% of the time it feels like (and I've done a lot of training there.)   Also, if you get there at night and DO NOT LEAVE when it turns to day, the hordes stay the same I believe. Stayed 3 hours into the day and was still getting the attack hordes. Use leppa berries or something so you dont have to heal/restore PP
  17. I usually use this or a ghastly. The main plus of starmie is the lack of a need to trade it to evolve it.
  18. I'm not saying things to do after the E4 is bad. Quite the contrary. If its repeatable and is fun (or at least worth it to repeat) I'm all for it. But just adding more story for the sake of more story isn't really "end game". End game in other games (I'll use Destiny as an example since I 100% consider it to be a MMO) is when you have no more real, linear story to complete. You've "beaten" the game and seen the credits. Now you can do PvP, Dungeons/Raids, etc. Things like THAT are what I really want to see implemented in the future.   An expansion to the story is just... well, more story mode. Cool, more stuff to altrun on.
  19.     I definitely was paying attention. I was there from night until day and never left. (Leppa OP)   I think if you don't leave the hordes stay the same regardless of the time change. Not sure what happened.
  20. FWIW: I did some EV training on Route 23... at both day and night. The hordes never changed.   The switch from night to day happened while I was there, and I was using leppa berries because its kind of a hike from Viridian. It turned day with about 15 hordes to go, got mostly primeapes and mankeys but i still got like around 6 hordes of arbok during the day. Was still 100% attack.
  21. I can get behind more end-game content. But this isn't really that.
  22. Every reason this is a bad idea (imo) has been stated. If we're looking for ways to fund the devs/game, add donator-exclusive vanities that are untradeable. People will throw money at you as long as you dont bump the price up.   A member chat is a cool idea. I just don't see why its needed or wanted other than to get away from a constant stream of team recruitment messages.
  23. How are you collecting this data? Just writing it down?
  24. I know, just making fun of myself for not being able to sell my own stuff.
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