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  1. My pleasure. Hope you win this event, you have one of the best cosplays :D
  2. I heard about that a while ago, and was trying to find the link for it but no luck. Can y'all help me out? Thanks.
  3. Not exactly, but I'll be sure to post mine. It's one where you share a summary about you. Name, birth date, a photo, etc
  4. Or that, but why make things simple when you can complicate
  5. I deserve a bit of credit here, it was my idea aswell after all, I was just too lazy to come post it here so I sent my henchman here to post
  6. Kibbz

    Pokémon GO

    No, I got 2Kyogres, one of them is shiny xD
  7. Kibbz

    Pokémon GO

    Hi. I don't play much PoGO, but when I do, I can send some gifts, so feel free to add me. I also have 2 Kyogres, 1 shiny, and a perfect IV Grotle, so you know, I'm a noob. 3884 3187 4613
  8. From my experience, just getting the egg from the old dude, and standing still, sometimes it feels way longer than 5 minutes, even with Flame Body/Magma Armor
  9. Would be cool to have a way to see the progress of an egg hatching. Add it please
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