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  1. thanks a lot for the guide.A little confusing sometimes not being specific enouth in some parts.Kanto guide was more smooth I liked for instance how you put the price given by trainers so that some players might decide if its worth it or not.
  2. Also the cooldown for hoenn gym leaders rematch is no longer 6 hours it was changed to 20 hours.In your photo of island 7 trainers and in the profit trainer list you have missed 3 trainers (there is also a 4th one but I don't think she gives good money).They all give at least 4000 one of them is a gentlemen who I think gives 6000.Definetly worth doing em if your alredy gonna go all the way down to fight last 2 cooltrainers.Especially if your gonna do the 3 bird trainers who give 3000 each at island 5.Those 3 on island 7 are much more worth it and the distance I think is less than the birds trainers ( based from the distance from the last 2 cooltrainers)
  3. What an amazing guide.Good job writing so much info and making it so well organized. But what did you mean when you said repel 100step = 400$ (4$per step) super repel 200step = 750$ (3.75$ per step) max repel 250step = 900$ (3.6$ per step) 200step using repels would cost 800$ 250step using repels would cost 1000$ Seems odd that you get more quantity for something the cheaper you buy.Of course it would make sense to use a repel when you need only a few steps to pass wild grass and not waste extra steps when doing alt-run or something.But in your situation you are searching the wild grass for snorlax to farm left overs. Is there something im missing out from your statement or?
  4. no they are there I made a full check to find out were the ethers are.I always pick up the ethers when I do my alt run.
  5. nice guide.But you should include picking up the ether in each underground passage.Its a worthy item to pick up and its on the way theres not even 1 step extra needed to get them its directly on the way when going through the tunnel.
  6. can anyone explain how the GTL system works when it comes to expired trade items or pokemon.Like when you put a pokemon for sell and after some time because no one buyed the pokemon it is no longer for trade. a character that has been played longer seems to keep some items for trade for a good while.While a character not played so long gets items expired much faster.So that seems to be one factor. Can anyone with knowledge on the GTL system provide information?
  7. can you breed me level 1 totodile female or male 5x31 all 31 except special attack adamant nature dragon dance move
  8. can you breed me level 1 anorith female or male adamant nature 5x31 all except special attack
  9. can you breed meditate level 1 female or male jolly nature 5x31 IV except special attack fake out move
  10. alright then can you do level 1 shroomish female or male adamant nature 5x31 IV except special attack
  11. i thought it was only genderless for ditto. are all 100% one gender only breedable with ditto?
  12. can you breed level 1 tauros male jolly nature 5x31 except special attack
  13. can you breed me level 1 eevee female or male modest nature hidden power grass 30hp 31defense 31speed 30specialattack 31specialdefense wish move
  14. can you breed me level 1 shellder female or male bold nature hidden power grass 30hp 31defense 31speed 30specialattack 31specialdefense
  15. Can you breed me Level 1 horsea male or female modest nature hidden power grass 30hp 31def 31speed 30specialattack 31specialdefense