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  1. Be patient. They have their razóns for delay.
  2. I'm fine with Woodley winning, he's the only one who did anything significant the whole fight. Either way I'm just glad it ended in somebody winning this time. Imagine the bummer of a 2nd draw. Anyway, who does Woodley face now? To me it's pretty clear he should face Maia, but doesn't look like the UFC wants the human backpack to ever hold the strap. So they'll probably set up a money fight of some kind. That seems to be the trend since WME took over.
  3. Hey QPrime, sorry to bother you, just want to ask, are you familiar with the guy named iBrian who is in your guild?

  4. I was listening to UFC Unfiltered(it's a new MMA podcast pushed by the UFC) and Jon called in to get interviewed, they asked him some interesting questions and some of the shit he said got me twice as excited for this fight. One quote in particular that had me dying was: "DC getting a 6'10" guy as his training partner shows how big I am in his head, how deep I am in his head. That's what he looks at me as, a freaking 6'10" monster. That's why he got that big ass fucking idiot to follow him around. Chi Lewis-Parry fucking got his ass kicked by Brandon Vera, so how good could that guy be at trying to mimic me?" Also they recalled the story of how Jon first met DC, most have probably heard about it - basically Jon said "I bet I can take you down" in a joking, ice-breaker kind of manner knowing that DC is an Olympic/NCAA Division 1 All-American wrestler and that he actually couldn't. But DC didn't see it as a joke and got all defensive about it. Anyway, so in this interview Jon was asked how he now feels about the incident or something along those lines. To which Jon responded with: " The funny thing about it is I've taken his ass down five times now. So when I told him I'd take him down sarcastically, little did I know that he's a b1tch and that I could take him down any time." How can you not love this guy?!
  5. QPrime

    NBA 16-17

    Well I'll be interested to see if they can beat their regular season record. I doubt it though, they were on some magical shit with that winning streak this year. On paper they should be able to do it, but most likely chemistry will be off. Also can't wait for the boos every time KD touches the ball.
  6. I know it's hard to believe it actually sold because it shouldn't, but it did. I wish I knew who bought it. Also the stats were actually fairly good, but not 18.5m good. OT was Marcco, so if you anybody knows who got it - let me know. I'd love to talk to the guy, and maybe get some friendly digs in about how bad of a decision he made.
  7. QPrime

    NBA 16-17

    I've always hated these suspensions, whether deserved or not it removes some context from the full picture and we don't really end up seeing an accurate representation of the best players going at it, since it narrows down the sample size in which they got to compete at the highest level. And that ruins the series a little bit, no matter how much you may dislike Draymond as a player, you shouldn't be excited about this if you're a fan of basketball.
  8. QPrime

    NBA 16-17

    You must think I play center for the rockets
  9. Where did cloyster go? I coulda sworn it was in the guide before, either that or I'm severely blind. Edit: actually looks like a bunch of other stuff is gone from the guide too, must be revising it.
  10. QPrime

    NBA 16-17

    Dray stylin on Lebron like
  11. QPrime

    NBA 16-17

    The thirst is real
  12. I've finally done it. I've reached my money goal. I know there's probably some people who have more, but this is a sexy enough number that I'm satisfied with. Shout out to all those that doubted my overpricing practices.
  13. QPrime

    NBA 16-17

    For a second there I thought I was watching the NFL.
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