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    over all, yes, but there are things that i don't like. unfinished areas, lack of hidden abilities(yes i know they're in the works,) lack of functioning new gen items, etc. sort of feel the nerf to doctors around unova was a little heavy handed as well. don't really understand why leppas are so forced when it comes to shiny farming, especially when it is pretty much the only activity for players after completing what is available in unova atm outside of breeding/playing comps. general lack of means to make new money is a little off putting as well, as old methods aren't really viable anymore outside of doing daily berry farming. tl;dr version Soon™
  2. Mamoswine, Ampharos, Chandelure and Serperior. Mamoswine has carried my ass pretty hard.
  3. i didn't want omanyte nor was i hunting it, i don't get your point.
  4. i'm at 154k encounters in this shithole mountain and i've gotten nothing, 7 weeks and counting, and there are people worse off than that 5 days is nothing
  5. Arren

    Level Remover

    Some method to advance already existing level 100s such as Piloswine, Sneasel, etc to their newer forms is the goal of this, so an NPC which triggers evolution for a select group of mons if they're already level 100 would be a great work around.
  6. Arren

    Level Remover

    I actually had this thought the other day but decided against making a topic so here is your +1
  7. Arren

    Quick Wishlist

    I already do this. The point of this thread is a wishlist for quality of life changes among other things, this definitely falls under that category.
  8. Arren

    Quick Wishlist

    First and foremost. Horde Intimidate/other stat reductions that may occur during hordes. Please make the animations all occur at once or remove the animation for hordes entirely. At the moment it can take anywhere from an additional 15 seconds to almost two minutes just to go through all the animations and text of having your status reduced. Farming any hordes that may have intimidate is the most exhausting thing after several hours of sitting through stat reductions. Increase gym rematch daily payout. For something that has a 20 hour cooldown, I can't wrap my head around why they give so little. Fix rain, covet, thief, etc. Add gen 4 hold items and such.
  9. I don't really know why you care, because frankly, I don't. I sold it for an amount I was happy with while separating myself from people with mindsets similar to your own. Win/win for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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