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  1. Hi, welcome to the world's best game ever! My nick in-game is PradoEX, try to send me a friend request ;)
  2. Prado

    New Abilities

    I want so much the moves and abilities from gen 4. I think that making people obtain more ROMs isn't a problem
  3. I was looking posts in a games page in Facebook, when someone posted the trailer of this game. I don't need to say that it was love at the first look.
  4. They could be purchased with pokedollars or battle points, too.
  5. It is broken for me too, the image of my signature isn't being whole displayed
  6. When a player enters in a battle, the only avatar available are the 2 default ones: one for male and another female. In Pokemon Showdown, you can choose any avatar from the pokemon games. I wonder if it is possible to let players choose any avatar of the games, plus the pixel artists could send their own avatars and if aproved, they could be implemented in the game. (Random image)
  7. Should I replace POISON FANG with SLUDGE BOMB in a Crobat? It's because Crobat has more ATTACK than SP. ATTACK. SLUDGE BOMB --> SPECIAL + 30% chance of poisoning target POWER 90 ACCURACY 100 POISON FANG --> CONTACT + 30% chance of intoxicating target POWER 50 ACCURACY 100 it's a hard decision
  8. What is better for a Venusaur with LAX nature: SOLAR BEAM or FRENZY PLANT ?
  9. I'm getting really scared with this thing of farming berries :o
  10. Amazing! I'm going to download this today!
  11. Hi, I'm Prado, I'm 15 years old and I am a huge fan of classic and retro games. I also like programming. I don't know what to tell about me... Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Pokemon games and when I downloaded and started playing PokeMMO, I discovered the meaning of life best game ever.
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