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  1. 1whiscash, kadabra, slowbro, weezing and shiny fearow sold added shiny gloom
  2. both haunters, 1 flygon, magcargo and 1 rapidash sold
  3. Welcome to my shop! Selling pretty much everything u see bellow 90% of the comps are budget breeds post or msg/mail me for pokes info ign: GiftOfGod Shinys for sell: Venomoth male timid 19-0-11-24-9-29 Fearow female lonely 22-24-20-30-8-26 Rapidash male naughty 9-21-14-12-27-9 Muk male lonely 7-23-7-6-28-29 Solrock docile 23-30-31-22-4-26 Roselia female lonely 25-4-19-7-19-23 Sandslash female hardy 26-31-28-20-10-0 gloom female bashful 30-4-31-20-3-18
  4. IGN: GiftOfGod Timezone: CEST Tiers: NU