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  1. 7th ot 20700 encounters in route 11 idk how many since last shiny F GLIGAR
  2. i only find lvl 5-14 magikarp with superrod in every spot
  3. any form to know where are the swarms? is interesting cuz i seen milotic swarm in mt.coronet
  4. Munya said u need to own (not ot)
  5. u need national dex but we cant obtain it because we cant revive sheldon and cranidos rightnow
  6. So we cant obtain national dex right now right?
  7. i cant own Dialga,Palkia,Giranita,Manaphy,Cranidos,Rampardos,Shieldon and Bastiodon xd
  8. u need to own or catch? cuz i seen everyone
  9. I cant obtain national dex and its needed to unlock some interesting zones and super rod
  10. pokemon keep the old ot you have to rebreed if u want ur new ot(they wont become unknown ot) and u will have the same team and friendlist
  11. No pls for ppl like u gtl is free money
  12. To prevent this i sugger a double check in moves and scape button when you found a shiny in horde,single or double encounters like when you try to use masterballs missclicks are diabolic
  13. Out of Battle abilities no longer function while the party lead is fainted
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