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  1. pokemon keep the old ot you have to rebreed if u want ur new ot(they wont become unknown ot) and u will have the same team and friendlist
  2. No pls for ppl like u gtl is free money
  3. To prevent this i sugger a double check in moves and scape button when you found a shiny in horde,single or double encounters like when you try to use masterballs missclicks are diabolic
  4. 100k for the info :7
  5. Out of Battle abilities no longer function while the party lead is fainted
  6. The most hated word is back f*ck Soon™
  7. Te mato con volticambio y no cambio de pokemon? He kill u with voltswitch and didnt change
  8. #Fuckmasterball after 1year without shiny i got this boyyyyyyyyy(2 hours of sigilyph hunt shiny rate is fair)
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