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  1. Idk how to start this thread tbh but i guess we should really know if these 2 tiers will be official or not. so yeah. we kinda need a answer on this.
  2. I find jolly the best nature, it outspeeds adamant lucario and 1hkos it with eq. stealth rock is amazing if you wanna use it as a lead. also, if you invest some ev's on hp (i don't remember the correct amount) you can survive to a fire punch of a dragonite and still set up stealth rocks, and kill it with a life orb ice shard, and still survive with 1hp or so (it's like 8ev's or something, i'm not to sure but works really really well). i personally think that mamoswine is a insanely good lead and should be used this way.
  3. vanity christmas event

    different one, "sleigh bell ribbons"

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