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  1. so many 1X31 shinys lately
  2. Runaway fails

    Thank you, makes sense now
  3. Runaway fails

    But my smeargle should be able to run away from battle since I runaway immediately, right ? The fact that the rapidash plans on using agility shouldn't prevent me from running away, I really don't understand why it sometimes doesn't let me escape edit: no macho brace.
  4. Runaway fails

    Doesn't make much sense, how can a lvl 40 rapidash be faster than a lvl 100 smeargle ?
  5. Runaway fails

    Does anyone know why runaway isn't 100% working when using lvl 100. I often shiny hunt in mt ember and happened not to be able to run away from hordes or rapidash a few times, it says "can't escape" then they trap me and I have to let my smeargle faint, I think I've never had this issue before when using a lvl100. Is it normal, or a bug maybe ? I'm confused
  6. Value Advice

    I'd say around 1m, maybe a bit more for now, but I value it the same as tenta
  7. Possible Ridiculous Spawn Rate?

    why don't you guys make them public ? I don't see any reasons why you wanna keep it secret
  8. List pokemons on gtl from pc boxes

    yeah thanks for the shortcuts, I actually am aware of that, it's just, even with that, it's still time consuming, and it wasn't rly what I was asking for yeah :) Exactly, it wouldn't have any negative impact, I don't see any cons tbh, just maybe devs have other things to do in priority, and I guess I'll never see this happening sadly :/
  9. I think that's the first one :)
  10. lol but that's you! that doesn't mean everyone makes the same use of alts, I personally hunt on my main, and on alts, (different egg groups, need more boxes)
  11. when you have multiple chars on one account, donator status works on all of them. Then if you're asking why he'd want to play on alts, lots of people use alts for lots of reasons.
  12. maybe he uses donator status, in that case, I can understand why he'd want this
  13. I often hunt to breed from scratch, and get lots of pokes with bad IVs. I usually list them all for the same low amount on the GTL, but it takes a while, dragging them to party then going to GTL, create listing etc, and do that again and again... it'd be great if we could just select them all directly on pc, right clic, and select "list all on GTL" then we'd just have to put the price, and they'd all be directly on GTL. I think I'm not the only one who'd find this very useful, what do you guys think ?
  14. I have tons, what time are you usually on ?

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