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  1. @SkyLolitaHow come you're always the one posting these chinese shinys ? It's like you're always the first to know about them, how come ? pure coincidence ?
  2. swarm ability increases wild encounters by 100% right ?
  3. you need to add an english translation to your post. tu dois apporter une traduction anglaise à ton post. and no, you can't play pokemmo on your phone for now. there's no pokemmo app either et non il n'est pas possible de jouer à pokemmo sur mobile pour l'instant, il n'y a pas non plus d'application pokemmo
  4. Huh, I think that's just you dude. I'm playing on mac, no lag.
  5. That would be bad. ditto hunting is like the only thing that brings easy money if you're lucky.
  6. Thank you, makes sense now
  7. But my smeargle should be able to run away from battle since I runaway immediately, right ? The fact that the rapidash plans on using agility shouldn't prevent me from running away, I really don't understand why it sometimes doesn't let me escape edit: no macho brace.
  8. Doesn't make much sense, how can a lvl 40 rapidash be faster than a lvl 100 smeargle ?
  9. Does anyone know why runaway isn't 100% working when using lvl 100. I often shiny hunt in mt ember and happened not to be able to run away from hordes or rapidash a few times, it says "can't escape" then they trap me and I have to let my smeargle faint, I think I've never had this issue before when using a lvl100. Is it normal, or a bug maybe ? I'm confused
  10. I'd say around 1m, maybe a bit more for now, but I value it the same as tenta
  11. why don't you guys make them public ? I don't see any reasons why you wanna keep it secret
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