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  1. I don't play uu i just watched the tournament and observed the bug. i don't want it banned i just wanted to draw attention to this and discuss about it. Fair point and i also think since that's the case it's not ban worthy. Thanks for the discussion tho :)
  2. Even if it's not op, it gives yanmega an unfair advantage over mons that would normally counter it. Without speed boost, normally it would have 147 speed (modest) and get a speedboost after one round Imagine this: You expect the yanmega switch and you switch in your counter; Yanmega gets switched in gets a speedboost and oneshots your pokemon. I know this is all hypothetically but it is still possible and probably upsetting since a counter doesn't need to be tankier if it can oneshot it and being faster. Yes this bug is arround since Speed Boost was implemented so i was a bit suprised that it wasn't discussed before.
  3. I hope i'm in the right thread for my question: Should the Speed Boost ability be banned since it's bugged? I just chatted with a CM who told me that a Bug Moderator confirmed the bug. Speed Boost should not trigger when the pokemon is switched in normally (no uturn, baton pass, volt switch or after a fainted pokemon) yet it does trigger. This allows for Yanmega with modest nature (224 speed after speed boost) to outspeed the whole tier and run a safe choice spec set.
  4. true that, would be nice to hear some staff thoughts about this.
  5. So if i understand you correctly you mean.. for example if i win the first round in tournament (ofc only if i battled and not if not enough players registered) i get like 500-1k BP and it increases for later rounds in the tournament? and raise the cash price for place 4-1? because i think that would actually be a good solution. I mean it wouldn't need to increase by much to feel rewarding, and maybe you wouldn't even need to increase the cash price if you add BP for every round and they increase since BP are kinda like cash since you can sell the BPs. Because then it would actually make sense to invest time in a tournament even if you just win 1-2 rounds since the BP payouts are more than winning a simple PVP matchmaking game.
  6. No, it is way too expensive for new players to even have a chance in tourney so a larger price pool won't help them at all. Quoting myself to clarify. I was not trying to say we should help newer players with higher cash payouts, i just wanted to point out how hard and expensive it is to even have a chance at winning. Even when you already are in the comp scene (so ignoring the "getting into the comp scene" part) you still have to invest millions into your team to be able to switch and counter other players in tournaments. With the current cash reward you can breed 1~2 comp pokemons, depending if you get lucky with nature or it's just a cheaper pokemon to breed. Raising the cash price pool would help players to stay ontop of the game and i think it would feel more rewarding. The thing is that i could go and catch pokemons when a tourney is going on and sell the 31IVs for cash and get more money than placing 2nd with the rewards being as low as they are. Since the chances to win a tourney aren't really high i just don't see a point (beside RP and a shiny that's just not that great for comp) to play a tournament. So i don't think it would make an uneven playing field but rather get more people involved with playing comp as it would be actually rewarding to do the grind and the work to get into it.
  7. I'm pretty late to the party and i will mostly focus on the cash aspect of tourneys but anyway. As someone who came back to PokeMMO with Gen5 i can tell you it is extremely hard and expensive to even win the first few rounds in a tournament. Most of my comp pokemon from the past gen were useless so i basically started at 0 (i didn't really know much about gen 5 comp either). The fact that breeding is so expensive and that you need to breed a lot means that the 1-2m for winning a tourney is just not enough. Plus you need to invest a lot of time in reading about movesets, calculating stuff, trying movesets on showdown or some other shit just to breed something that just doesn't work how you hoped it would. I bred a lot of pokemons and some of them just didn't really fit my team as well as i hoped they would or they were just not as good. Now i have pretty decent experience with gen3 and gen4 comp and i still don't manage to get far in a tournament, i don't even wanna know how hard it is for completely new players. It's fact that breeding comps and getting into the comp scene + have a chance to win something is extremely expensive, time consuming and sometimes just frustrating. So i can totally understand when players won't put up with any of that just to win 1-2m. Hope you all can understand what i mean :) I'm not a native english speaker.
  8. I'm using this snorlax set atm. works pretty well against special attackers in general. people normally expect curse on a snorlax so i guess the surprise factor is on my side Snorlax @ Choice Band Adamant Nature Ability: Thick Fat EVs: 252 Atk / 52 Def / 200 SpD / 4 Spe - Return - Pursuit - Fire Punch - Ice Punch
  9. CM ingame told me to post it here
  10. Some kind of teleporter would be nice when doing arena rebattles in unova. especially the 8th gym takes a long time to run through :). I don't think it would be much of a struggle to implement something like this and it would be a nice QOL change :)
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