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  1. My adventure seems to always end on a cliffhanger somehow... huh, neat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Devs took away Draco Meteor from Hydreigon for balancing purposes, just putting it out there. Dragon Pulse is your best bet for now. Also you might wanna give Infernape Mach Punch, a bit of priority could go a long way. Maybe replace Thunder Punch, IDK it's up to you. If you're OK without a priority move then by all means go ahead and kick ass ;o
  3. Good luck on your Wrong Chat battle ;o
  4. Bruh at 9:34 I legit thought it was a small loaf of bread or something for a sec there... That poor duck died in vain ;c
  5. Simple but sexy enough to get me hungry again xD
  6. If only I could body-swap with that chick for the food xD
  7. OMG, a Mac n' Cheese pizza with fries on it... This is so unhealthy, I love it xD
  8. Yes, please yes. I don't care how many kidneys I have to give up for that beauty, but please Instagram, have them *-* https://i.imgur.com/8i6Hem3.mp4
  9. Make sure to post your cabbage and water here ;o Also Mmmmm chimichungus
  10. The crispiness, the juiciness, the color... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *-*
  11. Still looks hella good to me xD
  12. Guys, if anyone prefers the old follower mods over the 2.0 ones like I do, the links to download them are still out there, but hidden. I used Wayback Machine to fetch them in case anyone still wants them; and through my experience (with the Classic version at least), the swarms look perfectly fine on my end (your mileage may vary of course). Classic Version -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/838a9f2t7z15tj3/PokeMMO_Gen_5_Follower_Sprites_(Classic_Version)_2.01.mod/file Jump version -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/csfxim2l3br851k/PokeMMO_Gen_5_Follower_Sprites_(Jump_Version)_2.01.mod/file
  13. You might wanna lower your expectations, the best we get are nerfs, bugs and Vermillion City to waste our time AFKing lol
  14. Sinnoh has been around since late January and some people, like me, still have this issue on Android xD
  15. Inb4 thread lock/delete because staff/devs is always right xD
  16. F for all the @hannahtaylors out there xD
  17. Where mah North Korean little bois at
  18. With the help of an old hag, she infected my baby's parents with Pokérus and killed them before they ever got to see their newborn baby... 13/10 would let her touch my stuff again smh
  19. If I die this year, I hope this burger is the reason why lol
  20. While our masters Youngster Joey and Alolan Joey are practicing social distancing and scheming out plans to rule the omniverse, we took it upon ourselves as the toppest-percentage Rattatas to avenge them and put their ultimate plan into action, as we set out to rule Sinnoh together with our Pokéslaves. We can see the future of Sinnoh crystal clear through this church; everyone worshipping us in shorts! Mwahaha
  21. Obviously Digimon, who would play anything else? smh
  22. Another dish from MasterChef Canada ;o
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