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  1. It's another Babish vid---oh. Still looks really good though, damn o:
  2. I agree with this suggestion, imagine the game-changer it would be to be able to search for Rigamorty OTs and resell them for Michael Jackson's kidneys-level of money o:
  3. Damn this looks so damn beautiful xD
  4. Just change your title and post to "close pls" or something like that, I guess.
  5. Um, this already exists—I posted about it a while ago. I haven't bumped it much recently though, my bad.
  6. I could watch this channel all day smh
  7. Kyu has posted a status update a few months ago in a different thread, I don't think we are getting anything significant anytime soon for now—aside from some PvP update mentioned and maybe the usual copy-paste seasonal events.
  8. Damn that last attempt looks hella nice to try out, fits comfortably within my diet constraints xD
  9. I really like the party-bubble edit you made, as well as that main menu background and the font. However the theme for me is a bit too flashy for my liking, a bit too much for my eyes xD But you seem to have gotten the hang of Android GUI editing, nice xD
  10. We never got a sequel, but at least a meme was born from this smh
  11. Livin' the goat life xD
  12. Dang, those look good for my meatless diet o: Too bad it contains wheat, I am also on a gluten-free diet, but I would have given them a shot if I was a different person x3
  13. Lol the bottom guy on the left reminds me of Ken Jeong if he were to be an adult in the 80s era xD
  14. Oh nice, I'll have to try them out later then xD
  15. Looks like a friendlier lineup of those hot sauces used on the Hot Ones series on YouTube xD might have to try that in a good ol' burrito or something x3 And that looks bloody sexy, this whole thread can be one big Indian food advertisement and I'll never get tired of it *o* xD
  16. I wish all hats were made like this, I would take their entire stock o;
  17. Ayyyy I didn't think I had it in me, but my copy-paste skills managed to fix an important bug: you can now actually send duel requests to people lmao Also I managed to remove that "clickbait" minimize button while not in a PvP queue, it should now appear only when you are in a PvP queue xD Hooray, a bug fix update for a theme that nobody probably uses smh xD (also this can probably serve as a bump at the same time, double-duty nice lol)
  18. Damn I wish that munch box would be my lunch box smh
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