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  1. MGRazor

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Vanity: Karp Cena Mask/Hat Type: Head Give the silent majority what they really want ;)
  2. MGRazor

    How To Grind Like True Slav, Blin!

    11/10 You should be Mayor and make videos about PokeMMO instead of @Bestfriends xD
  3. MGRazor

    Transferring Between Characters

    *shameless bump cuz i'm that type of person lel*
  4. MGRazor

    Marriage System

    @Jerryzoo marry me daddy ;)
  5. MGRazor

    Transferring Between Characters

    That would help too and I like that idea, but I think the "bank" function should allow us to just deposit anything we want in general (obviously not the untradeable stuff and key items, of course.) Off topic but I mean let's be honest, if our Hoenn mom was allowed to just dump our underaged character at the back of a random truck like if we were just supplies being transported around through god knows what awful road and conditions, then we should be allowed to have what we suggested, at least ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. MGRazor

    Quick Wishlist

    I. Sync our PC box names throughout both PokeMMO platforms (PC and Android) II. Some sort of shiny indicator on Party shinies (suggested by another person) III. Allow easy trading for characters under the same account (by allowing people to log into their other character at the same time or by allowing players to transfer characters to a new account with email verification)
  7. MGRazor

    Unova E4

    You can go the scumbag way like I did and run 6 fragile mons like Gengar from GTL and spam Destiny Bond, revives and attacking moves as needed, or use 6 Wobuffets xD
  8. MGRazor

    Transferring Between Characters

    Friendship is Magic, they say. lmao
  9. MGRazor

    Transferring Between Characters

    Lol I feel bad for @Lvkee since I always made him my middleman most of the time and I'm sure he must be just as eager for something like this to happen as I am. xD
  10. MGRazor

    Transferring Between Characters

    OK, this suggestion could may as well be either complete crap or actually a decent idea so I'm just going to lay it out here: I wish there would be an easy way of transferring items and Pokémon and such between characters that use the same account. We always have to find a "middleman" to transfer our shenanigans because we cannot log into different characters of the same account at the same time (or atleast when I tried) nor can we even mail stuff to our other characters; it really is quite the hassle. I know I could simply make a whole new account with a whole new email, but if I already have beat the game with two characters under the same account, I would be hard-pressed to desire making a whole new PokeMMO account with another email just to have an alt character I have to beat each storyline with in order to obtain my breeders and EV stats from all three regions so that I may finally exchange them along with some items with my main character, possibly rendering the alt character that is in the same account as my main useless (and a waste of space since we can't delete characters, but I digress.) I have three possible solutions to this; either: I. Allow us to atleast only mail our own characters (which would be the bare minimum I could be happy with) II. Allow us to log into the same account with different devices at the same time so that we could use two (or more, who knows) characters at the same time and trade each other Or III. Allow us to transfer characters to different emails (which I would recommend having both emails be forced to confirm the transaction on their email's Inbox in order to complete the transaction; for security reasons, obviously.) I don't know if I am missing the bigger picture here (like a security or gameplay flaw with this idea or something,) because of course I'm not perfect or anything, but I understand that the MMO staff wants to keep this game's storylines fair and challenging; but at the same time if people can easily beat the story and bypass the challenge by transferring Pokémon and/or items from their main to an alt with a different email (doesn't really have to be solely storyline purposes, could be for storage purposes or what not, I don't know,) why not let us have an easy way to transfer stuff between characters under the same email and account, instead of having to use a "middleman" for anything transfer-related? Thanks and sorry for the boring suggestion sermon. lol
  11. MGRazor

    Chillin' with my luxray

    It's probably just a Stunfisk, instead lol

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