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  1. OK, I submitted. Where do I provide the report #? In-game support request as it says, or someplace else? (or is that all I do?)
  2. The textures screw up only on Android for me, the PC version of the client looks much better (apart from the lines and flickering that appear on some textures) ;o
  3. Oofdoof what have I created xD
  4. I chose the wrong time to look at the Food Thread, I'm starving af xD
  5. Riiip I'll be at work most likely—gonna miss you, prize buffs :c
  6. My bad RNG still won't change after this post, 12/10 scam kek (may the Karp be with you in whatever you're gonna do next...ah who am I kidding, you're gonna be trolling the lava and Exp. Share Discord anyways, so have fun ;o)
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