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  1. So I managed to try out the chocolate PayDay bar, it sorta tastes like Reesse's candy xD, I prefer the regular PayDay bar though
  2. Just discovered that chocolate-covered PayDay candy bars are coming, and are staying permanent too... Deez chocolate nuts are gonna be gooood, I can now die in a fire in piece *-*—after I eat one, of course lol
  3. My mom did, it's literally just homemade rice and some cheap nuggets from the freezer lmao
  4. Since Volcarona was thought of as the embodiment of the sun in the BW2 pokedex entry, does this count as a cosplay of that guy from the Jimmy Dean breakfast commercials? I'm under 300 calories :>
  5. More food pics, thankchu Hannahnanabanana split aka @hannahtaylor for reminding me indirectly \o/ xD
  6. On a side note, why has the OP Item clause been removed? You guys had a problem with allowing pokemon under level 50 to be used in PvP because if I remember correctly, one of you guys said in some post that the FEAR strategy would be too scummy to use in you guys' opinion, but wouldn't Quick Claw and King's Rock be scummy too? Just think of Skill Link King's Rock Cloyster or Serene Grace King's Rock Togekiss with moves other than Air Slash—I may not be a PvP expert or something, but I don't see this as "balancing", in my opinion.
  7. Give me that, you're on a diet xD
  8. IDC what people think about fast food, if food tastes good to me then I love it xD
  9. Another pic from a friend uwu
  10. A little blurry but a friend sent me this pic, Tamales from Guatemala :v
  11. More food pics I forgot to post, sexy and delicious pizza to absolutely die for \o/
  12. How many bugs will come with the update? xD
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