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  1. IDC what people think about fast food, if food tastes good to me then I love it xD
  2. Another pic from a friend uwu
  3. A little blurry but a friend sent me this pic, Tamales from Guatemala :v
  4. More food pics I forgot to post, sexy and delicious pizza to absolutely die for \o/
  5. How many bugs will come with the update? xD
  6. It's rice and ribs :p
  7. More food pics I forgot to post \o/
  8. Aaaa they both look good to me *-*
  9. Even more food, yeeeet! (There was three pastelillos but I ate one early 'cause I was hungry as fuck lol)
  10. Thanks, still a bit too tedious though. We're in the 21st century, we're too lazy for that—hence my suggestion xD
  11. As a bilingual, it's tedious going into Settings to change my chat language, and not everyone has every chat language turned on. The ability to bind chat languages to buttons and hotswap between them would be great for using Trade chat or something.
  12. Oh, and new Babish video, this looks hella good *~*
  13. More random food I forgot to post (and was too lazy to until now lol) \o/
  14. Nope, I have it too and I've reported it three times ever since the very first Sinnoh PTS :/
  15. Devs took away Draco Meteor from Hydreigon for balancing purposes, just putting it out there. Dragon Pulse is your best bet for now. Also you might wanna give Infernape Mach Punch, a bit of priority could go a long way. Maybe replace Thunder Punch, IDK it's up to you. If you're OK without a priority move then by all means go ahead and kick ass ;o
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