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  1. MGRazor

    Cosmetic vehicles

    Definitely, they also need to add the wheelchair from Johnny English if we want to outspeed every bike in the Bicycle Roads of Kanto and Hoenn, the DeLorean from Back to the Future for when we want to go back in time before map mods stopped working, and the car from James Bond that can shoot missiles to OHKO an entire PvP team in one blast, with +999 priority and hits more than once. These devs need to get their mind together smh
  2. Please, if I had a degree for that I would also be in crippling debt and financial depression because I'm American.
  3. I already did, right here in forums
  4. Sorry dude, but tough luck. RNGesus holds nothing back and will take any victim.
  5. MGRazor


    Ooooh,, how scathing lol Wow that totally broke my heart, I thought you were my homie
  6. MGRazor


    Well you certainly do care a lot for this kids game, as you managed to make a temper tantrum post about the Dugtrio nerf and you are asking someone to battle you all of a sudden because you "don't like being told what to do"...
  7. MGRazor


    My god, and I thought the e-sports gaming community was the one and only cancer, this community might give it a run for its money...
  8. MGRazor

    End game content

    Not only that, but they can probably do something with the Johto Safari Zone as well. Not that they would need to though, as the Johto Safari Zone is already very unique with its map customization and whatnot; even I am at a loss of ideas for it because it's already a unique work of art. But if they could implement like holiday safari maps with unique/special pokemon (maybe with particles) for catching contests in like Halloween or Christmas for example, or the ability to create and share custom-made safari maps with other players (if possible of course, but they would then have to somehow prevent or limit players from choosing which Pokemon they would want to spawn in their map. Maybe a few dev-made presets of Pokemon that they could choose from?), I feel like the Johto Safari Zone could potentially be a nice attraction for Johto as well.
  9. MGRazor

    Lunar Event Strategy

    If I may be allowed to recommend a strategy for the Entei-Arcanine duo fight, a Staravia/Staraptor-Houndoom combo can work nicely. Staraptor can provide Intimidate + FeatherDance spam on both opponents, and Houndoom's Snarls can lower their Special Attack while chipping away at both of them. This combo can lose to crits but bad RNG can ruin anytthing, really. Another option can be Staraptor-Tauros or just double Tauros.
  10. MGRazor

    Lunar New Year Charm FAQs

    They could have at least told me that instead of leaving me in limbo, at least before closing that thread up. I don't know what's so hard about telling people the truth instead of dodging a question because they think the answer should be kept as secret as a social security number; even if they get heat, they can handle that with ease. It's not like we can touch them anyways, because they can do almost whatever they want.
  11. MGRazor

    Lunar New Year Charm FAQs

    Literally got ignored when I asked that same question on someone's charm concern thread even though staff was happy to answer every other question there -_-
  12. MGRazor

    New charm items

    Well there goes my question out the window :/
  13. MGRazor

    New charm items

    On the subject of the new Charm items, I've been told an answer and I just want to confirm with staff whether I'm right or wrong: are these Charms event-only and will no longer be available after the Chinese event, or are they here to stay? I have my doubts...
  14. MGRazor


    You know exactly what do do, hunbun ;);)
  15. MGRazor


    We'll probably gonna get a more detailed lipstick for female Wobbuffet at most lel

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