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  1. There's a "Reduced FOV" option in settings; untick that option to zoom out of your camera view. I should give you a heads-up though: for some reason, this only works for the Unova region, meaning there's nothing you can do to apply this change to Kanto and Hoenn for now.
  2. I lowkey wish all of this Platinum tease ends up being a Platinum subscription P2W service just to marvel at the spectacle that unfolds in forums •~•
  3. If I don't get to ride a Magikarp flying through the wind with his moustache, this suggestion will go to waste smh
  4. The joke's more outdated and bland than Jumpeon and even me then.
  5. I'm probably gonna get heat for this, but why do we even have a mayorship position in the first place? From my take on this, the mayor gets basically no extra power(s) to distinguish him/herself from any other player in PokeMMO (meaning any no-name player can put together helpful guides, YouTube videos, giveaways for beginners, etc.) apart from a little "Mayor of PokeMMO" title that only shows up in forums--which I would imagine that a decent chunk of players don't even visit the forums, not knowing or caring a rat's behind that a PokeMMO mayor exists--and the privilege of "working" close with staff--likely because the community has a never-ending hate-shtick for staff and want their voices to be heard through, what I feel the PokeMMO mayor is, the staff's little meme puppet; and let's be real here: knowing that most suggestions posted in forums--for example--never gets implemented, do you guys really believe that "your voices are gonna be heard" any better through a player with a meme title? In my opinion, I feel like the PokeMMO mayorship is merely a publicity stunt, and so acknowledging that my comment and understanding about this is likely oblivious to the bigger picture, I would like someone to remind me as to why all this mayorship shenanigan apparently seems like a big deal.
  6. Or they could have just banned Baton Pass from LC like what every other singles tier did and re-enable Unburden while having a patch for it later?
  7. I'm just a complete idiot skimming through the forums, but this sounds like a sweet suggestion and it doesn't hurt to have sexier-looking sprites so it gets my fishy little Karp seal of approval smh
  8. Inb4 "NotPriority™️"
  9. Zoroark, enough said.
  10. My profile picture is all you need. smh
  11. Right as I was in the process of catching breeders for a comp Snivy for someone kek #andhamAlt #ShinyRateIsCottonCandy
  12. Would be, but I'm talking PMs as a whole, like the notification and such (and personally even if I whisper window, the window tends to stop working all of a sudden at any random point and I would still have to open up the chat box anyways, at least everytime I tried using it :/)
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