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  1. Ayyyy I didn't think I had it in me, but my copy-paste skills managed to fix an important bug: you can now actually send duel requests to people lmao Also I managed to remove that "clickbait" minimize button while not in a PvP queue, it should now appear only when you are in a PvP queue xD Hooray, a bug fix update for a theme that nobody probably uses smh xD (also this can probably serve as a bump at the same time, double-duty nice lol)
  2. That tends to happen on actual Android phones sometimes too, this theme is a literal copy-paste of AndroidMMO—for better or for worse.
  3. Damn I wish that munch box would be my lunch box smh
  4. Breh I would be tempted to break my diet for that shit, no joke xD
  5. Bloody hell this guy is honest and pretty dang nutsy... I like him smh xD
  6. Calm lofi and piano music is what I like to listen to while I hatch hunt :3
  7. Three-week bump again, leggooo
  8. The best I can try to do is to get someone who has the modding experience/sprite-editing experience to fix them, I'm just a copy-paster/renamer lol
  9. Redownload as a last resort, because the mod file can become corrupt at times.
  10. I literally just explained it. You download the mod, put it inside data>mods inside the PokeMMO folder, and then activate the mod via checking it on in Mod Management once you boot the game up.
  11. If you could have in the past, it's most likely been removed by now, since the prices for that thing sure as hell doesn't reflect that it can be found in a box xD
  12. Are you importing it to Mod Management or are you manually putting the .mod file onto PokeMMO>data>mods and then selecting it under Mod Management? If one doesn't work, try doing the other and see, last resort would be to re-download the mod in case files got corrupted somehow v: @EverGreenTaiga
  13. I love having these around, whoever executive decided to make these, I love you, not in the way some people probably think of xD
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