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  1. Oofdoof what have I created xD
  2. I chose the wrong time to look at the Food Thread, I'm starving af xD
  3. Riiip I'll be at work most likely—gonna miss you, prize buffs :c
  4. My bad RNG still won't change after this post, 12/10 scam kek (may the Karp be with you in whatever you're gonna do next...ah who am I kidding, you're gonna be trolling the lava and Exp. Share Discord anyways, so have fun ;o)
  5. You have to chain breed Clear Smog onto Horsea via Psyduck. Psyduck gets it as an egg move as well but Psyduck is also a Field breeder so Smeargle can Sketch and pass Clear Smog onto Psyduck and then Psyduck can pass it onto Horsea. Sorry but chain breeding is the only way because even Shellos only gets it as an egg move :/
  6. Holy hell MasterChef Australia doh *~~~~~*
  7. Bloody delicious *-*
  8. My level 5 Karp almost killed the Pumpking 12/10 would recommend lel
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