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  1. Obviously Digimon, who would play anything else? smh
  2. Another dish from MasterChef Canada ;o
  3. Sounds about right for a lot of people xD
  4. I just searched "New Zealand food" in Google Images and this was one of the first pictures that popped up lol
  5. Umm... I don't know how I feel about this one, I would still want to eat this though lol
  6. More Indian street food mmm
  7. What resolution are you playing at? The resolution could be set too low. Also, check your game's UI scale size, see if it's set above 1.0x.
  8. Mmm the crunch from those tarts at the end is just so damn satisfying
  9. And here's the exact opposite of the spectrum, keeping it classy smh
  10. Mmmm that looks so good~ Also cooking something good outside in a poor-people looking ish environment fashion thingy looks somewhat oddly satisfying xD
  11. Those sizzles though—the only ASMR I'll ever need smh
  12. Yet another dose of good-looking ramen ;o
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