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  1. Yeah nvm scrap all of that, I've been unbanned now after my ban appeal, I can update this theme normally again xD
  2. Pizza in a cup, ladies and gents. That thumbnail looks beautiful xD
  3. Day #99999 of me waiting for my wholesale supplier account to be activated and for congress to pass the next stimulus check V:

  4. Three-week rule, buuuuump! If I could pin this thread to the top of forums I would, since I'm sure a lot of people don't look past the first page of client mods and this thing is still kinda relevant for some people, but temporary expired Elmer's Glue is all I have to work with smh lol
  5. Alright, I just gotta scavenger hunt for you on Discord first xD
  6. OK so quick little update blog thingy, I've been perma-banned as of February 14th, so I am unable to test this theme out on my own after PokeMMO updates itself. I have submitted a ban appeal, but in case that gets rejected, I will have slaves errr I mean friends that will report to me when this theme breaks and I will update it and have them test it out before I update it publicly. The only little change that may be noticeable by you guys will be in the form of the time that it takes for me to update this theme publicly; outsourcing the testing instead of doing it all myself may or
  7. I thought he was gonna eat happy meals until he got every single pokemon in both regular and Holographic form, but still a lit challenge nonetheless xD
  8. MGRazor

    Quick Wishlist

    Bruh when can we leave our eyes as Calm/Angry and not have to change our eyes everytime we log in? Brock's magic-marker-drawn lines were all he was ever given during birth, why can't we close our eyes using electrical tape and call it a day? This is unconstitutional, a breach of our rights. Brock doesn't approve smh
  9. Alright have fun, try not to make it as copy-paste of a job as I did xD
  10. So here's a big derp I made, I actually didn't use the Código Cero Purple Theme at all, I used an entirely different theme from a different person and then somehow the Código theme came to mind while I was typing all of that up lol, I already fixed my posts with the correct theme and author, but I just wanted to point this out, my B xD @budadeth sorry bud, I still used your Blue and Android theme at least
  11. Eh, not every PokeMMO update requires a theme update on my part. For the most part, PokeMMO gets an initial big update and then any update that happens within a matter of hours or days or whatnot after the initial update are just either bug fixes, buffs/nerfs, or some other minor stuff which doesn't require a theme update. So I just wanted to update the theme for the initial update, and then any other update that happens shortly thereafter within the coming days can be ignored unless one of them actually does require another theme update (which doesn't happen often at all xD).
  12. Alright so another update: I discovered that the chat transparency on whisper windows looked pretty damn awful, basically see-through-like, so I had to fetch a whole new UI_menu pic for this theme to fix it (props to @KratosGamer034 and his version of the Gengar Theme that I used for this new UI pic, I'll have a new link to that theme in my OG post). The UI is still purple, but it also pops out more and it gives a whole new look to the whisper windows (thank god lol). Here are some before and after: Before: After: I also included a new download link to the same theme but wit
  13. Alright, new link to the theme folder has been posted to reflect the recent PokeMMO update, just in case lol
  14. Updated the theme folders for the update, just in case lol
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