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  1. Damn this looks so damn beautiful xD
  2. Another month, another bump v:
  3. Just change your title and post to "close pls" or something like that, I guess.
  4. Um, this already exists—I posted about it a while ago. I haven't bumped it much recently though, my bad.
  5. I could watch this channel all day smh
  6. Kyu has posted a status update a few months ago in a different thread, I don't think we are getting anything significant anytime soon for now—aside from some PvP update mentioned and maybe the usual copy-paste seasonal events.
  7. Damn that last attempt looks hella nice to try out, fits comfortably within my diet constraints xD
  8. I really like the party-bubble edit you made, as well as that main menu background and the font. However the theme for me is a bit too flashy for my liking, a bit too much for my eyes xD But you seem to have gotten the hang of Android GUI editing, nice xD
  9. We never got a sequel, but at least a meme was born from this smh
  10. Livin' the goat life xD
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