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  1. MGRazor

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    Yes, the Shiny Gastly sprite is missing, and also the Shiny Ninetails is the Alolan shiny form and not the regular form; just a heads up ;)
  2. MGRazor

    Color Me Intrigued (Friday, 30th November)

    Did you even understand my question? I meant for the moves you can get on the Shiny Smeargle when you request the two moves you want on it, not the moves that you need to sketch in order to win...
  3. MGRazor

    Color Me Intrigued (Friday, 30th November)

    Can the 1st place winner request impossible-to-sketch moves like Dark Void and Roar of Time?
  4. MGRazor

    Weather Team Counter

    https://imgur.com/a/GYqwY6M This is the Golduck I've been using for many months now. I know Golduck ain't everyone's cup of tea but at least for me, it works well as a check to some mons and is quite often my team's ace. I know the accuracy is dodgy but I wanted to squeeze every bit of power I could, and I use Psyshock to check Gengars with TBolt and Life Orb Mienshao, but the very troll and gimmicky Mud Bomb could be used for Magnezones and Jolteons (but you can easily just swap into a far better solution, obviously). Of course, Ferrothorns, Milotics, Chanseys/Blisseys, and hard-hitters like Guts Flame Orb Conkeldurrs and Scizors exist, but other than that it's been solid on my team. From the looks of it, this thread is easily becoming more and more like the average YouTube comments section, but it's PokeMMO so it's close enough with its childish and worthless dramas and what not; so with that in mind, I'm just posting for the hell of it and getting the crap outta here as quick as possible. Knock yourselves out.
  5. MGRazor

    Hide D pad and A/B

    Go post that under Suggestions, not here...
  6. MGRazor

    climatic events in battles

    Yeah, the sandstorm is super laggy on my Android and no current setting out there is gonna save this poor thing from hell. Luckily I have a gaming PC that doesn't have any issues processing this, but if you are running AndroidMMO on a potato like me or if your computer is not as powerful then be warned; you might as well feel like as if you're playing PictionaryMMO or PowerPointMMO at this point.
  7. TeddiPromotion = Undefined =1/30k = TotallySonnTM

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MGRazor
    3. SneakyTeddi


      Oh thank you <3 you don't need to post my selfies here tho

    4. MGRazor


      It's just me trying to impress Jessie but OK :c

  8. Scrubscrub = Razor Karp


  9. MGRazor

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    So wait; I'm sort of lost. Are the gen 5 sprites from Mortedesu temporary until you finish their HD versions? Or are they sticking around for the rest of the mod? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question lol
  10. MGRazor

    The POKEMMO Servers.

    Something that could be nice is -- if the developers do not want many players accessing the "hidden" channels like Ch.6 and up for whatever reason, that is -- if we could be allowed to permanently unlock some of those "hidden" channels -- the least average-populated ones -- at the cost of a small one-time fee with IRL money or pay a one-time, decent chunk of a premium with PokeMMO money (that is unless the developers don't mind unlocking some of the channels to everyone; but I highly doubt that.) With that, players could be able to benefit from the reduced population, especially Android players who can't play the game without major stuttering or what not due to the population (even with the Player Render Limit reduced to the lowest possible number.) I'm sure there's likely a better solution, so take mine with a grain of salt if you must.
  11. Thank you so much for working on this mod, I love your work. The only sprites missing now are the Unown letter sprites after "A", but other than that it's fantastic.
  12. MGRazor

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Late AF but congrats, ya Slim Jim. huehuehue
  13. MGRazor

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Vanity: Karp Cena Mask/Hat Type: Head Give the silent majority what they really want ;)
  14. MGRazor

    How To Grind Like True Slav, Blin!

    11/10 You should be Mayor and make videos about PokeMMO instead of @Bestfriends xD

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