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  1. ikr, i was thinking when the comp price drop rapidly
  2. Tauros Jolly - 26/31/26/x/26/31 UT how about this? how much it worth
  3. Tauros need any egg move? This meta the tauros is still a beast or not ?
  4. wow i quite pokemmo since one or two year ago. Now magnemite with hp fire only worth 500k? I thought it worth 1m+ beforr.
  5. Magnemite LV1[Modest] 27-X-25-30-21-30 [Set: HpFire& 3moves] This poke worth 1m?
  6. best jolly sceptile and sp att cyndaquil mov set pls
  7. snorlax and gardevoir best nature and move set pls
  8. what the best nature and moveset for gardevoir?
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