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  1. Hola, te cuento lo que entiendo de los tiers. El tier es la clasificación de pokemons según su uso en el pvp (no sé si también consideran los torneos o eventos). Los pokemon mas usados se clasifican en el tier Over Used y suelen ser los que tienen los stats más altos (ej. Tyranitar) o aquellos que tienen una habilidad que los hace muy útiles en combate (ej. pelliper con llovizna). Los otros tiers son Under Used y Never Used. La lógica es similar, solo que menos poderosos que los Over Used. . Existe un caso especial: los Ubers. Estos son aquellos pokemon demasiado difíciles de derrotar y que desequilibran demasiado el juego, como los legendarios (o al menos esa es la lógica, aunque hay pokemons que no deberían estar ahí... *tos* garchomp *tos*). También hay dos grupos más: el Little Cup y el sin tier. El Little Cup o Copa Fantasía es para pokemons mas débiles o formas iniciales (ej. charmander, growlithe, etc.). El sin tier, en realidad, no es un tier. Son aquellos pokemon que se usan tan poco que no alcanzan a clasificarse. ¿Cual es la importancia de los tier? pues permiten equilibrar el juego competitivo. Si compites en el tier Never Used nunca te encontrarás con un Haxorus o un Excadrill en el equipo contrario y tu tampoco podrás utilizarlo. Así se mantiene el dinamismo del juego, que es precisamente lo que lo hace mas entretenido. El orden de los tier quedaría así. Uber>Over Used> Under Used> Never Used> Sin tier> Little Cup En el foro puedes visitar el Competition Alley, donde se discuten los pokemons que entran o salen de cada tier. Espero haber sido de ayuda. Saludos! ------- Hello, I will tell you what I understand about tiers. The tier is the classification of pokemons according to their use in pvp (I don't know if they also consider tournaments or events). The most used pokemon are classified in the Over Used tier and are usually those with the highest stats (eg Tyranitar) or those that have an ability that makes them very useful in combat (eg pelliper with drizzle). The other tiers are Under Used and Never Used. The logic is similar, only less powerful than Over Used. . There is a special case: the Ubers. These are those pokemon that are too difficult to defeat and that unbalance the game too much, like the legendary ones (or at least that's the logic, although there are pokemons that should not be there ... * cough * garchomp * cough *). There are also two more groups: the Little Cup and the Untier. The Little Cup is for weaker pokemons or initial forms (eg charmander, growlithe, etc.). The Untier is not a tier, actually. They are those pokemon that are used so little that they cannot be classified. What is the importance of the tier? they balancing the competitive game. If you compete in the Never Used tier you will never encounter a Haxorus or an Excadrill on the opposing team and you will not be able to use it either. This maintains the dynamism of the game, which is precisely what makes it more entertaining. The order of the tier would remain like this. Uber> Over Used> Under Used> Never Used> Untier> Little Cup In the forum you can visit the Competition Alley, where the Pokemon that enter or leave each tier are discussed. I hope I have been helpful. Regards!
  2. Dont worry, you keep your badges, items, pokemons, money, etc. So, you can travel to any region without losing anything. Enjoy your time!
  3. I love this theme, please update!
  4. En el boquete gigante, después de pasar la cueva, salen hordas de piloswine (x5) que dan entre 5.5k y 6k de experiencia
  5. Hey everyone, since a few weeks I can't trade pokemons. The interchange is cancelled and the icons stay in the screen (as it can seen in the image below). Then the screen freeze and I can't do anything, but to close the window and reopen the game. I tried to repair the client, but the problem persist. I hope somebody can help me to resolve this problem. Thanks!
  6. Intenta reparar el cliente, tuve el mismo problema y así lo solucioné. Try repair the client. I had the same problem and with that I fixed it.
  7. Sure, how can i get the console log?
  8. Hey everyone, I have this issue with Platinum update, I can not see the houses nor things inside the houses. Anyone has the same problem? how I can fix it? Thank you Hola a todos, tengo este problema con la nueva actualización, no puedo ver las casas ni las cosas dentro de las casas. Alguien tiene el mismo problema? Cómo lo puedo solucionar? Gracias! PD: English is not my native language, if a made a mistake please tell me.
  9. Galvantula with unnerve and gastro acid can be useful, i think
  10. and has the worst abilitie too, sticky hold
  11. I think it would be really useful to have a filter in the dex by the group egg. Currently, we have to check the group egg one by one, and this may become something tedious. So, with this filter players can review easily what pokemon need to breed. Maybe this is not urgent, but it would be great to have it. Thank you.
  12. I was farming with Meowth and pickup a sour seed. I checked the bag and I noted that this seed is untradeable, I can not use it and neither sell it. So, can you make this seeds (or whatever which farming with pickup) tradeable or at least usable? Thank you PD: English is not my native language, so if you note a mistake please tell me.
  13. I am completely agree, today one player stole my karrablast. So, this is pretty necessary in order to a better experience and fair game.
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