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  1. Its rei/kei/immature14yearold

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    2. Knuckles


      I know he may return and I want him too badly. Ive been gone too long. 

    3. Kaiyoh


      Next time you should ask your friends something outside the game to contact them. 

      I hope you will can contact Croix. 

    4. Knuckles


      I was in military training for a loooooong time and out of internet access for almost 2 years. 

  2. I miss you old friend, you may know whom this is. We were very close. If you ever see this just message me and Ill reply with haste. We were very very close.

  3. Perhaps it's time to venture out into new territory.
  4. Tomoko is basically a character who is the stereotypical and awkward NEET. (Person who is not in education, employment, or training.) So I would see the Hex Maniac or any other character that resembles Tomoko, really, to be an extremely nervous and shy person.
  5. She sells Moomoo milk and she looks like Tomoko Kuroki. People who can relate to that character tend to really like the Hex Maniac. Id est, a large amount of people on the internet.
  6. Damn. Still, you seem like the type of person who is verbose and proud of their work.
  7. There's more than one person in the world named Croix, I'm sure you know. Still you never did properly answer my statement. Do you have any stories based on the Hex Maniac?
  8. I've been many people in the past, but you would need to be more specific for me to know what you're talking about.
  9. You better have something based on the Hex Maniac.
  10. It bugs me when people use that name incorrectly.
  11. I have read your entire post and I have only two things to say. [spoiler]I'm better than you at pretending to be the opposite gender and I don't even try.[/spoiler] and [spoiler]As I said in another thread, being male or female doesn't matter. The only requirement to play this game is being a sentient human being, really. This is Pokemon and it has existed before a 15 year old would have been born. Naturally, people who are older would be familiar with the games too and dare I say, there are people that are adults who still enjoy the games to this day. [/spoiler]
  12. Allow me the honor of being the first one to say "happy birthday" to you in your profile feed. So, happy birthday!

    1. Rache


      Thank you~!

  13. I'm not quite sure if this is a form of idiocy or a parody. Regardless, I hope you are welcomed by other people.
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