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  1. In the end, we are only missing a spa spot as the others got a real good alternative (if using Leppa for Attack).
  2. Updating with rain alternative: HP: Hoenn, Route 114 (surfing), If raining: Desert Underpass Att: Kanto, Mt Ember Interior 2F (Strength required, Leppa required) Def: Kanto, Victory Road (skip machokes, not too often) or Hoenn, Magma Hideout Spa: Mt Ember Ruby Path B3F (100% slugmas, Strength required, Leppa Required) (5 ev) Lost Cave (skip golbats, Leppa required) (7-10 ev spa) Cape Brink (surfing) (skip slowbro/poke) (5-8 ev spa) Pokemon Tower (skip cubones) (3-6 ev spa) Treasure Beach (skip tangela/speed pokes, NIGHT ONLY) (10 ev spa) Spdef: Trainer Tower (surfing) (7-10 ev spdef) If raining: Icefall Cave (surfing) Speed: Five Isle Meadow (7-10 ev speed) If raining: Ruin Valley/Canyon Entrance/Kindle Road Att + Speed: Treasure Beach (skip tangela) DAY ONLY (5-10 ev speed + 10 ev att) Meteor Falls (Waterfall needed, skip rare mixed sol+luna) DAY ONLY (10 ev speed + 10 ev att) Spa + Speed: Lost Cave (10 ev speed + 7-10 ev spa) Treasure Beach (skip tangela) NIGHT ONLY (5-10 ev speed + 10 ev spa) Meteor Falls (Waterfall needed, skip rare mixed sol+luna) NIGHT ONLY (10 ev speed + 10 ev spa) For NON LEPPA users: (low average EV/horde) Att: Kanto, Route 23 If raining: Pattern Bush Spa: Cape Brink (surfing) If raining: Treasure Beach (skip tangela/speed pokes, NIGHT ONLY), Pokemon Tower (skip cubones) (3-6 ev spa) I don't think rain bother LEPPA users anymore as we got very good alternatives. Maybe we can get unlucky if raining at the same time ALL 4 speed spots...
  3. Meteor Falls is perfect for special sweeper (SPA+SPEED at night). Those are the only pokes that I train when needed. Cubone rate is INSANE, didn't even bother to test.
  4. This is not the problem, it looks like something was forgotten. Why there's no decent place for Sp Att? Is it intended? It just doesn't make sense, unless some dev shows up and say "Yes, we did SPA to take longer."
  5. Hey guys, this suggestion is to balance Special Attack EV training. Currently Special Attack EV training falls behind by A LOT compared to ALL others stats. Using the following data we can average the EV yielded per horde (sample sizes are 30 hordes/spot and remember that RNG is involved, yet it is enough to see discrepancies): To summarize the average EV earned per horde (best spots only): HP: 8,6 (Near to PC) Att: 8,8 (Far, needs Leppa/Elixir) Def: 8,5 (Near to PC) Sp. Att: 5,16 (Far, needs Leppa/Elixir) Sp. Def: 8,7 (Near to PC) Speed: 8,8 (Near to PC) So, currently Sp. Att takes around 70% more time to train then others stats, and if you count only near to PC spots, it takes 135% longer. If someone knows a better place to train Special Attack, please tell me that I will check the average EV and update here. Thanks.
  6. Item: 1x Spell Tag Give to oldman at Fortree City
  7. Too much logical explanations and no one mentioned EQ while battling on water.
  8. I do the same... If im going to play with RNG with hordes, at least its close to PC and not wasting my berries.
  9. They are mixed with Golbat hordes, and pretty much common for a place where you don't want to waste leppas for running from battle... Some quick examples: 24 hordes: Haunter + Gastly: 17 Golbats: 7 The only place we have 100% spa is at Mt Ember Ruby Path BF3 (5x Slugma, 5 EV avg, when the others EVs gets 7-8 avg per horde) All the other EV Stats have at least one dedicated place, so this is my question... wynaut spa?
  10. So, TLDR; Deal with it. Ok then, its just annoying. And about Special Attack only hordes (6+ EV/horde), we are missing it a lot. Did you choose not to implement it intentionally?
  11. Not to mention that when it starts to rain we have a lot of decent alternatives, right? RIGHT?
  12. They messed up Route 23 once (daytime was giving sandslash horde), and then they brought back ATT only hordes. They should make it far like route 23, like Lost Cave giving SPA only and no bat... Currently i do Meteor Falls (after climbing waterfall, first room) at night if i need SPA+SPEED (and bring 2 Kelpsy for rare mixed solrock+luna horde).
  13. Sadly, SPA gets no love :( I don't know why devs did it...
  14. You can use Exp. Share. And Macho Brace is useless after horde update.
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